As mentioned in Ask & It Is Given (AAIIG): Our vibrational Universe has the Law of Attraction as its basis. This means that the Universe is about INCLUSION. Therefore, when you give your attention to something that you desire and you say YES to it, you are including MORE of it in your vibration. VIBRATIONAL UNIVERSE LANGUAGE: YES=MORE.

The same thing goes for things UNWANTED. When you say NO to something, you are STILL including it in your vibration because of your attention to it. VIBRATIONAL UNIVERSE LANGUAGE: NO=MORE.

And keep in mind, when you give NO ATTENTION to something, you do not include it in your vibration HOWEVERRRRR!!! REMEMBER that you cannot exclude anything that you are giving your attention to, because your attention to it includes in your vibration EVERY TIME. Without exception.

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When we say "I dont want this disease" we physically materialize the experience of "I don't want this disease"-ness. If you imagine a vision of the materialization of the experience of "I don't want this disease" the picture that awakens in you consciousness is not of being heathy, but of the various ways in which you can experience having the disease you want to avoid.

Try it. say to yourself "I don't want High blood pressure" . You will start to have visions where your doctor is telling you "I'm sorry you have high blood pressure" & in that same moment your are thinking "but I don't want High blood pressure". Or you see yourself taking one of those self tests & you are seeing you blood pressure too high in this "Now moment".

Anthony robins has a great example of this phoenomenon. lets represent all that you want to avoid by the color Blue. Ok now try NOT to think of blue. DON'T think of blue. no really, whant ever you do DON'T think of blue. DON'T think of the blue sky, DON'T think of the blue ocean, DON'T think of the blue crayons, blue colour pencils, blue berries. DON'T think of any of them. Well did it work?

If you noticed I was emphasizing the word DON'T & not the word blue. but still we zone in on the vision of what we want to avoid

All that you did was to think of blue. by the time you have identified whant you do not want you have already imagined having the thing that you do not want.

The only way to not think of blue is to think of red, green, white, brown, black, pink or anything else but .... wait yes you know that colour we don't want to think of.

The way to not think of high blood pressure is by thinking of health and well-being. you inner consciousness will send you ideas on how to manifest that new thought. so you might start thinking well maybe I should walk a couple of blocks today. maybe I should eat Cereal & fruits this morning. All these ideas are the reaction to you imagining health & wellbeing.

Instead if you imagine I don't want High blood pressure, your inner consciousness will guide you on how to manifest that outcome. you will spontaneously start thinking maybe I should skip the walk today, maybe I should rest on this couch & get started towards health tomorrow.

Sorry for the loong winded suggestion. but this is my favorite subject. I love trying to explain this exact conumdrum to myself in my own journey of discovery.


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The Traveller

You explained this very well The Traveller

(27 Nov '09, 08:51) flowingwater

Jesus said "to those that have, more will they be given, to those that haven't, even that which they have will be taken away." This is the same as saying where is your mind? Yes and No have no visual for these but what has a visual is the thing you are paying attention to. So whether it be yes I want this or no, I don't want this. The universal mind sees the nouns the object of desire or repulsion. If the object be a good experience or bad experience matters not, if the object be faith in gain or fear in lose matters not, all that matters is what are you paying attention to, what you do not want or what you do want? As we pay attention to something there is like a consciousness in what we pay attention to that pays attention right back. Like that film "Where's Bob" every time Richard Dreyfus thought "oh what a beautiful day I hope Bob doesn't turn up today!" He'd turn around and Bill Murry (Bob) would be right behind him to ruin his day by accident again!

I learned this lesson the hard way over the years with sickness the more I paid attention to the suffering the worse it became the more I paid attention to the health the more I became healthy. I even used it to one day worry myself healthy, I had to teach meditation but couldn't stop worrying about being sick and having to cancel class. So no matter what I tried paying attention to there was a fear I wouldn't make it to teach. I realized I was going nowhere as long as I have this worry and fear, so I said right I'll just change what I am fearing and worrying about from negative to positive, it worked I worried and feared myself healthy! What happened was I shifted my attention from what I didn't want to what I did want, as my attention shifted what was being amplified by my attention shifted as well from what I didn't want to what I did want.

Attention to something wanted or unwanted amplifies it, we are drawn to what we pay attention to, this is true in all things. When we drive someplace it is because we want to get there for some reason so our attention is on the place we are going to before we even leave. Have you ever noticed how in your dreams the farther away your attention the faster you travel toward that spot you are paying attention to? We are drawn to the things we pay attention to.

Think if you had a friend that was going to buy you some ice-cream he says "you name it I'll get it", you say "okay please don't bring me a Chocolate Sunday with chocolate syrup and peanuts on it." He says "okay" and leaves, he gets there at the place and orders his then thinks "what did she say oh yeah she wants a Chocolate Sunday I think she said something about peanuts and chocolate syrup too." He brings it back and she says "what did you bring me this for, this is exactly what I did not want!"

So much better results when we say what we want rather than what we do not want. When we pay attention to what we want, I suppose that is the universal currency "attention" so we pay attention and receive more of what we pay attention to.


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@Wade Casaldi-are you still confirm that fear attarcts the situatuation you fear about? Do you still attract better situation by being fearfull about them?

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I agree that you've answered your own question. Saying "no" to something attaches your attention on it as surely as saying "yes." It's similar to the saying "there's no such thing as bad publicity."

I think the key to dealing with unwanted things is not so much trying to give no attention to them, because even in the "trying" we are giving the unwanted thing our attention. The only true way to avoid attaching our attention to the unwanted thing is to have our focus firmly attached to the desired thing which counteracts the unwanted thing.

For instance, if we don't want to be fat, it's far more effective to say "I want to be physically fit" and take steps to bring that reality into being, rather than "I don't want to be fat," or to totally ignore (pay no attention to) the issue.

I think there are many issues that fit this pattern: a beneficial reality on the one hand and a detrimental reality on the other. The remedy is to attract the positive, not to ignore the issue.


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I think you got it.You want more of the yes, so just try to focus on the yes things in your Life.Personally I don't find it as easy as that myself.I do not read newspapers or watch the news and I rarely watch TV.I have had to let go of some friends as well, which is not easy.I've walked away from a job which served me well for years only to find myself starting all over again and thats OK.To sum it up it's all about you and thats all that matters.Goodluck,Namaste


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The answer seems to be in your question. When you say No to something, you give your attention to it and you include it in your vibration and when you say Yes to something, you give it your attention and you include it in your vibration.

Could you be more specific about where you are getting confused?


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Pink Diamond

I am clear. I created the question for additional feedback and to create clarity for others. Love the feedback. Thank you very much.

(24 Nov '09, 23:11) figure8shape
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