Dear All,

This has reference to what Abraham mentioned in one of the recordings.

Abraham shared the story of a painter who started painting the reflections of his mind, and while he did that he was really enjoying it. So he started attracting people who would appreciate and buy his paintings. He flourished and did extremely well.

Some time later he started getting feed back from people as to how and what he should paint and he tried to incorporate the feedback of his clients to make the paintings as per their liking. His business gradually started to reduce as he was now focusing on what others wanted rather than what he liked and wanted.

The conventional rule of business says that try to identify an unfulfilled need in the market and cater to the demand. This is the first step towards starting a business.

However as per Abraham, we should do what we like and enjoy and business will automatically flow to us.

I agree with what Abraham says, but then again a new questions pops up in my mind. While you are in business, you usually take customer feedback and try to make your business as convenient and user friendly to the customer. You try to mold your business offering as per the needs and wants of your customers. So how does this thing work out?

In business you always focus on the needs of the customer and not on what you want / like. So you how do you rationalize and balance both of these?

Looking forward to your valuable comments.

Thank you so much :)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

if you can fill both with the same job, you probably are in a good place.

(02 Feb '11, 18:02) Back2Basics

I agree and that's what we all are aiming for :)

(03 Feb '11, 11:18) Sourabh
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Conventional business wisdom says choose Option 1 - an unfilled need - and the world is full of failed conventional businesses :)

I would say choose Option 2 (Do what you like) every time...but only if you want your business to succeed ;)

The problem with pandering to the needs of others is that you can easily lose your connection to yourself, and when that happens, you really have little of value to offer those people anyway.

When you run your business instead in a way that would please You (if you were the customer), you will then be lined up vibrationally with "who you really are" (the broader you) and you will be infused with the power to attract those who want what you have to offer, even if they are different people to those you would normally expect to do business with.

I tend to cite Steve Jobs of Apple Computer as a prime example of this idea.

He's stubborn enough to stick to what he believes is the right product for his company to produce despite what anyone else tells him. Most recently, he pushed for the IPad tablet computer at a time when many other businesses had already tried and failed, and decided that tablets were a waste of time. As with other Apple products, it had to be done the way he wanted it done. If you look at his personal history, Steve Jobs has a reputation for demanding the products please him.

alt text

The result?

Now it seems almost every techno-junkie in the world is chasing after owning a tablet computer of some kind, and almost every computer manufacturer is trying to jump on the bandwagon...Steve Jobs has made a worldwide market out of nothing just by pleasing himself.

I use this principle (of pleasing myself first) as a cornerstone in almost everything I do - and it works reliably and very successfully.

Simon Templeton has explained this idea as well as I can in this answer:...

If in whatever you do, you hold yourself to the standard that it must be done in a way that would please you if you happened to stumble across it (whether it is a product you sell, or something you paint, or a message that you write on Inward Quest, or anything really), then you'll be setting yourself up with the perfect vibrational tone for success.


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I'm gonna hold on to that one for a while._. thanks again!

(03 Feb '11, 04:01) all2gethernow

I totally agree with you in principle Stingray. Although I'm not an Apple fan, but only because the new world I'm creating is based on an open source society :)

(03 Feb '11, 07:51) Eddie

Stingray, a great answer as always :) Completely agree with you.Thank you. Probably I didn't ask the second part of the question very clearly. I wanted to know that suppose I am in a business of my choice and liking and am enjoying it, it might be required to further fine tune my service offerings to meet the growing needs of the customer. I mean most of the business which are into customization of their offerings for their clients are not selling what they like but what their client wants. In today's age nearly all businesses want to customize services for their clients.

(03 Feb '11, 11:31) Sourabh

How do me move along and keep our selves happy when we have to keep the customer happy by continuously making changes as per their requirements.

(03 Feb '11, 11:32) Sourabh

Also if we didn't customize and just offered what we like, wouldn't we become outdated / obsolete if we do not keep up with the others who are ready to customize for their clients. I hope I am a bit clearer now.

(03 Feb '11, 11:33) Sourabh

I agree with the over all idea that we should do what we enjoy, just wanted to know if when are in a state of allowing, the issues that I am mentioning about take care of them selves, or we need to have a strategy for it. I mean offering strategies for businesses to do well (consulting) is a multi billion dollar industry and all they suggest is how to make your business more customized and user friendly. Need some clarity on this. Thanks so much for your patience. :)

(03 Feb '11, 11:33) Sourabh

I am sorry there was an error while posting, coz of which the first part got posted twice, can someone advise how to remove it?

(03 Feb '11, 11:34) Sourabh

My apologies, I made quite a few grammatical errors and the way I posted it was shabby. Kindly ignore. May be am not in the vortex now :) but getting in soon.. Thank you all :)

(03 Feb '11, 11:37) Sourabh

@Sourabh: I've deleted your duplicate comment. In future, just move your mouse cursor over the comment and click the 'x' that appears in the top right corner

(03 Feb '11, 19:13) Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks Barry :)

(04 Feb '11, 06:30) Sourabh

@Sourabh - Everything comes down to being in the Vortex (i.e. the state of alignment with your Higher Self). When you are in that state, all the decisions you make regarding your clients will be the best ones. When you are outside the Vortex, you can never be quite sure so it all comes down to alignment with the Vortex first and taking action/decisions later. The basic principle for everything in life is Vortex first, then everything else. I wish I could give you the more complex answer that you seem to be looking for :) ...but there really isn't one :)

(05 Feb '11, 07:47) Stingray

@ Sringray - Your answers are always very insightful and lucid. Thank you so much. I must say I have learned and understood a great deal by reading your answers at IQ. I am really grateful to you :)

I agree that when you are in the vortex, these questions wouldn't surface at all and once you are out of the vortex, these issues keep coming to your mind. So the answers and solutions to all questions in life is: Be in the Vortex .. Simply Amazing :)

(05 Feb '11, 08:18) Sourabh
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I think the answer to youR question is (sorry another questio) Do you want to be joyous while you work or just make a crap load of money and maybe not be fulfilled with your time?

Answer that then you have answered the other. (Oh and there is no guarantee that the unfulfilled need will be a cash cow but the thing that you like to do will work better with your Emotional Guidance System)



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jim 10

Completely agree!! And I am looking forward to what you have advised. Thank you :)

(03 Feb '11, 11:19) Sourabh

I also want to point out- while it is important to please yourself- this shouldn't mean disregarding everyone elses advice out of preserving your own ego, but do take the advice that really ressonantes with you or makes you aware of "oh shit I didn't see that about myself/my idea- you are right" If you listened to no one and just hasitly went about doing your big project- there would be sooooo many pitfalls and it would be done in vain- for the ego. If I wanted to do something I would get many opinions and research many ideas while still staying very connected to myself in the process- Clarity in your desires is what is most important- not just going after what you want. What you want could end up confusing people/turning people away and possibly not feeling right to you even if it was what you were super attached to out of ego. We have to remember steve jobs studied a bunch of different subjects- from caligraphy to even farming and organic living- and traveled to india- so he incorporated and was open initially to filling his mind with tons of resources and influences early on BEFORE he even made any decision to create apple. In this sense, his bluntness and stubborness served for the best of all because he was not serving his ego, but he was instead serving his vision- which was a very clear idea of how it would benefit all. Most people get this mixed up saying he was only serving his ego. He wasn't serving his ego- he was serving the VISION of his product- and that initially came from having an extremely open and non-egoless mind- to refine ideas in his thoughts down to the core- before it could ever become a thing in reality- a tangible object. If steve jobs created his product out of ego he would have been too attached to too many stupid ideas and the resources wouldn't have came to him becuase it wouldn't have been serving the greatest good of all. He would have got stuck far back, even if the idea was good it wouldn't have been formed properly if ego was running it and he had too many attachments in the way. He was attached to the vision- and the vision was the connection to source. So in this sense the best kernal of support I can give to you is to be ruthless only in supporting your vision. The vision came to you from source, and so that is why you feel compelled to serve the vision- because if its correct its meant for you to fulfill in order to serve the highest good. The hardwork and "stubbornness" aspect comes in the connecting the dots between what was in Job's mind and what was to become a tangible product. Of course you will fight for your baby if you have already been clear about what is needed. Fighting in a way is necessary in this aspect- perseverance. This perseverance is what got him the right people, the right components, the right knowledge, the right research to come together- in a way alchemy. I'm sure there were some hurt egos in there- but he held the vision and so he had the right to be stubborn about it. If you are going to have a child you have the right to be stubborn about being in a non smoking room or eating the right foods, that's how you insure your child is healthy so when it does come its clear and ready for the world at its best initial state. If you are attached to the idea of your child and yet you have an ego in the way- you may not treat yourself the greatest- and you may end up dissapointed, stressed out, not feeling supported- maybe binge drinking or eating shitty foods (metaphor for thought as well)- all which transfer onto your end product (this happens biologically between mother and child also!) which would result in something not as healthful or helpful to the greatest good- i.e. a product or service which is not as clear and light-giving. I hate to make this metaphor that babies are "products" but it is in a way true- as humans we are created to shine our greatest light for all- and we do have a choice after a certain part in our lives to choose to be this light if its not already our natural state. Some babies, unfortuantely are born crack addicted, etc. And they cannot giggle and laugh as smile and be their fresh lights in the world if they were not prepared properly. This is the same of products and services. There are always chances to make a change and a switch- but the preparation and the dedication to the vision out of the clarity and purpose (and not ego/attachment- unless these are funneled in service of vision) is what brings about the greatest good to all.


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