Hey so recently i have been paying attention to numbers for some reason and doing reasearch on numerology and because there is a sequence of numbers that play a constant role in my life. I recently started paying attention to clock and noticed that hen i see 11 11 on the clock that the day just becomes a struggle, or maybe for a few hours. It's something like getting caught in 3 hour traffic, and argument with my bf. Now that i am thinking about it. im not sure if because maybe during the times that i realize that it is 11 11 that i am in a bad state of being meaning depressed, irrtated, feeling low that it materializes into my very feelings or thoughts at that time. Some people say that it means luck, im not sure if during that time, whatever energy is trying to get my attention about something about the negative things going after seeing 11 11. so my question would be is what does 11 11 signify? is the outcome determined by whether i am in a positive mood, or a negative mood? what does this mean?

asked 19 Feb '14, 14:09

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I see 13:37 (1:37 pm) often when I receive or send text messages. ....

(19 Feb '14, 17:40) ursixx

Thanks for the question Ilovetruth718, it's right up my alley ... :)

You are always attracted to things, situations, people with which you resonate, make you vibrate, that produce the feeling of being in harmony with; it is your core being that is vibrating, that is telling you something about yourself.

Let's take a closer look at these vibrations and their meanings;

Number is an original force together with the verb, sound, form, rhythm ... the profound sense that animates them transmits rhythm and harmony into the manifested world, into our reality. Under certain circumstances they are born one from the other and it is through them that cosmic consciousness, the higher self, manifests itself.

The energy that each number reveals corresponds to it's symbolic contents ... and it's shape is the force, whether it be shape of roman numerals

alt text

or the shape of arabic numerals

alt text

The number 1 is the symbol of unity, universal creation, the starting point for everything and links the sky and the earth acting as a double flow upwards downwards canal. The corresponding verb form is the hebrew letter aleph

alt text

and the corresponding color is luminous white.

Gazing in wonder upwards towards the cloudy blue sky, sun and moon, stars and other planets it becomes obvious that the first three primary elements are air, water and fire. The 4th element is solid matter you can feel under your feet, it contains all aspects of life. The geometric form that is attributed to the number 4 is a square which with it's two dynamic verticals(11) and two static horizontals(=) forms a square

alt text

The number 4 also evokes the cross and the cube

alt text

and the corresponding hebrew letter is daleth

alt text

with the corresponding color crimson red symbol of the passage from the known to the unknown.

Now let's get back to the question in hand, so what is all this to do with seeing "1111"s? ... that you have a great deal of creative constructive desires and aspirations perhaps a desire to build a solid home with harmonious conditions and relationships, however your outer world mirrors back to you that you feel caught up in frustrating circumstances, you feel trapped without possibility to change ... these are symptoms that false beliefs are preventing you from seeing clearly but the 1111's that keeps coming back to you is that little doorway of light, that delicious current of fresh air you can sense, you could compare it to the ringing of an alarm bell inviting you to awaken.

Negative attracts more negative, you find yourself caught up in a negative loop, you more you struggle, the more you argue, the more you feel depressed and irritated, the more you feel low, the stronger the negative has a hold on you. However keep fighting within yourself till you reach the core of your negativity and you will come face to face with your crimson red angel of daleth that will gently but firmly slice you in half, you will have the impression of facing death, but it will only be an impression and you will pass through the doorway that leads to a another world, you will become whole

alt text

Hope that makes sense to you :)


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Wow that end part is scary and grisly.

(21 Feb '14, 16:01) Wade Casaldi

yes @Wade i suppose my description was a bit harsh ... it has now been rectified

(22 Feb '14, 01:37) jaz

@wade why is the end part scary and grisly? I took it as not physical death, but a death to the negativity. What do you mean by that @jaz?

(23 Feb '14, 10:39) Ilovetruth718

spot on @Ilovetruth718, the death of negativity and the birth of a whole person ... you certainly catch on fast ... the circle with the dot in the middle is the symbol of the sun, lol

(23 Feb '14, 10:55) jaz

@Ilovetruth718 All other answers says something on the lines "it means nothing" and you take the only answer that gives you some re-enforcement of your belief. I can't say I'm surprised, but I really did hope you would at least give a shot to my suggestion. It's really a simple test. I truly wished this kind of "magic" existed, not just "make believe", and so I look for it much, much deeper than this.

(23 Feb '14, 11:24) Cawas

yes @Cawas nothing has any meaning except the meaning that you choose to give it ... mathematics and science are nothing more than belief systems invented by humans to express how they perceive the universe ... quantum mathematiens are now coming to the realization what mystics have known for centuries ... that the universe is unfathomable :)

(23 Feb '14, 11:36) jaz

@cawas im not writing off any other opinions that have been given. I just so happen to resonate with what @jaz has written. I am indeed in a transition in my life at the moment, and her opinion stated that in other words. Everyday I am struggling to find answers to my many questions filled with doubt, filled with negativity, filled with stress and confusion hence a feeling of death and sorrow. 11 11 resonates with the process for me. 520 does as well.

(23 Feb '14, 13:20) Ilovetruth718

@cawas im sure that something resonates with you that put you on a path maybe it was something other than a number @jaz what do you think about 520

(23 Feb '14, 13:21) Ilovetruth718

@Ilovetruth718 i love all that is to do with symbols, numbers, shapes, colors ... 520 conjures up loads of things.

(23 Feb '14, 14:09) jaz

@llovetruth718 thanks for choosing my answer as the best though apparently not many people here on IQ share your opinion ... there's always a reason for everything, all the best lolI

(14 Sep '15, 04:33) jaz
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It means that your belief system says that 11:11 on the clock means "bad." Ask yourself this; What does 11:11 and 30 seconds mean, what about 11:11 and 52 seconds? It just a symbol that you see when you know things are going to go out of alignment. Instead of 11:11 you could have used some other symbolism like a banana, or a dog or a red bicycle but instead you chose 11:11.


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No, intially i never had a belief that 11:11 meant anything, but i am very aware and i noticed that everytime i would notice the time shortly after something that would distrupt my positive energy field would happen. @eldavo

(19 Feb '14, 14:33) Ilovetruth718

I looked into what Wade was mentioning in his comment and after googling it and there's a series of videos on Youtube about opening the 11:11 Gate at the Pyramids in Egypt which is a little too ceremonial for me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvG8lMIXj8A but here's a site that's more clear http://www.mcs.ca/vitalspark/2020_schools/302elvn00.html TGun has also an interesting link to look at

(19 Feb '14, 23:05) Eldavo

@Eldavo thanks, I never actually met, saw or heard her. This is the web forum I used to frequent, you will see I was heavy into this stuff in the 90's we're all going to ascend on 11-11-11! Oops wait we are in the year 2014! Nothing yet... http://web.archive.org/web/20070618014437/http://nvisible.groupee.net/eve/forums/a/cfrm/f/47019069

(20 Feb '14, 09:01) Wade Casaldi

@Eldavo- perhaps we should all decide that when ilovetruth718 sees 11:11, they actually have a GREAT day!!

(20 Feb '14, 09:11) Nikulas

I remember when people were worried about the Antichrist coming June 6th 2006 to put the date in better perspective 6-6-6 Nothing happened then either.

(20 Feb '14, 09:32) Wade Casaldi
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The 11's are a universal awakening of communication. The meaning is what you attach to it. It could be any sequence of numbers that sets off the feedback.


answered 16 Sep '15, 02:22

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The Knights Alchemy

So, actual question is "Why when I will have a bad day is also the day I see 11:11 on the clock?", as I read it.

Do you really want to know why, though? It's nothing special. Coincidences often have no meaning. Our mind always strive to give meaning to everything. It is its purpose: to name stuff up.

Our brain memory is weak. Weak, weak, weak. It changes constantly. It isn't trustable. When we do any scientific experiment, we never ever trust our memory. We take notes, we take photos, we film and document every little thing, and as much as possible. Then we analyze the data. If the law system applied more of our science, we would almost never give any weight to eye witness testimony. Almost. Because we barely can remember what we ate in the breakfast today!

When you see 11 11 on the clock, and you start notice things related to that, you are retro feeding. That is, your mind, like anyone elses, will try to give meaning to that pattern "11 11" and associate it with anything you can remember. It is that simple. On top of that, our mind will also do a kind of memory distortion and feed up data to support this new "meaningful" discover. Literally create false memories.

Here's a suggestion to test-proof it:

Start taking notes. Make a diary. Write more details of what happened on your day, not only "it was bad" or "it was good", but at least 5 top things that happened, without qualifying them as "good" or "bad". And, along with it, take note if you did see the 11 11 or not. Sooner than you expect, you'll have your answer: It means nothing!


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No, I'm sorry I need disagree. On the principle of when I first started writing on the internet I was writing in a forum called Solara's 11:11.

Everyone on that constantly saw 11:11 on the clocks. It was stated that 11:11 is some kind of Anglican call. It was suppose to be when the gates of this world opened.

I was very much into this even to the point of finding a lot about myself that added to eleven.

Now after all these years, I don't care and also I don't see 11:11 anymore.


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Wade Casaldi

I also have something odd that happens to me that has to do with time.

I was born at 5:36 pm CST. Over the years, I will get this urge to check the time, and very often, it is 36 minutes after the hour. I do not know what it means, but it has happened so much that it is downright eerie.

I wish someone would explain this to me.

As to 11:11- That time comes twice a day. Did you ever think at night that your night would be bad? I so the LOA working here...belief becomes your reality.

Try to ignore it. It will go away.


Jaianniah ♥


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You may find this website helpful:


Myself, I used to see a lot of 747s.


answered 19 Feb '14, 18:31

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here's another useful website


(20 Feb '14, 09:41) jaz
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