Bible does not forbid eating meat. However I know it it forbidden in hinduism. So the religions are not unanimous about vegetarianism.
In hinduism we have the Ahimsa (refrain from killing/violence), and subsequently refrain from eating meat, as to obtain it you have to kill a living being. Ahimsa is one of Yogic Yama rules. By obeying them you can live a truly spiritual life.
Not eating meat is benefical for the body, too. From spiritual point of view, it is harder to digest meat because it once was a part of a living entity that had emotions. The spiritual part of yourself has to deal with those emotions which takes energy. The more the animal was complicated, the harder to digest it. That's why Yoga allows to eat meat if you really HAVE to, but only fish, chicken at a pinch.

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The higher the consciousness of the thing we are eating, the worse for our karma. Someone else mentioned this, and that's what I believe too. I have noticed that my dreams are more vivid and helpful when I am eating vegan; I am more attuned to others and feel more loving. For me personally, though, it doesn't last, and if I don't have some meat from time to time I start to not feel well physically. My doctor said everyone is different and has various protein needs. So I do fall off the wagon and have meat sometimes if I am feeling my body needs it. I try not to though! Some need a lot of protein and some do really well on a vegan diet. As Liam said we are omnivorous and this is the way our bodies were designed. So for now if you need meat don't feel guilty about it. If you can get by without, or with very little, that's great! And if you do need meat, the more humanely the animal was treated in life and death, the better.


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LeeAnn 1

I chose not to eat meat a while back. From MY point of view, without imposing it on ANYONE else, not meating is:

  1. Healthier for MY body.
  2. Doesn't kill or harm creatures that are concious.
  3. Helps me cultivate the relationship with the Universe and the reality which I want to manifest for myself -- Harmony and Peace with ALL living creatures.

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I eat meat. Although, I am not actually that fond of most meat. Most of the food I eat is fruit, vegetables etc. I eat meat primarily because others around me do and I see no reason to put them into a situation, especially since I am not actually adverse to it.

I have nothing against vegetarians - though have found humor in it, such as the idea of you always killing off bacteria, and that eating vegetables is even worse since at least animals can attempt to put up a fight. I side more with those who do it from a health point of view, than an ethical.

In anything to do with health, I like to look to nature. Our 'mixed' incisors and flesh tearing canines (and I have particularly sharp canines...perhaps have that 'vampire gene' I heard about a bit back, lol) along with the structure and size of our gut indicate a moderate flesh eating diet i.e. omnivore (Though, we seem to lean towards vegetarianism more so) Of course, we can argue that is just looking at the past and repeating it - and for our slow adapting bodies I am quite happy to do that. [This of course, ignores the changes that have happened, such as the stuffing of a lot of meat with hormones, and abuse of animals which I consider real health and ethical issues for us as a 'global society']


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I have a friend who has recently had some health problems. His doctor told him that his blood was like sludge (his cholesterol levels were through the roof). The doctor put him on a strict vegetarian diet, and within a few weeks he had lost several pounds, his cholesterol level was down, and he felt much better.

So I know that there can be physical benefits. But everyone is a little different; one of my former college teachers can't drink milk at all (he also has cholesterol problems), but other animal products are OK.

I don't know as much about the karma aspects.


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I know from reliable source that there's no problem with karma. You don't get any karmic debts when you eat meat.

(04 Dec '09, 18:25) Asklepios

Personally, right now, I do eat meat but, preferentially, mostly chicken and fish. However I have been reading a bit on it and the general consensus is that if we are going to eat meat, we should be conscious of where it comes from and how the animals were treated - try to opt for free run and grain fed, where the animals are treated well and put to sleep humanely - hence we are not ingesting the negative energy when they are not treated well.The only deterrent on this now would probably be cost, however the more people that begin to buy this way, the cheaper it will become.

I think this would at least be a beginning point and who knows we may evolve to a strictly vegetarian diet on this spiritual journey.


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I came across a yogic explanation that may or may not be true. the idea is that when an animal is killed its suffering is imprinted in the "Consciousness" of the meat. this Consciousness or Life Force is not destroyed in the cooking process. It's only destroyed when bombarded with microwave radiatinon.

When we injest this meat we also injest the suffering. This is not a problem to most people, as most are not trying to raise their consciousness.


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The Traveller

I can see someone selling microwaves with that explanation! "Insider Reveals A Secret Method To Cooking Meat That Avoids Bad Karma" Now you can truly have you cow and eat it too.

(07 Dec '09, 09:09) Liam

I just read you comment & nearly fell off the chair in laughter. Thank you.

(11 Dec '09, 06:13) The Traveller

New spiritual insight. The meat could contain hormones, like the adrenaline (on the physical level) and negative emotions (on the astral level). It is possible to diminish the negative influences of meat by simply blessing it. Think for a moment about an animal that has lost his life, or a plant that has given you its fruits and be thankful for this gift. Enshrine their sacrifice in yout heart.
That is why food has to be treated with respect.


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