This is an allusion for the webmasters of this site.

All software engineers except me I found to be most non-spiritual individuals of all. At least they do not care and only want to play with their tech toys. But mostly they harshly object any ideas about anything beyond established mainstream science.

I often hear from them that they think that believers in life after death are poor primitive minds who just can't take it that it's just over after death and we will be gone forever and there will be just nothingness.

I however believe it's rather the materialistic man or woman who can't take the thought that he or she might have to bear him- or herself forever, existing forever as an eternal being.

What do you think?

asked 11 Oct '09, 00:09

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I'm going to chime in with an answer here partly because as one of the webmasters of this site, it might provide some interesting insights to the more non-technical users of this new website.

For anyone who is wondering, the reference to StackOverflow in the question is a reference to - the original "experiment" that led to the software that runs Inward Quest.

In the space of less than a year, StackOverflow has gone from nothing to, arguably, the most dominant website in the world for computer software engineers to exchange information.

I've been an enthusiastic user myself of StackOverflow for several months which is why I leapt at the opportunity (when it became available) to apply the same idea to what has now become Inward Quest.

Back to your question, I can't help but smile at your observations of software engineers. Among other things, I write computer software myself professionally though I don't have the typical software engineering background.

But I do find myself working with them for periods of time. So your astute observations about typical software engineers are something that I find highly accurate, and quite amusing as a result. Of course, it's a generalization but there is a certain mentality like that that does exist.

From my point of view, there is little more "spiritual" in this world right now than these miraculous virtual technologies we human beings are creating.

The Internet has become the nervous system of Planet Earth whereby people can now congregate (virtually) not through location but through the thoughts they agree upon.

And as for computer software itself, I find the concept amazing. Whereas a mechanical engineer might start construction on something physical and the outside world can gradually see what is taking shape, a software engineer is literally creating nothing at all.

They are creating templates to rearrange various bits in the memory of the computer to achieve the illusion of something useful. But there is no physical end-product. Yet there is still something of value within that rearrangement of bits in that, for example, we can ultimately create meaningful virtual meeting places (like Inward Quest).

So what's going in the creation of computer software?

My personal belief is that this is the closest thing that exists right now to the ability to download "human thought"...that's how I view books too actually...downloaded repositories of human thought but software takes it to another level. A book is a rather static concept but a software program adds a dynamic element to it. Writing software, for me, is a modern-day version of ancient alchemy.

As most software engineers know, there is something magical (and for me, mystical) about being able to focus one's mind, visualize the design of the software (which is only a human-constructed paradigm for communicating with a machine - the machine doesn't care how you "talk" to it), implement it and watch those ethereal thoughts create something that others can gain value from.

And yet physically all that took place was the software engineer bashing their fingers onto a set of computer keys for several days, weeks or months...beyond that it was pure creation through focused thought in the mind of the engineer.

It's really a human-approximated version of the universal manifestation process, is it not?

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now. :)


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Inactive User ♦♦

Hello, and thanks very much for the response. I knew and felt that there is not only a technological but also a human link back to Stack Overflow. ;-)

Yes, with manifestation, we are some of those developers who are more like artists (I am musician too). It is very fulfilling indeed to be able to create something that gives something to people. I admit that there might be better Bit Warriors than me though. ;-)

(12 Oct '09, 19:21) herzmeister

I wish you good luck with the site, and I'm curious how it will go. Here the subjects people talk about are surely much more vague and interwoven with each other than the strictly technical ones at SO. Conversations here will inspire people for lots of other things and so on. Maybe two or three more and/or other features will be required here. ;-)

(12 Oct '09, 19:23) herzmeister

Maybe they should have a dose of Quantum Theory - for me that is science proving God. It's their concept of God that is the problem, as it is with most people.

Then introduce them to Abraham Hicks - a fine spiritual compliment to Quantum, explaining God in a way that, (to me) goes hand in glove, and peppered with humour as well!

We are all eternal beings ...

I found this today - sorry had to share - enjoy!


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And yet, I know a few technical minds that have come to a repository of knowledge hat has forced them to revaluate their position. Maybe they are the 'lucky' ones or they have a function to fulfill in these consciousness wake up times. Of that, I have no doubt.


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Software Engineers are firmly grounded in science...Their experience has told them for years that they can produce a desired result from a correct action. In other words, they can prove that their ideas work.

What happens when a software developer writes a computer program? The developer creates instructions for the computer, which the computer then performs with exacting precision (most of the time). If there is a problem with the program, it is a generally accepted fact among software developers that, if the computer does not produce the expected result, it is because the programmer didn't write the program correctly.

Inevitably, when the software engineer is confronted with someone who is spiritual, the software engineer naturally becomes impatient when the spiritual person typically comes to them with ideas which, while they sound attractive, cannot be proven, or at least exercised in a practical, step-by-step way. Especially when it appears that the spiritual person is not practicing what he is preaching.

If you doubt the validity of this point of view, go to Amazon and look up any spiritual growth book there, and read the reviews. What you will find most of the time is people who say they love the book, and found it inspirational. What they don't usually say is: I read this book, and this is how it helped my life and made me a better person.

If you really want to help your engineer friends understand you better, ask them about their most creative moments, the times when they were most productive as an engineer. Inevitably they will tell you stories about quiet tranquil moments when answers came to them, or they were able to get into a state of flow and accomplish in a day what usually takes a week.

Software engineers are drawn to their work, in part, because they have the "power of creation," the ability to make something from just their thoughts; it seems anathema to them that, in order to progress spiritually, they might actually have to give up that power. -- Matthew 16:25


answered 13 Oct '09, 01:23

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This is very interesting. I Google looking for software architect co-founders and look what I found - a congregation of like-minded spiritual people.

So guys, Google is telling us that software engineers are indeed spiritual people.. If Google said so, then it must be right :)


answered 06 Nov '09, 21:55

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Raj Raman

Obviously the only thing in the universe more powerful than the Law of Attraction is...Google ;)

(06 Nov '09, 22:01) Stingray

But not on the first page anyway, right? I didn't find this site with that term. :-/ :-> ... Funny still, maybe we who are attracted together now should start a software company with some certain principles. ;-)

(07 Nov '09, 20:28) herzmeister
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