Does there exist any way of staying young forever?

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Jeffrey Hayes

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Well, I don't know about staying young forever but in the early 1900's, a guy called Peter Kelder published a set of ancient Tibetan exercises that people claim keeps them youthful.

There are a few sources you can look at for more information


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Cool. thanks for this!

(04 Oct '09, 09:19) Jeffrey Hayes

Thanks I went and check the book out. It reads good.

(07 Oct '09, 13:48) flowingwater

Thank you very much the information sources.

(20 Mar '10, 22:26) Gleam
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It's all in Ur mind, let go of the thoughts, do not let disease or death around U make any inroads into Ur subconscious mind, try the inverted poses in Yoga, breathe rhythmically and deeply ... these are the basics .. most important is to become aware of Ur consciousness ... find out who U are within and where .. and assume the consciousness of the cells vibrating in and within Ur body


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Anubis 1

If you mean stay physically fit and young forever, then, the answer is NO. But, if you mean staying energetic and healthy till the time crossing the line, where river and sea are one, then the answer is YES.


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I like the other answers here, but it really depends exactly what you mean by fountain of youth. An interesting point about breathing: In the course of extensive research during the 1950s and 60s Professor Konstantin Buteyko (Russia 1923-2003) noticed that the closer we get to death, the more we breathe. I overcaome my own life-threatening asthma and dramatically improved my health 30 years ago when I learned to breathe less.

If there is a key to longer life and better health, it believe it's to consume no more than what we really need in terms or food, drink and air. When exerting ourselves we naturally need to breathe more, but if our internal breath regulator is set correctly, we can return to minimal consumption (aproxmately 1 litre per minute for an average adult). Most people consume many times that amount of air. Russian Olympic athletes are trained in Buteyko breathing. That's why they always breathe through the nose.

Greetings to everyone


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Richard Coldman

Meditation, postive thinking, inner calm.


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Very unlikely, and I wonder why someone would really want to? If you stayed young forever, you'd lose all your most important loved ones along the way unless they were staying young forever, too. But then think about the worldwide population problems we'd have if everyone (or most people) were able to stay young forever. A secret like that would quickly become well-known.

If your question is posed mainly out of concerns about losing our physical and mental acuity as we age, there are countless ways to preserve (even improve) many of our capabilities as we age: exercise, nutrition, meditation, a positive mental attitude, strong social ties and friendships, and a sense of purpose in one's life. Terminally ill people often live long past their expected date of dying because they have some reason or purpose to keep living. Conversely, elderly couples sometimes die one right after the other because their best friend and partner, and their reason to be alive, is gone.

For those who believe in eternal life, particularly those who believe that we will receive a new spiritual body, there is the possibility of throwing off the limitations and failings of the physical body to enjoy "youth" forever.

The October 2009 issue of US News and World Report has an article on page 82, "10 Tips for Living to 100". The goal, of course, isn't to avoid growing old, but to be as healthy and fit as possible throughout life.

I should add that research is being done in the field of genetic engineering to discover if there are ways we can slow down or stop the aging process through gene therapy. Research is also being done in using adult stem cells for repair or regeneration of organs and tissues in the body. These are interesting fields to keep track of, but I believe there are still ethical and practical issues to consider related to any success in these areas of research.

Instead of wanting to stay young forever, I believe it's best to discover what blessings can be found in each stage of our physical existence and celebrate life at every age.


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In the begining of the begining the first of man and woman lived an very long time like 600, 700, 800, 900 years but as time and mankind went on and sin envolved mankind lived less and less years. For they had eaten of the fruits off of the tree of life. After sin came into being by Adam and Eve sining they were put out of the Garden of Eden.

I do think it is possiable to live an very long time in an healthy state for I don't remember the man name but it was an man that live from 1660 to 1912 or something similair for he lived supposely for 252 years. When I find his name I will added to this answer and how he did it.

I don't think people neccessarily want to live forever they just want to live healthy for the duration of their life times. But I may be wrong.

Whether there is an fountain that will make you a lot younger I don't know. Anything is possiable but if there was the greed of man kind would cause an frizzy and so it would have to disappear again to protect man kind of itself if there even was such an thing.

Man kind can't handle having it be at this point in time. That is why God put an angel at the gate of the Garden of Eden and placed an flaming sword that at the door or gate so that man kind can't get in. So I guess I have answered it. The fountain of Youth, is eating from the fruit off of the tree of life, is still in the Garden of Eden hidden from man kind and protected by an angel with an flaming sword. It will not be found by man until God is ready for man kind to find it. It is probably not even on this earth now.


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Try to maintain a healthy body, healthy mind, and soul to feel young and look young. However, in this modern day and age, it could be difficult or unimaginable for some to achieve it because of the daily pressure and stress we go through each day.


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Nope, there isn't any way to stay young forever.

Unless, of course, you mean subjective. "Forever" as long as a life lasts? Sure, lots of people die young. Up to an old age? No problem, there are many examples out there of people who look old but have a young soul.

While there's no fountain of youth to keep ourselves young we can just empty our minds.

I've once met this one guy who had this deficiency. He had over 70 years and acted like a child. He had many diseases and was not all that healthy, but he was young. Because he couldn't, for a biological problem, pile up crap in his mind.

Since you seem to enjoy links, there's one really underseen film that talks briefly about this, Peaceful Warrior. It's mostly self-promoting from the self-help book, but the brief passage about "emptying the mind" is pretty much what I mean here. It also have a lot of nice philosophies about "staying young".


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