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What if you could choose only one of the following abilities:

  1. astral projection (out-of-body travel to locations of your choice)
  2. reading other people's minds
  3. placing thoughts telepathically into another person's mind
  4. telekinesis (moving objects with your mind)

Which would you choose, and why? Or would you choose some other special ability?

asked 06 Oct '09, 11:14

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(06 Oct '09, 12:24) Inactive User ♦♦

This is an great question!

(07 Oct '09, 04:48) flowingwater
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Tough one..I'd probably choose 3. to be able to transmit positive loving thoughts throughout the world

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answered 06 Oct '09, 12:55

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Great answer we can always use more love in the world. We need it badly now.

(07 Oct '09, 04:49) flowingwater

I agree with my predecessor. If I could add healing abilities to the first one, I would choose it (it would allow me to heal people at a distance).

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answered 06 Oct '09, 15:51

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Boy, wouldn't it be great to heal people and they not even know that you are healing them. Look at all of the good you could do and since know one would know you would be protected with your privacy and your rights. Because you wouldn't want to be an ginnea pig in some science labortory for life.

(07 Oct '09, 04:54) flowingwater

Yes! And that is possible to be done! That is my goal.

(07 Oct '09, 12:40) Asklepios

I would choose ''Telekinesis'' .. I experienced astral projection before, didn't like it. reading other people's minds? .. well, I can imagine the headache! :-) placing thoughts telepathically into another person's mind? .. I believe I better take care of my own thoughts than worry about what other people think. besides, if people bother me so much I would use ''Telekinesis'' to move them away, to a happy place of course ( insert evil laugh here ) :D .. and I think when anyone would see me moving objects with the power of my mind, they wouldn't be much trouble for me anymore. so I wouldn't have to bother myself reading their minds or placing thoughts in their minds. levitating a car would do the trick !

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answered 07 Oct '09, 00:56

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Why didn't you like astral projection, I am courious? What happen if you don't mind saying. If it is too personal than please don't answer and I than am sorry for anking!!!

(07 Oct '09, 04:27) flowingwater

Sorry I just saw your question. well, it really scares me .. I feel that I'm not going back to my body! and I have trouble sleeping later, hard to explain this part put it's painful. besides that, it feels like if, I'm a ghost. I don't have control over material things. I can through walls, ok that was cool .. so besides seeing the girl next door almost naked, nothing was fun about it ! :-)

(13 Oct '09, 00:58) Adel

Thanks for your answer. Have an great day! Don't do anything that scares you. It is not neccessary.

(14 Oct '09, 03:08) flowingwater
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Iwill choose psychic gifts because I can know what others are thinking, what their problems are and be able to assist all god's creatures in improving their lives

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answered 07 Oct '09, 01:18

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Allan Roach

Very nice nice helping others to improve their lives. Good for you!

(07 Oct '09, 04:55) flowingwater

If I were granted one wish I will like to be granted by god the power to heal all god's ecreation physically, emotionally, spirituallyand financially.

(11 Oct '09, 01:06) Allan Roach

Allan, you should make your comment an answer (at bottom of page, "Answer Your Question") in order to receive reputation points for answering a question and so you can possibly receive votes on it.

(11 Oct '09, 17:09) John

Since this is a Community Wiki question, he won't receive any reputation from this particular question. The voting in a Community Wiki question is only about the ordering of the answers by the readership...a bit like an opinion poll

(11 Oct '09, 19:19) Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks for the clarification, Barry. I had assumed it was only the questioner who got no reputation points. So in fact, the only way points are credited in a Community Wiki is if it has a bounty. Correct?

(12 Oct '09, 06:05) John

I believe that is the case otherwise it would be odd to permit a bounty to be set on a Community Wiki question. I'll have to check up on this one. If it isn't the case, I'll let you know...but I guess we'll find out for sure in a few days :)

(12 Oct '09, 06:18) Barry Allen ♦♦

I've now checked this...there are two ways to get points from a Community Wiki. The first is through the bounty and the second is through having the accepted answer. I've now updated the FAQ to point this out.

(12 Oct '09, 06:55) Barry Allen ♦♦

Are you sure you really want to know what goes on in other people's minds?

(13 Oct '09, 04:32) Vesuvius

Thanks for the follow up, Barry.

(15 Oct '09, 06:16) John
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That's easy I would choose telepathy sending thoughts to others and hopefully I would also create an private pathway where I could also receive thoughts from them as well, when they choose to send them to me. But on an private channel like. Where others could not read or intercept the message. I have always wanted to be able to do that ever since I was an child.

Now sending thoughts to others are not the same thing as reading people's mind. Yes, You are right if you can read minds it is kind of like an radio frequency you will have to turn it down and off at times and also how to tune others out or down to who it is you are trying to read their mind for each of the noises and chatter would drive you bunkers and I am sure that is no joke.

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answered 07 Oct '09, 04:41

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edited 07 Oct '09, 04:57

Hmmm...since I worry about free will and mind control, have done obes and telepathy and I am an empath...I think I would like to move objects with my mind. I was actually trying that 2 days ago.

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answered 06 Oct '09, 16:34

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You didn't say why.

(06 Oct '09, 23:41) John

Most of my psychic abilities are spontaneous. I thought I would try something voluntarily.

(07 Oct '09, 15:58) Alma

Thanks for following up! I'd love to hear how the telekinesis works out.

(07 Oct '09, 21:17) John
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I would go w/ #1) astral projection (out-of-body travel to locations of your choice).

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answered 06 Oct '09, 16:50

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You didn't say why.

(06 Oct '09, 23:41) John

Sorry, none of those first 4 options speaks to me as a priority, nor something I would particularly like. I would prefer instead to find and keep a clear channel open for communications between God and myself. Ultimately, this would serve to bring about any and all the above, and far more, if I so desired. More importantly to me, this would also mean that I would be able to bring improved circumstances, prosperity and joy to all that I encounter as I go through life.

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answered 11 Oct '09, 17:44

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edited 11 Oct '09, 19:12

But that is indeed a special ability, considering how few people exhibit that kind of openness of communications with God. In my revision of the question, I added "would you choose some other special ability?"

I'm sure it's not your intent, but to clarify for the community, it's a mistake to diminish the significance of an open communication with God. In the quest for all these exciting and dramatic abilities we risk getting so wrapped up in ourselves that little benefit is felt by those around us.

(11 Oct '09, 18:36) John

I think it has something to do with our focal point. Deepak Chopra tells of an ancient vedic story about a young man searching for the secret of abundance. (See the whole story here at The bottom line is that by seeking wisdom as our priority, the abundance will come as well. Thanks for your answer.

(11 Oct '09, 18:36) John

Sorry - note to self - learn to read! I didn't see the bit 'would you choose some other ability but rushed into my answer. And no, diminishing the significance of an open communication with was God FAR from my intent, in fact just the opposite was intended. Um, how did you read what I wrote to mean otherwise, given what I added as my reasons for doing so - oh - I see, you think the last sentence is separate, when I meant it to be the result of my improved communication with God! :>) I have edited it so it reads my intention more clearly.

(11 Oct '09, 19:13) Rebecca

I should have been clearer. I admired you preference for the clear channel to God, but felt that you were not considering it a special ability. My point is that in contrast with those who lust for special abilities for selfish personal gain, your position is quite special. Sorry for the confusion. Note to self - learn to write! :-)

(12 Oct '09, 06:23) John

Oh, thanks John! It's still scored a 0 as an answer though (she says with a wicked grin).

Very nice to meet you here!

(12 Oct '09, 13:46) Rebecca

You don't seem to need any help with scoring!! I'm trying my best not to be too envious. :-)

(13 Oct '09, 07:49) John

And you've been closing the gap nicely! :>) What with your slight envy and my hereby admitted tendency to a competitive spirit, is it appropriate that we are both currently the top reps of a site dedicated to exploring what I regard as a spiritual journey! :>)

(14 Oct '09, 02:37) Rebecca

Well, to be honest I was trying hard to be up there not neccessary number one but up there. But Rebecca and John you all are own rocket fuild. You both are doing just superb with your scores. Take care and have an great day you two.

(14 Oct '09, 03:32) flowingwater

Rebecca you always have an clear channel open with God and Jesus and the line is not ever busy or wait I am dealing with someone else. Now you might mean you want him talking back you as you talk to him answer right back. You don't special powers for that. But to bring improved circumstance, joy and prosperity to everyone you meet would be an great ability to have. Who knows maybe some people does prosses that ability.

(14 Oct '09, 03:39) flowingwater

Is there no place on a spiritual journey for a friendly rivalry that propels one forward? Are we not encouraging each other to move further along? :-)

(14 Oct '09, 11:17) John

Besides, once I surpass you just once, I'll be content to lay back and rest a while (after taking a screen shot of the user list). Get some sleep, Rebecca! I do enjoy your questions, answers and comments so much.

(14 Oct '09, 11:21) John

Ah, nice comments all of you, thanks! And it is mutual John. And I think you're right about the friendly rivalry being one form of propulsion along our path.

(14 Oct '09, 14:38) Rebecca

And yes, Unknown, I am looking to keep the dialogue going in a way that I am clear about. I am already working on the other - I own an art gallery with that intention, to bring prosperity and enrich the lives of others - artists and the buyers of art, and even the people who just visit the gallery - but the first two a challenge in a time perceived to be so full of lack, and in a Downtown so full of so many empty buildings. I am also the creator of events to help bring traffic Downtown to other businesses.

(14 Oct '09, 14:44) Rebecca

Hi, this is an older thread so I don't know if you'll get back to it, but I wanted to say I visited your website (your gallery). Very nice. Maybe some day I'll take a trip out to see it. How about a tour? :-)

(18 Oct '09, 06:02) John

Get yourself out here and you get a tour! And much new stuff isn't on the web site yet as my web guy is somewhat hectic :>(

(18 Oct '09, 15:32) Rebecca
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John, I would choose to have the ability to turn back time (the brains to create a time machine perhaps?). To meet Jesus so i can be his student and listen to his words of wisdom.

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answered 12 Oct '09, 06:04

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edited 12 Oct '09, 07:14

Sounds fascinating! But can't you be his student and listen to his words of wisdom anyway? Oh, have you checked out Michio Kaku's website at ? He's a theoretical physicist who explores whether invisibility, telekinesis, force fields, time travel, etc., might one day become a reality.

(13 Oct '09, 07:55) John

John you are Jesus student now he is listen at you, answering you and telling youof his wisdom. Jesus revel things to you once you have develope an personal relationship with Jesus. Oh, John Jesus loves you, as well as others, so very much you are searching so hard just stop and listen sometimes in the quiet of your soul.

(14 Oct '09, 03:43) flowingwater

Hi John. I'll check Michio Kaku's website. How about x-ray vision? Wouldn't it be great to see Jesus in the flesh? And ask him questions in person!

(14 Oct '09, 08:38) Celine

yes, x-ray vision but not in a naughty way. haha!

(14 Oct '09, 08:39) Celine

Thank you for your concern, Unknown. Don't worry, I'm solidly grounded. (Matthew 7:24)

(15 Oct '09, 06:24) John
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Well, my superpower is not on the wish list. The ones you listed all seem a bit creepy, and I'm probably not wise enough for them anyway.

At 45 years of age I would like the ability to learn more readily, have better mental discipline and improved creativity. If there is something to the other abilities you mentioned, I think I would figure them out eventually, given these cognitive improvements.

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answered 13 Oct '09, 04:35

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I like your answer. Aren't those abilities you mentioned already within your power to obtain?

(13 Oct '09, 07:58) John

It seems to take longer to learn things than it used to, although that could just be the perception of time passing, or that I learn things more deeply than I used to (within the context of what I have already learned), so it just takes longer.

(13 Oct '09, 14:59) Vesuvius

May I suggest occult mental yoga?

(17 Sep '10, 11:25) daniele
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Seriously John, can i wish for another 'ability'? I wish i had the ability to multiply food (perform miracles i suppose?) So that i could feed every hungry child in the world. I often think of how lucky my son is for living a comfortable life. It breaks my heart to hear children die of hunger.

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answered 14 Oct '09, 23:42

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edited 14 Oct '09, 23:51

How about the ability to distribute that food to every hungry child and adult? We throw away massive amounts of food already. The biggest challenge is to get the supplies to those who need them. And by the way, yes! You can have the ability you wished for! It is granted. (No, not by me.) You have the power within you to start right where you are to fulfill your desire. You can grow food (that's multiplying) and you can enlist the help of others (that's multiplying). Do what you can where you are. If you could go back in time to talk with Jesus, as you said above, I think he'd tell you that.

(15 Oct '09, 06:49) John

Here's something you might hear from Jesus if you turned back time to meet him: "You give them something to eat!" (Mark 6:37) It's not my intent to sound critical, just to stir up thought. I really do appreciate your desire to alleviate suffering.

(15 Oct '09, 06:57) John

Thank you John for your inspiring words. Poverty really is a serious global problem.

(15 Oct '09, 09:55) Celine

I heard a news item yesterday that said a billion people in this world don't have enough to eat! You'd think it's the least we could do to provide this most basic need of nourishment for one another.

(18 Oct '09, 06:12) John

That's really sad to hear. Any suggestions?

(20 Oct '09, 07:49) Celine
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Was browsing through some old questions and couldn't pass up answering in this one...

Considering I've experienced all of those to one extent or another already...

If I could have had only one - I would have chosen reading other people's minds. Mostly because I enjoy watching people and that is just another added step onto that.

Really though, if I could choose - any - 'special ability' I would choose being able to teleport anywhere instantly.

I've spent a lot of my short life traveling and those long flights (12hrs+) do get rather tiring for me. I've also made a lot of friends all over the world and - as wondrous as our technology currently is - for someone as childish (read: playful) as myself it is not quite the same as good 'belly to belly' contact.

Being able to zap about the world and meet one friend in Korea, then another in India, another in Greece, and another in US etc all in one day would be quite enjoyable to me. :) So my favorite would be purely selfish ... no 'save the world' for me.

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answered 08 Jan '10, 08:52

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I'd have to say knowing the illusion of what we believe is reality, therefore having full control of it to do as I please and be able to change things such as disasters as they are happening.

Much like Jesus saying to the raging storm "Peace be calm" and it was.

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answered 08 Jan '10, 21:20

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

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