Disease happens if we don't keep the magnetic field, which surrounds our bodies, balanced. I just read about an man who had the power to balance the electrical energy traveling through the magnetic field through our nervous system. He sent electrical energy through his finger tips once he found your frequency and balanced it then he would watch as your body came back to normal and was healed.

The question is are we keeping our magnetic energy field balanced and if so how do you balance it? What are your thoughts on this?

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We "balance our magnetic field" by raising our vibrational level.

How is this done? Abraham-Hicks has several techniques, but basically it is done by focusing on the positive rather than the negative, having an attitude of gratitude, doing things you enjoy, connecting with your source energy through meditation, and working on meaningful goals.

Doing healthy things for your body doesn't hurt either. Taking vitamins, getting 30 minutes of exercise that makes you break a sweat each day, drinking enough water, eating live foods such as salads, etc.


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You are right keeping the body healthy doesn't hurt.Raw fruits and vegetables are very good for us. Have an nice day Vesuvius.

(30 Nov '09, 01:32) flowingwater

For magnetic energy I have these 500 GAUSS magnets from my chiropractor you meditate or sleep with one under each foot and one under each hand. It has been years so I am trying to remember how the poles were suppose to be, I should get back to that actually! Now North on the left and south on right or south on left and north on right? There must be a web site someplace for this. I remember never south on the brain always north or you wont even know where you are or who you are.


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I just found magnets flow south to north, our left takes energy in and right emits energy so if that is correct then it seems south on left north or right brings balance.

(30 Nov '09, 10:31) Wade Casaldi

The best way to keep our magnetic field balanced is to be in alignment with the desires we have launched by living life everyday. In other words, align with our natural state of well being as the magnetic field is a direct measure of that well being.

Everyday, we launch new desires when we observe what is going on around us. These desires are immediately manifested in the non-physical and the reason we feel negative emotions and get sick is because we are not aligning with that is already in the non-physical. Alignment will result in the desire getting manifested in our physical reality. The way to stay aligned is always to follow what feels good using your emotions as a guide. This will always lead you to closing the gap with your physical reality and what is in the non-physical.

As to how to do this, there are several ways. The starting point, however, is to find a way to feel good about where we are currently as if we don't feel good about our current state of being and our reality, then we cannot make any further progress. Therefore, if we focus on things to appreciate and feel good about, then well being should be ours now and in the future.


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