In answering a previous question entitled "How does positive thinking actually change how things work out", The Traveller wrote about feelings and thinking.

I completely recognise the bit about once your thoughts become less conscious you gradually drift back to your emotional setpoint or the groove that you would normally be in, vibrationally speaking.

I have heard Abraham talk about feeling more and thinking less and tried to do this but find it quite difficult because once I start thinking about trying to generate a particular feeling, I tend to be thinking about it rather than feeling it.

I came across the Abraham Touchstones method (where you have a good feeling memory on hand to slip into the feeling) just this week - is this the best method for an over thinker or do you know of anything better? Also, how do you just slip into the feeling place of those "touchstones" when they may be vibrationally out of your reach in a difficult moment?

Thank you in advance.


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English Rose

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The link hasn't worked - is there any way it can be made to work - apologies I am not brilliant on the computer!

(17 Jun '12, 07:54) English Rose

Why so complicated, just...BE. You can either think or experience the moment.

(17 Jun '12, 11:01) CalonLan

@Calonlan - I would love it if I could just do that and sometimes I manage that but I've been working with these processes for about four years now and have had good success in some areas (areas where there isn't a lot of resistance) but some things I am finding a lot harder.

(17 Jun '12, 13:41) English Rose

Barry Allen - thanks very much for the link Barry - I was just about to get around to getting one of my kids to teach me how to do it!

(17 Jun '12, 13:51) English Rose

@English Rose, one way of just being is to experience something unusual. Like a bungee jumping or roller coaster ride. And if you should experience something usual like cooking, perhaps you can try to experience it in an unusual way. I like to dance and sing when cooking, jumping around kitchen as if I was in a Broadway musical. It gets a whole new spin.

(18 Jun '12, 03:17) CalonLan

@English Rose, Thank you for this. Your post lead me to Abraham Touchstones method, and I love it. It seems to be so easy for me to forget how many times I have felt so good, so especially touched by good fortune and happy. I love having these moments on hand to remember when I need them.

It won't be too hard to do in a difficult moment - try just immersing yourself in the memory, rather than reaching for the feeling. The feeling will come naturally; it is embedded within. :)

(18 Jun '12, 13:23) Grace
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I've previously written some of my own thoughts about Touchstones in How do you generate the feeling of having it when you've never had it? Might be worth a look :)

Regarding your question, the dual "operating systems" of Thinking and Feeling run in parallel in human beings. It doesn't have to be one or the other, and you easily switch your focus from one to the other whenever you want to.

The basic key to becoming more Feeling-oriented over being more Thinking-oriented is to find ways to bring your focus into the present moment...the Now moment.

When you are in the Now moment, your Thinking-oriented nature naturally fades into the background and your Feeling-oriented nature dominates. On the other hand, when your thoughts are dwelling in the past or the future, you naturally become more Thinking-oriented.

Another trick is to breathe more deliberately. Again, this naturally brings your focus to your Feeling-oriented nature. Abraham's Vortex Meditations feature deliberate breathing in a specific pattern because of this.

Ultimately, I would say that getting in touch with your feelings is really just about practice (women seem to have a more natural inclination towards feelings anyway) and the easiest way to begin practicing is just to start to identify which thoughts in your life bring you good feelings and which ones bring you bad feelings.

As you continue with this, you'll naturally start to identify gradations of good feelings and bad feelings, and as you start to correlate the physical manifestations that occur in your life with your predominant emotions, you'll naturally have the motivation (or inspiration) to start feeling your way through life rather than thinking your way.

Another nice approach to exercising your Feeling-oriented "muscles" is to look into Abraham's "Which Thought Feels Better?" process.


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As usual a great answer - I hadn't got to the bit on the website where you talked about Touchstones and seeing your examples brings the process to life. I feel a clarity having read your answer and the links to previous questions - I haven't felt like that in a while - it is kind of a relief. Thanks.

(17 Jun '12, 14:08) English Rose

You're welcome, @English Rose

(18 Jun '12, 12:35) Stingray

I find it easier to to be writing when trying to get into a good-feeling about something.It provides a greater focusing power than just thinking it in your head and it will keep you in that good feeling place longer. Writing a Positive-Aspects list out is a nice way to do this:)


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I gave you an up vote, But don't start making up bs. If you want something badly enough. You'll get the feelings that go along with. Keep the feelings and you become a vibrational match. Then you get X That's it you just bought the whole book

(17 Jun '12, 13:00) Tom

@Tom - Abraham's Book of Positive Aspects isn't a book you can buy, it's just a vibrational process for keeping you in an "allowing" state of emotion :)

(17 Jun '12, 13:13) Stingray

@Satori - Thanks for this suggestion - actually I find I have to write things - the computer can work as well - but just doing the processes in my head never really works. I had forgotten about this process - I used to do something similar (a list of fifty things to appreciate twice daily) but got side tracked.

(17 Jun '12, 13:43) English Rose
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I have been accused of thinking too much on more than one occasion. At first, I tried watching my thoughts, but noticed myself judging the thoughts or having some internal dialogue about the thoughts. Then, I came up with Two Hands Touching. It is a way to stop all thoughts so that you can find peace. Put the palms of your hands together and close your eyes. Ask yourself quietly in your head, "What do my hands feel like?" Without naming the feelings, feel the answer in your hands. Don't try to think or not think, just feel your hands. Do this for at least 30 seconds and as long as you want/need. Do it as often as you think of it, but especially when you are overthinking, having negative thoughts, etc...


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Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess-Have you seen any references to breathing while performing QE.I find keeping the breath slow and even during QE enhances it even more.

(17 Jun '12, 08:42) Satori

@Satori Only if my breath is irregular from the stressful event that I am working on. Then I slow my breathing which helps with the racing heart also. But then my focus is on my breath, so I then have to implement the THT. My son suggested extending the midline plane first, then place your hands together over the plane. I usually forget though. I keep it as simple as possible. Especially since it is so new, and the first group I had to teach it to was the special ed students. KISS

(17 Jun '12, 09:08) Fairy Princess

KISS Keep It Simple Sweety.

(17 Jun '12, 09:08) Fairy Princess

I do have a good breathing exercise I made up that I could try to combine. You can use THT with or after any other technique.

(17 Jun '12, 09:12) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess-I agree on keeping it simple:).Yes the mind will follow the breath.If it's slows down the mind will slow down:)

(17 Jun '12, 11:18) Satori

@Satori Whatever works for you. I find that the THT takes care of the breathing also.

(17 Jun '12, 11:29) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess I had meant to come back to you about this process as it does indeed seem to work - thanks for responding.

(17 Jun '12, 13:45) English Rose

@English Rose Glad to hear it. Keep using to get more benefits.

(17 Jun '12, 14:18) Fairy Princess
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Hi English Rose, Be in the moment and the easiest way to do that is to see, hear, touch, taste and smell beauty that surounds you. Make a conscious decision to deliberately look for something pleasing on the eye weather in nature or indoors. Beautiful trees or beautiful architecture or absolutely anything that looks good to you will do. Do the same with all the other senses like realy tasting that hamburger or whatever it is you are eating. Smell that delicious koffee in the morning. Be aware and not only will this change your whole life for the better but you will notice you don't overthink all your problems and slowely but surely you will have that elusive treasure called peace. Amazingly than all good things come to you.

In the meantime while doing this a very quick way to feel good and attract good is music. Listen to some happy song or symphony and your mood will change instantly.


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Paulina 1

Thank you Paulina - These answers have really provided me with clarity - By the way, I've noticed and appreciate the kind way you answer questions on this site.

(18 Jun '12, 04:33) English Rose

I recently discovered this oldie/goodie feel-good song and thought I'd share :) Miss Peggy Lee, "It's a Good Day."

(28 Aug '16, 00:16) Delphine
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From what I've read in the above answeres, this will sound strange, but there is a difference between feelings and emotings. I think you are looking for emotings. Have you not felt joy? That's an emotion.

I wish Abraham would use the word "pretend" more. When I manifest something, I go to my favorite place (my rocking chair on my front porch) and pretend that I already have that which I want. It's that simple. I've been manifesting for more than 30 years, and I've reached the point where I don't even need to have a manifesting session for almost all things. What I want now comes because my beliefs are in line with what I want. Beliefs are the key.

When you pretend that you are a god, and do daily affirmations affirming it, if you do it often enough, you become a god. But as you become that which you seek, remember to sort through your beliefs. Most people's beliefs are contrary to that which they want.


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I would say we need to realize our godhood, that it's not about pretending. But, whatever works (fake it til you make it). Actually, Abe has talked quite a bit about pretending.

Thanks for sharing about your rocking chair manifesting, cool :)

(29 Aug '16, 13:12) Delphine

know who you are and
of what nature your thoughts
and feelings come from.

to live in the present
disconnect your mind
from time and space,

let your intuition rule


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