How do we build an shield of protection around our mind and our physical body from the onslaught of negativity and evil?

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Please continue to give answers to this question for i am thoughly enjoying the answers and they are helpful to my understand of more knowledge gives us better choses in life. Thanks everyone who leaves an answer.

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Thanks for viewing this question as well. Have an great day!

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I was taught three ways. One is to imagine mirrors surrounding you (facing outward, of course) which works great in crowds. Another is to imagine a dome covering your solar plexus, which doesn't allow any negativity in, and instead reflects it back outward. Lastly, you can imagine yourself made of light, glowing brightly.


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Thanks all answers were good but I chose this one.

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This seems very helpful.

(07 Oct '09, 07:32) flowingwater

The best shield for our mind is to embrace the whole universe of thoughts, with all its beauty, diversity, challenges and lessons and choose to use what we find most helpful to ourself and others. The notion of a shield implies that we have some fear of what other thoughts, beliefs or experiences may do to our mind, or that we may lose our sense of "self". The Bible says "Perfect love casts out fear." To open our mind to what life can teach us can only benefit those who do so in an attitude of love toward oneself and others. To put it another way, the poet Edwin Markham wrote: He drew a circle that shut me out -- Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in.

That's your shield! Not a circle of protection around your mind, but a larger circle of love that embraces all thoughts and explores them for the fruit they can yield. Your mind will always be under your control unless you choose to surrender it up to another. Victor Frankl wrote: "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of the human freedoms—to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way." (Google this amazing man and read about him)

The shield for our physical body is provided by the ability of our mind to choose what is beneficial and to avoid what is potentially harmful. That includes exercising and learning self-defense if you so choose; and it includes avoiding dangerous situations. Ultimately, the physical body cannot be made invincible. The power of your mind is the most valuable resource you have to protect your physical body.


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Thanks for the comment but you can be physically drained of energy without seeing another person in the eye view.

(05 Oct '09, 08:19) flowingwater

I believe you're talking about the energy drain that's related to emotional stresses such as worry and fear. It's generally acknowledged within the medical and psychology communities that worry can be a direct source of many physical ailments. Whether you feel physically or emotionally drained (or both), if the symptoms are not directly related to physiological issues, they have their source in your thoughts and feelings. Can we do anything about our feelings? Yes! They are directly related to our thoughts and behavior; and we can change our thoughts, beliefs and behavior. Peace!

(06 Oct '09, 07:09) John

NO, this was not an stress or emotion drain it is hard to explain I was outdoors and talking to someone and all of an certain it was like literally someone came up to me an stuck an plug to me and just drain me to the point that I had to go inside and go to sleep I just didn't have anything left to recooperte for I had an appointment to go to for I was unable it was the strangest feeling and I don't ever want to feel that again it was like whoever was doing this if they hadn't stop I just don't know. I hope you don't ever feel this. I have had stress most of my life and this was not stress.

(06 Oct '09, 10:31) flowingwater
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By being helpful, harmonious in thought, positive and constructive. We naturally build a shield of protection around us.


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Thanks for the comment.

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For a quick protection shield, imagine yourself surrounded by a huge pink bubble, it will protect you from all harm..only love will be able to enter.


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Thanks that is good that only love will be able to enter. Thanks again.

(08 Oct '09, 05:39) flowingwater

Oh. Now I understand why she asked me to imagine a pink bubble surrounding me and to ask my guides/angel to hold it in place for the whole day. It is extremely interesting how this visualization makes me feel lighter and have better energy. Strange and amazing!

(27 Aug '12, 06:40) mskityin

Actually there is no need for a shield of protection or any other kind... In life we must learn to accept the good (positive) with the bad (evil, negative, etc...). It all works together to create our reality. The key however, is not allowing the negative to have an affect on you. You are the controller of your thoughts and you control how you react... Here is a link to a video that helped me on my journey to higher consciousness... [][1]


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Good answer, Shonta. Accepting the good and bad is another way of saying what I meant by drawing a circle to include and embrace everything, rather than to draw a circle to exclude things. As you so aptly put it, "it all works together [i.e. all those things we embrace and include within our circle] to create our reality." No one can take away our freedom to choose our own thoughts and attitudes in any situation. Yes, "you control how you react." I added my vote to your answer.

(08 Oct '09, 06:47) John

Thanks John,

We're both hinting at the same idea, we just have different ways of expressing thoughts...

(09 Oct '09, 14:15) 1Shonta 1

I think that you are only effected by the things that you allow to effect you. If you give NO THOUGT to these items you mention then it voids any potential impact. I think you are naturally shielded unless you give place in your mind to there existence in your life. So rather think about what you want, what is good, right, that which will get you out of bed in the morning looking forward to the day. Think only on these type of thoughts, and reject put out of your mind anything to do with negativity and evil.


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I agree with all of you yet i believe we must accept the evil and the good because it is from the power that we are all attracted to. Ugly is a state and beauty is a state; summer plus winter plus wet and dry plus cold and heat, the ether, the universe, the unknown, the known, the countable, the uncountable so forth and on and on it is all good. Ugly is good and good is ugly. Ugly is ugly and good is good. Yes, depending on what you feel or see or want to feel or see or believe; it is all good. Use the brain or don't it will never stop the power from functioning. Which is why you must be part of the power. It is known and it is not known. This power build and destroy at the appointed time. It is everything and it is nothing.

Michael Nii Anyah Yartey.


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More practical anwser: try this. Is an relatively easy magic allowing you to express your will (as will changing the uniwerse).

On lesson 5 there's an instruction how to make a shield of protection (you must master the previous lessons before that).

Learn this, it's really beautiful and helpful.


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Thanks I went there and I am obtaining more knowledge and information. it has broaden my library of informtion. Since this is new to me I am trying to grasped and understanding of it all. Thanks so much for leaving this answer.

(08 Oct '09, 05:37) flowingwater

If you are interested in this you can also see (Franz Bardon's books)

(08 Oct '09, 14:25) Asklepios

The most effective way to protect that I am aware of is to strongly intend that whatever is happening take a positive outcome.

Intending is an innate human ability which can be a little tricky to grasp... the closest I have come to describing it is "reaching for the most positive energy available".

When consistently reaching for the most positive energy available, it is not possible for harm to come to you.

The challenge is to reach for the positive energy even when negative appears to be coming.

It helps to remember that the negative is coming due to past negative thought, and that thanks to the current positive thought, the negative momentum is decreasing, and that which is coming has less effect.

Hope this helps! Thanks for asking :)


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Visualize a shield of light in and around your body in meditation. Will it to be real.


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Thanks for your answer.

(07 Oct '09, 15:20) flowingwater

Try chanting. Chanting quiets the mind. A chant for protection against negativity is OM MANI PADME HUM

Go to YouTube for listening to chants.

Blessings Joanne


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I find this helpful too. As I focus on the chanting, it helps me to push out thee negative thoughts, clearing my mind.

(27 Aug '12, 06:42) mskityin

By maintaining a positive thought and feeling for me and for others


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to paraphase esther hicks, we can learn to thank whomever is the cause of our anger for helping us realise that we are not "in the right place" to attract such a negative experience; we therefore obviously need a mental shift...also, is anger always a bad thing?


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Sheilding the easiest way is to just imagine a sheild, any color. Ok your third eye is in the middle of your for head and is your six chakra( if you dont know what chakras are, googles free), imagine a sheild right there. But first I would recremend searching up grounding, and centering and learning energy flow. :)

Blessed be, Eva


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I found myself with this prayer on the internet and it have been very useful, even in life-or-death situations. Notes that is related to the Hermetic philosophy. It has in his body the seven hermetic principles. I reduced it to the size of a credit card, I plasticize the card and i carry it in my wallet all the time. I hope it is useful for you.I read it at least once a day.

I am positively Vibrating in higher plane, Polarized in the opposite end to the evil, the law of compensation acts always in my favor and the law of Rhythm cannot affect me, using a law against another gain control, the Universe is Mental and that is why it is transmutable, I create(Gender) what i think, the Effect is always the product of Cause, and with it i am in Correspondence with the absolute Causal Matrix….

The seven Principles

1 Principle of Mentalism 2 Principle of Correspondence 3 Principle of Vibration 4 Principle of Polarity 5 Principle of Rhythm 6 Principle of Cause and Effect 7 Principle of Gender


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