What are the possibilities of achieving Biological Immortality?

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The organs in our bodies are designed to last forever, but there are genes in our body that assert biochemical changes that manifest themselves in the aging process. Conceivably, we might find a way someday to turn off these genes and live forever. The question is, would we want to?

Life and death are part of the natural order, part of the process of renewal. Without them, nature would become unbalanced and destroy itself. As Captain Kirk once said, "The way we deal with death is just as important as the way we deal with life" (although Kirk didn't actually die, at least not the first time, and he cheated the Kobayashi Maru test).

If, as many of you on this board probably believe, we are "going to a better place" when we die, why on earth would you want to live forever? Wouldn't you want to graduate this school, eventually?


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+1 for being the first one to mention Capt Kirk on this site. Now I've just got to sneak Jean-Luc in there somewhere ;)

(22 Oct '09, 21:28) Stingray

Come to think of it, Spock didn't die either. :-o

(22 Oct '09, 21:36) Vesuvius

The possibilities of us achieving biological immortality is non-existent, because it inhibits us from experiencing ourselves fully. One lifetime I am this big Asian warrior, another I am this fragile nun in a French monastery, or an African farmer on the Nile river bank......

You already are immortal! You simply change charcters and storylines as you please.So have fun in this body and this lifetime and don't let the fear of ending it get to you. Thanks and Blessings, namaste


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I think our body may be able to have great longevity if we believe it can and we look after it, but I don't think it can be immortal. I think that, like all other organisms, it has birth, life and death written into it.

It would get a bit crowded here if we were all able to become immortal in a physical sense! :>)


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There is no such thing has Biological immortality, not of the physical body, because the only thing that can become or is immortal is an spirit being of some kind. Now we can extend years to our life by nutritional way of eating, our thought process and how we live our life.Plus the years that God can add to your life. But that will only last for an while not for ever.

The flesh is an physical being with an spirit being inhabiting it and it can not transcend into the spirit world or any other dimention or plane. Now there is one exception if someone found the garden of eden an ate of the fruit from the tree of life than the physical body as long as it ate continously of the fruit from that tree would live forever. God will not allow this to happen for it is not in his plans that we be given such power. For he did once and we proved we could not be trusted that we would be decieved by the serpent.

But remember time is only for us humans in this physical world we live in called earth. The moon, sun, stars make up what we call time. Out side of this physical plane time does not exist at all. So this physical flesh and this physical world is created by God for us to live and learn. Our physical bodies has so much more to it than what most eyes can see and most brains can concieve. We are made up of electrical energy which forms a solid appearing physical body and world.

Now since we are given the ability by God to be co-creators of our own world and reality than our thoughts waves transend time and space and connects to the super consciousness of God and through his power that he transfers to us we are able to create the good and bad things of our own universe. Now through prayer, which is talk with God, we maybe conveyed more power or have more taken away. This is our free will and our actions working to mold us into an better person from our experiences or not. The choices we make effects our selves, others, our environment and mother earth. So, we should think and make wise choices for our selves and others and lean on our heaven father (God) and Jesus to guide us along our journey of life. For Jesus said I will be with you always if we trust him and I do.


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