Except for when I am off on a hike or in nature I feel lost, inferior, troubled, all sorts of negative things that don't really resonate with me. I have no doubt in myself or my abilities, though the lost feeling I definitely understand.

There's many things I can do to mitigate the negative feelings, pretty much anything in fact works as long as I believe it will. Biggest thing for me is music..

There's an Amish documentary on and they just mentioned being a part of the world but not of it. I seem to feel out of place, unusual, odd, peculiar. Like I don't belong. In the past a Sensei of mine made a point of expressing to me "Don't ever let anyone tell you that you don't belong." But it seems I can feel this way more and more as time goes on.

asked 12 May '13, 16:17

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it is your will if you take control, otherwise it runs out of control like a wild horse

(15 May '13, 21:06) fred

Hi Snow a feeling of inferiority is based on false beliefs formed about yourself as a result of childhood experiences ... the good news is that to get rid of them you just blast those false beliefs to smitherines


no one can make you feel inferior without your consent

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answered 13 May '13, 01:44

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ru bis

@ru bis, everything we assess about ourselves is based on beliefs. And for what it's worth, all beliefs are false.

(13 May '13, 02:25) CalonLan

Thanks for the link and the answer. I appreciate it. Seemed to help a lot.

@Calon: Your comments often bring a silly smile to my face. =] Particularly in another thread rather than this one, but still.

Thanks for keeping me entertained. =P

(13 May '13, 02:51) Snow

@CalonLan yes we live in a world of belief ... this means freedom my friend, we are free to believe and create whatever we please including create a world where all beliefs are false

(13 May '13, 03:28) ru bis

@rubis- brilliant answer :))

(13 May '13, 03:37) supergirl

@ru bis, yes, we are free to bound ourselves in whatever nonsense we please.

(13 May '13, 04:48) CalonLan
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it happens sometimes snow.., ur not the only one. it happens with me as well, because the people around us are ridiculous. they put us down many a times and so, as spiritual beings we're all a bit sensitive and we catch those frequencies fast..,so it happens..

in such situations, what i prefer to do is- i continously tell myself..in my mind.."its u supergirl.., no one can put u down.." , no one here in my physical world is as powerful as i am.

...here no one has IQ except me..(in my physical world) ., so, who is more lucky.., of course supergirl.., not people around her..and u see feeling empowered puts u in highest frequency, and when you're vibrating in highest frequency, u cannot feel inferior.

so..all this inner talk raises my self esteem and i start feeling very good n confident. try it ..it works..

ur also a part of IQ that means, ur powerful too and being a part of IQ is a big thing, i tell u.., it makes a huge difference in your life..,

n next time u feel so..talk to me..lolzz.., i'il make u cheerful again.. he he he he.. :))

love,light n blessings ur wayy ..snow..

supergirl :)))


answered 14 May '13, 00:05

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ru bis


@supergirl yes it's all about what's going on in your head ... he he he :)

(14 May '13, 00:27) ru bis

Great answer. Just reading it makes me feel a lot better. =]

Thanks for sharing. ^_^y

(14 May '13, 01:10) Snow

@ru bis..- hahaha he he he.. :))..lolzz

(14 May '13, 01:55) supergirl

@snow- m glad tht u likd it.., :)))))

(14 May '13, 01:56) supergirl
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Don't try to fit in...

Just keep in mind that you are a spirit being and you are WHOLE.

Bring the fullness of your being where ever you are.

Keep your mind on thoughts that remind you of...

How WHOLE and COMPLETE you are..

Everything that you need in this very moment is already here, and as each moment comes what isn't needed will go ago and what is needed will come in the exact right moment. There is no "waiting" because all that you need is already here in this moment now...

"but I need this... but I need that"

that is not now, you already have everything you need now. That is the future, and it'll be here when it's needed.


answered 17 May '13, 22:04

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