If everything is energy, including thoughts, where do these thoughts reside ? Are they presently part of me. Or floating outside of me ? And once a thought is thought, where do they go, what happens to it ? How do I attract a particular thought ? What role does my beliefs play in the thoughts I attract ? Can I have a thought that is not in agreement with my beliefs ?

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Gerrit Botha

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(13 May '15, 00:48) jaz

meditate for over 40 days you will know what you seek do not stop until you find.

(13 May '15, 08:31) white tiger
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True Being is before, or you could say above, thought. When thought drops away there is the pure experience of Being.
Emotions reveal the vibratory essence of the thoughts we are thinking.
Negative emotions are telling us we are thinking and creating circumstances that we don't want. This knowledge is very helpful. Once we are aware of this, we stop lashing out at events and people as the source of our negative emotions and we have the ability to change our thought in that moment and work our way back up, one thought at a time, to a better feeling emotion. Once we are feeling better the outer circumstances reflect our more positive thought-feeling state. If thought falls away completely, we experience pure joy, peace, love, tranquility..happiness without a cause. You ask where thought abides. Where does everything abide? Where do you abide?


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You are right if we can keep the negativy emotions from flooding in than we will feel pure joy, peace, love transquility and happiness. I also notice if we remove fear from our lives we feel those things as well.

(05 Oct '09, 09:56) flowingwater

You are correct in saying that thoughts are energy. They do not exist until YOU create the thought. Once created the natural course of attraction will take place...meaning that your thought will be added to all the other thoughts of like energy throughout the universe. It becomes a creation in and of itself never to not exist.. YOU are the creator.....source energy.....becoming whatever you desire.... Life is wonderful....once you know the rules!!


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I Believe

Great question !! .. makes me wonder about many things. thanks for asking :-)

Were do all sea waves come from ? .. same thing with thoughts. thoughts are waves of energy. they start small .. end small, or create tsunami ! .. that's our choice.

if you add to it, more thoughts, beliefs, feelings .. you would be building a huge wave within, that could create or destroy anything in its way. thought waves that actually gets that powerful are rare.

were do they come from, from within and without. the all i s one. everything in existence is doing the same thing, creating. this creation takes many forms .. as much forms as possibilities could handle. how ? ..well, I guess one wave just leads to another. one thought creates another. the starting point was an observing mind .. your mind. the observed is energy, the observer is energy .. when both interact .. they affect each other and in the process they produce more of the same kind! ( quantum physiscs )

beliefs are thoughts that your mind keeps producing unconsciously. even when you think they are gone. because you believed that they are true. true = part of your reality. so they should stay and be produced again and a gain, whenever they are needed. your mind is a creator by nature. just like the mind of life, or the universal mind, or God .. same thing, no matter what name/title you use/choose.

when your mind creates a thought that is not in agreement with your beliefs. that means, they are not accepted. instantly, automatically .. deleted, or ignored. just like how a small wave dies on the roks of the beach.

but, if this thought is strong enough to change your beliefs, your mind will replace it with the existing beleif.

there are many levels of thoughts/beliefs. if this belief is important in your life .. when the right moment to recall it comes, there maybe not enough time to produce it in the normal way .. one thought leads to another .. that would just take too long. so, your mind will use another way to re-create the thought ( belief ) faster and make it even more clear to you that ( this is important - alarm - stop - be careful ) .. this time it will use feelings.

sometims, the cause of those feelings is clear. because consciosuly, you can understand or sense the reason. for example .. you had a car crash once .. and after this, you keep feel fear everytime you cross the road or ride a car.

but sometimes, it's not that clear .. sometimes, your conscious mind can't sense or understand the reason or the connection between the experience, and the alarm sign!

you may recall this experience in your life. your day is going very normal and - out of the blue - you get this strange feeling .. it seems like nothing happened to generate this feeling at all. but it's there .. for some reason. and usually, after few moments and maybe even after few days .. you know that reason!


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Thought is not energy. Thought is outside the laws of the physical universe. However, thoughts have the ability to create pictures, which are made of energy, that can affect you negatively or positively. Your thoughts are your creation to keep, send out to whomever or wherever you want, or to destroy. Attracting thoughts would be in terms of telepathy.


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I have been reading a book on Scribd by Joe Dispenzer called "Evolve your brain" It's extremely interesting especially given his belief that the marriage of science and spirit can affect people's lives, and it deals with bio-chemistry,neurology, neurophysiology, cellular biology, genetics, memory formation, brain chemistry, aging and longevity.. He's a practicing chiropractor and He also studied the teachings of Ramtha or 7 years and then taught there for another 17 years. Check out his credentials at the end of the book - but from the first few words his book got my attention! It's not a hard read, it's well written and also based on personal experience after a serious accident.

You can download the book for free if you register with Scribd, which is also free.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

This was interesting. Thanks for where you can get it free.

(05 Oct '09, 09:52) flowingwater
  1. Thoughts reside in mental realm.
  2. You attract thoughts from the mental realm. They are not perpetually within you.
  3. The thought remains in mental realm. It's like you are a radio set on a some frequency, and the thought is some radio station. It is still there after you stop perceiving.
  4. You attract thought simply by thinking. You concentrate on a particular idea.
  5. Beliefs can either make you more open or more limited in perceiving. That's why I think being open-minded is benefical.
  6. You can have a thought that is contrary to your belief. You can have any thought, but you won't accept every of them.

My answer if based on Franz Bardon teachings.


answered 04 Oct '09, 19:02

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By the way, his statement that every thought creates chemical and biological effects in the body on many levels, and those effects then affect our thinking so we think more of those thoughts, and then becomes a self perpetuating effect and thus we get 'addicted' to our thoughts patterns because of they way they make us feel on a bio-chemical level, is well worth reading in depth.


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I know negative thinking make you think of more negative thoughts which also bring on more so it is like you are now attracting them. So guard your thoughts and make sure they are postive towards your self and others.

(05 Oct '09, 09:59) flowingwater

@Rebecca: Which post are you commenting about?

(25 Feb '10, 22:27) Vesuvius

Thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions, actions create reality.


answered 04 Oct '09, 19:20

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Thoughts are the realm of the universal subconscious mind


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Thoughts are nothing more than energy they come and they go. When they come into conciousness they can either flow threw or they find ground and increse and grow. Just like James Allen says the mind is like a garden that must and will produce. Beyond this one must look at the origin. The Ego is constaintly desiring to take its place in your conciosness it thrives on attention and most people identify so strongly with the continual thoughts of the Ego that they actually believe that there thoughts are them. To awaken from false identity is the first step toward enlightment. The more willing a person is to let go of all the things of form they identify with the more awakened and truthfull they will become. There is no short cut to understanding metaphysical truths one must pay with spiritual coin. Gaurd your thoughts and tend your garden and it will serve you well take your rightfull place as the Master gardener of your soul.


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enlighten up

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I like that guard your thoughts and tend your garden and it will serve yu well take your rightfull place as the Master gardenr of your soul. That is so deep, true and powerful. Thanks for sharing that with us. enlighten up

(30 Oct '09, 08:02) flowingwater

thought come from breadth and your experiences! the moment breadth stops, your thoughts stop!


answered 05 Oct '09, 04:28

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I'm going to refer to science and the vibrational studies of Dr. Valerie Brown and physicist Dr. Amit Goswami.

http://valerievhunt.com/ValerieVHunt.com/Valerie_Hunt_EdD.html http://www.amazon.com/Infinite-Mind-Science-Vibrations-Consciousness/dp/0964398818?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1178927922&sr=1-1 http://www.amitgoswami.org/

Mind or consciousness is what holds matter together, otherwise we would just be atoms and other particles floating in the sea of universal consciousness. What is that survives after death?

Vibration has a the particular imprint of each individual (Dr. Hunt) and be ready to be surprised by what is it that reincarnates (Dr. Goswami).


answered 06 Oct '09, 16:43

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Thanks for the links. Very informative.

(31 Oct '09, 09:26) flowingwater

Thoughts comes from the imagnation relm and the imagnation comes from the consciousness of God so therefore it is in our subconsciousness which we are connected to because we are part of him or he is a part of us. When we began to imagine the thought process starts which is where our creativity starts as well.

Sometimes things go array but it is still an thought process of good, bad or indifferent or neutral. WE will added it to other information, study it and than decided to delete it or keep it. Our subconsciousness has all of our information. The conscious has some but most is in the subconscious.


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Thanks Barry Allen I didn't realize it was there twice.

(31 Oct '09, 06:51) flowingwater

You would probably be quite disturbed to consider that all thoughts 'you' think are not your own.

This should not surprise you - how many times have you had a thought which was entirely outside your normal way of thinking? How many times has a thought popped into your head that you would be embarrassed or ashamed to admit to? I am not talking about the usual "I could kill him/her, when the spouse has really gone a tad too far with something, I am talking about really seriously bad stuff.

What if you brain was the hardware and your mind was the software. What if the software could be changed by others?

WE do have the expression 'he/she lost their mind'. Oftentimes one loses their mind with substance abuse, which weakens home mind. Oftentimes the dying will display disturbing personalities never demonstrated in their entire long lives, here disease has rendered them weak.

Watch what 'you' think and only act upon that which you know is you.
Same goes for voices, if you are that way inclined. NEVER go against your own good nature.


answered 10 Feb '10, 23:28

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Inactive User ♦♦

I have read all of these answers to this point. All raise good questions and diserve additional research and consideration. As for me I believe thoughts come from your heart and your brain and or mind collect and store data. My son is 2 years and 4 months old. Up until 2 weeks ago he had no fear of the dark, he had no mental link associated with the word monster, and he never reacted to a childs movie with fear until this week. The movies he has seen are Toy Story, Cars, Muppets, these types of movies. However, since seeing Monsters.com all the above mentioned behaviors are now present. Before he will go beyond the landing upstairs he will wait until I turn the light on. The word monster puts a glint in his eyes which is unmistakenly fear. And when a scary part comes on during the movie he will move tight against me or behind me. At first I questioned where these reactions came from and then theorized it was the movie. If it were the movie then the behavior he is exhibiting is learned from what he observed. had the same movie been opposite he would have learned a monster comming out of the closet was funny and not scary. So based on this his mind/brain has stored the data so he reacts to it based on association. These are not his thoughts but his observations. As for the heart being the place thoughts come from I can not at this time explain it very well since it is only a coulple days old to me. But if I can get a handel on it I will try to explain it another time. I do not think it is something one can hold onto so the explaination will be strange to follow.



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Although the movies you mention have nothing to do with Disney, it might benefit you to discover the real history of Disney and Walt Disney's involvement in things quite unlike the public persona. I’m trying to keep things vague on purpose.

(25 Feb '10, 22:46) The Traveller

Like attracts like? I have a belief that all of what we think are our thoughts are not necessarily ours. In other words, entities can and do use our brains to process their programme ... In the baby's case something bought in the 'emotional' response of fear and that fear can attract fearful thoughts from elsewhere.

(25 Feb '10, 23:48) Inactive User ♦♦

eighteen plus million years of
memory follows into
this lifetime, know yourself
and where you are going


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Though and emotion are in the water. they belong to the living one the spirit that you are. though and emotion can be share between each living one in the kingdom above. in this world people water are in division, from the living one that they are because of the darkness inside of them and outside of them. they think they are divided from every thing and that they can hide their evil deeds and they think they are only the flesh and that once that the flesh ends they go to darkness and nothingness. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

Verily verily I tell you one must be born again of water and the spirit. once one achieve this and go above he will know where he comes from and where he is going.


Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 15 May '15, 03:49

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white tiger

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