I have been stumbling those quite a lot (and other similar hours like 16:16) on my watches. I have already read about this, but there are many explainations, like: you've become spiritually awake, this is a sign of angels watching over you, this is a number of spiritual entities in some organization that is manifesting in this way or simply skeptical "this means nothing", "you are probably seeing also normal hours and you are being just overexcited". This appears to be no coincidence, because I see these numbers every time when I look at the watch at random time, not thinking of this phenomenon. And lots of other people also experience this.

What do you think of this 11:11 thing?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you for best answer

(12 Dec '09, 07:36) Wade Casaldi
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This is where I started out from, my very first group I joined was Solara's 11:11 group. I saw 11:11 everywhere! I became obsessed with it and finding answers as to why, what does this mean etc...

I started finding everything that adds to 11 and found a HUGE amount of things that add to 11 about me. 11 letters in my name, all the consents add to 11 and all the vowels add to 11 in my last name together 22 which is 11 and 11. That is only a tiny fraction of things about me that add to 11.

But now after all these years I see things differently, I understand the laws of the universe better and know what we pay attention to we are attracted to. So the more I said hum there is that 11:11 again! I noticed it everywhere and always looked at a clock at that time, I was attracted to that time by my thought of that time. When I lost interest I also stopped experiencing seeing 11:11 everywhere. I see it once in a while but now it is like any other time to me, no coincidence anymore no meaning, just what time it happens to be. :-)

WOW writing this just enlightened me on manifesting money!


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Wade Casaldi

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That's it! I once wanted to see 11:11 type of hours, and got about seven of them throughout the day!

(05 Dec '09, 10:59) Asklepios

That's strange. I didn't want to see those hours again but got them. I know that in law of attraction "no" means "yes", but it is still strange.

(14 Dec '09, 17:17) Asklepios

No it is about attachment, think of WANTING and NOT WANTING both as ATTACHMENT. Dis-attaching is not caring if you see them or not in other words you don't look for meaning in it, it just IS. here is a ebook that was very enlightening to me, years ago I read this book. http://www.is1.org/

(14 Dec '09, 17:31) Wade Casaldi

Opps sorry forgot to say caps not yelling but emphasizing :-D

(14 Dec '09, 17:32) Wade Casaldi
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This is fitting given today is Veterans Day in the US...

Veterans Day is an annual United States holiday honoring military veterans. A federal holiday, it is observed on November 11. It is also celebrated as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other parts of the world, falling on November 11, the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. (Major hostilities of World War I were formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 with the German signing of the Armistice.)



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Yes, well, November 11 is also Polish Independence Day! There are those who are quite fond of numerology and its astrological significance

(12 Nov '10, 09:51) daniele

I am Polish too :)

(20 Nov '10, 23:06) Asklepios

Simply it is the angel (or whatever) drawing your attention to it so you know something real is going on in your life!


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Adrian A

My son's name is Adrian and his middle is Andrew--quite a coincidence, but then, nothing is really a coincidence. I agree with your answer, Bud.

(26 Mar '11, 02:32) jmw

i, too, have had the1111 experience- all i can say is it seems to be a good thing- what meaning it has is beyond me.perhaps it is a sign of sorts-one signaling a change is in order or that all is well. i cant say for sure.


answered 13 Dec '09, 23:27

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eleanor sawitsky

I believe your subconscious is "looking" for it. Our minds have a very accurate clock and know when it will be there. And since you are looking for it, you will see it.

Try it with Green Vans or Tricycles. Also 11:11 is more available than other times because it is there during most waking hours. And you get the chance to see it twice a day. You can see it in the am or pm. 10:10 is also "available" but not as catchy as all those ones. But 1:11 is not readily available at night, either is 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55.

I used to catch 21 after the hour for years as a kid. Then it stopped. Even though... My birthday is on the 21st.

7/21/65 7+2+1+6+5=21 or

I was born in 1965 1+9+6+5=21


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jim 10

I think it is a case of post-hoc reasoning and confirmation bias.

There are situations where some numbers appear more often than others. But those cases can be attributed to certain statistical anomalies. See http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/22842/benfords-law-as-it-relates-to-so-reputation for an example of this.

I have a similar experience as yours with another set of digits on the clock. But I'm not going to put them here (you can probably guess what they are).


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OOO lemme guess: 6:66?

(09 Dec '10, 01:15) Hu Ra

I have heard it being it is another way for the angels trying to get in contact with you and that there is something that they want you to do.

I have a book about angels and this very phenomenon in it. Which was about an man who had the spirit of Paul in the bible and when he was told he had that spirit he said no there is an mistake and I am not him. Well know he was not him but he did process Paul's spirit and he said I can't because I am not that particular religious.

Anyway once he did start paying attention and did start to believe and check what the angels wanted him to do which was write a book. But it took an couple of psychics and pass regression to convince him that he had Paul of the bible spirit in him.

The number I used to see a lot was 4444 sometimes 3333. I think the name of the book is Angels are among us.

I am going to tell you a quick story about that book I went past it and I was completely drawn to buy that book but I left out. When I came back in the store again that day I drawn again when I pass by it. It was like there was an pull there and I finally got it and I couldn't put the book down it was so interesting to read.


answered 04 Dec '09, 20:15

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11 corresponds to cosmic forces, it is the predominance of spirit over matter ... in other words it means gaining complete control of your mind and body ... 11:11 extends into 22 the master number, in other words the goal that all humans wish to achieve.


answered 05 Nov '11, 07:05

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blubird two

in everyday life the signification of numbers is symbolic and generally focuses on "beginning" "opposition" "balance" that characterize acts and events ... all number sequences can be reduced by addition to a simple number ... the signification of number "1" is creation, the signification of number "4" is activation ... 1111 signifies activation of creation,

very positive

(26 Nov '14, 03:47) jaz

I googled 11:11 Bible verses and found this page
and this answer, I couldn't say it better

Firstly, there is absolutely nothing meriting a need for prayer in this area. Numerology is a dead idea; theist and atheist alike understand that numbers are simply humanly concocted symbols used to signify values recognized by other humans. Even some animals recognize the ideas of "More" or "Less." Numbers are simply "Letters" or characters we have placed to denote how much more or less something is.

The significance of 11:11 is moot, especially when put in the context of all the other times you might look at a clock during the day. Do you think the time 3:16 bears any importance, because of John's verse? Perhaps now you will, but I guarantee you that if you had lived even 150 years ago, before clocks and timezones were standardized, you would have never even noticed. 11:11 bears no more significance than 12:34 or any other time of day. Seeking God's answers on this matter via prayer will ultimately lead you either to a dead end, or a self-fulfilling response for several reasons...

1) Time is relative, and thus, entirely subjective.

2) Numbers, which we humans use to denote time, are also entirely subjective with respect to humans. They are mutually agreed upon symbols for values which, without an observing body (us) would not exist. Sure, 1 would still be only 1, but there would be nobody to call it 1, if we weren't here, and so it would simply just be unrecognized or unvalued value.

3) You answer your own prayers, depending on what happens (or doesn't happen), or what you choose to read into a particular event.

Coincidence is a marvelous thing, and speaking purely mathematically and statistically...it would be far more miraculous if you never saw 11:11 for the rest of your life. The odds are outrageously in favor of this event occurring repeatedly throughout your life, and trying to make something of it puts you in the same silly place as those who think that they're cursed or use relatives' birth dates for lottery numbers.

Numbers, like words only have the power over you that you allow them to. They are arbitrary and defined by us...only us. Outside of us, they are meaningless or nonexistent.



answered 07 Jan '15, 01:53

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"Therefore thus says the LORD, "Behold I am bringing disaster on them which they will not be able to escape; though they will cry to Me, yet I will not listen to them" Jeremiah 11:11

Be careful! I began praying every time I saw it and it finally disappeared. If it was from God, it would not after a prayer. God is 1 and if you add another 1 next to it, it is Satan pretending to be like God. It is 1 x 1 x 1 = 1 (holy trinity) not 11 or 11:11.


answered 17 Oct '10, 16:33

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Melisa Arslan

The 11's are just your connection with your spirit self. To become fixated will cause repeated events. This is just an indicator of your vibrational level.


answered 04 Jan '11, 13:13

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The Knights Alchemy

There is a man in Australia who claims to be in contact with 1111 semi-spiritual beings who, at various times, give him information about the status of higher planes of the universe, and the future of life on earth... He says that he is notified that they wish to impart new information to him by stopping his clock at 11:11


answered 07 Jan '11, 09:49

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The Prophet

I see 11:11, 13:13 and so on all day everyday! I freaked out thinking something bad is gonna happen, then i thought maybe my baby is gonna be born on 20/10/2010 but he wasnt. I checked this out on the net and alot of readings are saying its angels contacting you, or along those lines, i just hope it is cos this happens far too often an its freakin me out!


answered 12 Jan '11, 11:29

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I starting seeing 1111 sometime in 1976, the year after my brother died. It happened a whole lot back then, now it's less often but still at the most oddest times, poof there 1111 is. I think it's something good, not evil.


answered 05 Nov '11, 01:20

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11:11 I have been seeing recently -- meaning in later 2014 and early 2015. Many people have been seeing these numbers for many years. Prior this I have been seeing a great deal of '747's' -- whatever that means. 11:11, via my sources, indicates a Star Gate re-opening in Orion -- one that was closed off by Lucifer/En.ki -- the false 'god', who goes under many, many names. This Star Gate opening has a great deal to do with dis-incarnate 'souls'(who understand the manipulation taking place) being released from their entrapment in the ether or astral realm between the 3rd and 4th Densitites (NOT dimensions!), as well as exposing the False Light Tunnel (Lucifer's), that coerces us back into recycling onto this planet after we 'die'. (The latter I had some 'hand' in, in exposing.) But there is something more. Something good. Something for the benefit of all. Something to close this Dark Chapter.


answered 17 Feb '15, 05:14

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I want to share my own experience with this number, as it's just popped up into my life.

I've been releasing and applying the Sedona Method over the past couple of weeks, which is working amazingly well, and have started to notice this number all of a sudden.

From 1.11 to 11.11, its too much of an occurrence to be a coincidence. Why haven't I noticed this before?

An even freakier thing happened today, just a couple of hours ago, watching Dumb and Dumber 2.

In a scene where a girl is asking her Dad for the ATM pin number, guess what it was? 1111. And their house was number 1111.

Weird huh?


answered 05 Jan '15, 14:47

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It happens to me all the time, to the point it freaked me out at some time (and even today still does a little bit). One day on my way to college, I was a little bit late and checked the clock, and there you go: good ol´ 11:11, that fell into "normal". But then, like you, went to see Dumb and Dumber 2, and at that scene I was like "WHAT-THE-HECK", it was ridiculous. Have you got any answer or insight on what these coincidences mean at all?

(12 Jan '15, 16:23) Tarkus

my antie turned off the car and clm were 11:11:11 it is soooo freky i promis on the whole world that this is true.


answered 10 Nov '10, 09:56

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sory i mean klm

(10 Nov '10, 09:59) dianne

what dose it mean nearly my whole family sees this number 11:11or11:11 why! waht dose it mean cen somebody plese tell me what it means ! everyone in my family wants to know what it means,the number

(10 Nov '10, 10:05) dianne

or 11:11:11 i mean

(10 Nov '10, 10:06) dianne

dianne, some say it is an alarm, telling you to 'wake up'

(10 Nov '10, 11:56) daniele

i was just playing a game and there was 1,111 left weard

(10 Nov '10, 13:37) dianne

is'int that weard

(10 Nov '10, 14:08) dianne

1111 frrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyy

(11 Nov '10, 06:18) dianne
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