Is this where your energy is sucked or taken away from you by people with stronger energy forces? I have felt one time completely zapped of energy all at once and I had to go down.

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There are definitely energy vampires out there; some conscious of it, and many not. And yes, that let down and sucked-dry feeling you have after being with such a person is a good indicator, that next time you will have to avoid the person or protect yourself. It's not that they have stronger forces than you, but that they have learned (maybe even as youngsters) how to draw energy off of others.


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LeeAnn 1

This was the strangest thing I was out doors and all of a certain I don't know where they were but I felt a almost complete drain as though someone hooked a pump up to me and started draining my energy to the point I literally had to go inside and lay down I could not get up and I went to sleep and was out for quiet a while before I regain my energy back and I had a meeting to go to but I could not go it was that severe. I have not felt that since. Now I have felt pull down in my vibrational frequency from negative people, depressed, stressed people but that is not nearly the same LeeAnn.

(07 Feb '10, 08:14) flowingwater

Crazy as it may seem, there are people who "suck" energy from us. Barbara Brennan, in her book, "Light Emerging" shows pictures of how this actually works on the spiritual level. Barbara is a healer who is leader of her own school of Healing in Florida.

Not only are there people who "suck" energy, but also people who put "hooks" into us to try and keep us close to them, without regard for our own will. A good healer can "remove" these "hooks" and you feel wonderful after it is done. Many times, in sick relationships, there are hooks attached back and forth between the two people, and both people need treatment to sever the hooks.

I am a healer, and have experienced what you describe. Some people are totally oblivious to the fact that they drain the people they interact with. They are what you are calling "psychic vampires". What one needs to do in these cases is to put a kind of protective, gold shielding around oneself to prevent these people from draining you of energy. If you would like to learn more about this, I would recommend Barbara's books, "Hands of Light" and "Light Emerging". They are excellent teachers of this process, and how to fight it. Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, you may email me.

Blessings, Jai


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It is great that you are a healer do you use crystals to heal? Do you cleans people aura and flush out their different blocked energies? Thanks for your answer. I haven't heard of hooks. I have heard of when you connect with someone you leave a part of your self with that person and you have to get your essences back from that person with a saying that some combined over many years to clear your paths in this life time and your past as well covering and clearing everything. I don't remember where I saw this. But it sounded great. This person went to the hospitals and cleared them as well.

(07 Feb '10, 08:20) flowingwater

Today I told my ghost story on another thread. When I occasionally visit a hospital I always pass through the front door with my hands by my side, palms facing to the rear, mentally dragging the sunshine into the hospital with me. But it seems that that action could have been how I accidentally 'collected' the etheric(?) body of someone who had just died. It has made me think twice about enery bodies

(08 Feb '10, 02:09) Inactive User ♦♦


what do you mean byt this lorraine? what happened?

(09 Feb '11, 22:22) realityVSimagination

gold energy the grace of God. very good jai.

(27 Mar '12, 04:09) white tiger
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This is not really an answer to your question. I want to share my recent (last year) experience with this subject. This is an area that I was vaguely familiar with due to growing up in a south Asian country where the dominant religion was Buddhism. It was just as normal to hear about demonic possession, evil entities, & putting curses on others with the help of a shaman, as it was to discuss about miraculous healings.

Over the years I have come to completely trust my inner guidance from my higher self (don't let that statement mislead you. It doesn't mean I always confidently carry out the guidance from my higher self. It only means that every time I muster up the courage to follow the guidance from my higher self it has always proved to be 100% correct).

From this guidance of trust, I have been receiving the constant pressure to explore or expose myself to all the hidden information in this reality. As a part of this exploration I stumbled on all the, so called "conspiracies" out there.

One of these was the Reptilian connection. Looking back I was reading about this in 1986-89 through the works by Jane Roberts, but it didn't mean anything to me.

At this stage, let me deviate from this for a brief moment. If you a planning to awaken yourself to this information, first learn how to create a shield, or cocoon of protective energy around you, around your home and around all your loved ones that come in contact with you before venturing into this subject matter. Don't take this advice lightly.

So there I was getting deeper and deeper into the subject of the Reptilians, and energy vampires. I had to constantly keep putting protective energy around me, to not succumb to the fear I was experiencing as I was learning about this stuff.

One day I woke up at night in a lucid state & felt a strong presence of something trying to enter my body, it was a dark form & the feeling was terrifying and paralyzing at the same time. Thank God I had the presence of consciousness to immediately summon the protection & guidance from my higher self, & I commanded that an energy shield appear not only to protect me, but the entire neighbourhood.

The next night I felt a different presence upon my body, (I was still afraid form the experience, the night before). This presence felt different, but not being sure I immediately asked my higher self what I should do? I was given the impression to relax and not panic. I asked for this energy form to be identified. I immediately felt the presence and at the same time received the answer that it was the family pet, (our cat died many years ago, but I have felt her presence in the house many times), and that she was there in sprit form to protect me. I felt her paws walking over me; I actually felt the weight of the cat pressing down on me as the four paws were walking on my chest.

I asked if this is what I experienced the night before. The answer was "No" there was something else, but it will not return & the cat is there to protect me. I thanked for the protection & requested that I prefer to have, but not feel the presence of the cat all over me because it was scaring me.

Instantly the physical presence of the cat disappeared, but a strong Inner knowing the cat's spirit was still there continued to stay with me.

I am not comfortable with this subject; in fact I am afraid of it. But the inner pressure to face this knowledge is slowly taking me to greater depths. My inner guidance is telling me not to venture in one direction, but to expand in two directions. In other words, I am getting the impression, that one must first raise their consciousness to a higher vibration and then expand into the lower vibration. Failure to do this opens up a person's vessel to possession by lower vibrational entities.

Does this make sense to those who know about this subject? I don't know enough to feel safe in this area, I only know that I must expand and face this information.


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The Traveller

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Thanks The Traveller for telling of this story and I am glad you have a protective shield around you and your for protection and thanks for advising me to do the same for me and my family if I decide to go that way. I could tell you some stories I have heard from people that unless you experiences them you would not believe them. Continue to stay prayed up with God and his protective shield and your minds way of traveling to a higher vibrations a picturing a white light of protection coming down to you and covering you all around. Be safe and thank you so much for your answer The Traveller.

(07 Feb '10, 07:43) flowingwater

Thanks flowingwater for your comments. I do envision this protection in the from of a bright golden white waterfall of energy, essentially God's energy of love, pouring down from the heavens and changing the vibration of every single molecule in my body & every portion of my self, conscious or otherwise.

(07 Feb '10, 14:08) The Traveller

Wow, The Traveller you should be in excellent physical and spiritual good health and protected from all evil with that powerful shield coming straight down from God himself there is nothing more powerful than that. Take care and continue to have a great day and be protected and safe by the shield of protection of the almighty God for you and yours.

(08 Feb '10, 05:29) flowingwater

agree with the domestic animal spirit still doing is guard. my dog comes around every once and awhile.

(27 Mar '12, 04:10) white tiger
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Ifr someone says they are a psychic vampire, who is to say they are not. In their mind, they are.

How do psy-vamps work? you'll get ten different answers from five people. But what is common is that they love energy. Well, so do I and you and everyyone else. Perhaps everyone is a psychic vampire.

What gets me is when they claim they are not human. Sorry tyo disappoint psychic vamps, but we are all human no matter what anyone says.

OK, if you'd like to read a great book that talks about psychic vamps and how they work, go to Amazon and look up Annie's Gift by Holden Herbert. It's a great novel, but has tons to learn about psychic vamps. Besides, it is a fun read


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Thanks for the information of the name of the book Jerome.

(09 Feb '10, 09:51) flowingwater

Jerome if you would like to learn more about his site go to the facts sheet it will tell you about the up and down you can do to earn reputation points and to give them and how to get badges. Welcome to the site.

(09 Feb '10, 09:53) flowingwater

Whether or not there are psychic vampires out there, I don't know. However, I would like to draw attention to the fact that we are the only ones who create our reality. Therefore, it is only if we believe that those creatures are able to suck the energy out of us that such a thing could happen.

I have practiced Reiki in the past and there is a similar shield that you are taught to create around you which protects your energy. But again, there is only a need to create this shield if you believe that there is something out there which can affect you negatively.

I have to say that I don't have such a belief which is probably why I have never had such an experience.


answered 07 Feb '10, 11:33

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Pink Diamond

Truthfully there are many things that we can control with our words and thoughts because God gave us the power to do that. But there are still a world of things we don't know anything about and or not aware of that they do exist whether you believe in them or not. There are people that can see things, and see over on the other side of the world I have heard and read. But it is always safer to speak and think of only positive things for we can by dwelling on it brings negative forces into your reality. But some comes even though you are not thinking about them or speaking Rani Oberoi.

(08 Feb '10, 05:22) flowingwater

One day I woke up at night in a lucid state & felt a strong presence of something trying to enter my body, it was a dark form & the feeling was terrifying and paralyzing at the same time. Thank God I had the presence of consciousness to immediately summon the protection & guidance from my higher self, & I commanded that an energy shield appear not only to protect me, but the entire neighbourhood.

Traveller, I believe every word you say! I had a similar experience, and it was the most terrifying experience I have ever had. I actually felt something trying to enter my body, I put out my hand to grab it and I held onto it (even though I could not see it) as long and as hard as I could. While trying not to panic I resorted to saying The Lord's Prayer to try and get it to go away... it took 2 1/2 times the prayer before it dissolved away. I am reminded here of the times we read about the various sainted people who tell of the times they were attacked by 'the devil'. St Teresa of Avila was one from memory. (And I can confidently assure you I am no saint, lol )

Because of my experience, I do wonder about those poor people who hear voices telling them to do dreadful things. Clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudiance must be very difficult to deal with. Doesn't Buddhist literature tell you that if you see Budhha along the way you should kill him? (or something similar). How does a simple man know which way to turn under such extreme circumstances. I do not doubt that possession is possible and probable.

A sad but common occurance when the frail and elderly are dying is that, though ladylike and gentlemanly all their lives, towards the end some will rant and rave and use extremely bad and sometimes violent language. A case for some low life (invisible) taking a joy ride at Earth level at the expense of the dying. It seems that the victims themselves are oblivious to the episodes - thank God.


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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks for the telling of your story Lorraine. The bible tells us we fight not flesh and blood but powers and principalities. We we have to use God too fight what is not flesh and blood. The Lord's Prayer is very strong and our faith in Jesus makes it stronger Lorraine.

(08 Feb '10, 05:14) flowingwater

Thanks for the telling of your story Lorraine. The bible tells us we fight not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities. We have to use God too fight what is not flesh and blood. The Lord's Prayer is very strong and our faith in Jesus makes it stronger Lorraine. There is much evil in this world but there is much good as well. When we pray for our selves and others all over the world it helps.

(09 Feb '10, 09:58) flowingwater

Well said @flowingwater. Stay in God's Grace. It is what we came here to understand. Lord's prayer and 23rd Psalm are powerful mantras!

(27 Mar '12, 01:28) Dollar Bill
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They try, but if you refuse to wrestle with them they can not push against you. It is only if you let them try to suck your energy that you can have a problem, and this is what happens when anyone says that you must live their way. They try to suck your energy. Don't give them your energy, just walk away and try to love them, albeit from a distance.

Be someplace else when they try to come around. Put your strength and trust in God, He understands. He is the moderator in whom I place my fate.


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Dollar Bill


@Dollar Bill, it is very true. The energy is sucked out of you only if you give permission to others to do so. In other words, when you place conditions of your energy existence on things outside of your control. In yet other words, if you believe your energy can be sucked out, it is because you believe energy of others can influence you positively as well. That in a way leads me to realization - "not flatter by God's love, not hurt by Devil's furor"

(27 Mar '12, 03:33) CalonLan

@CanLon I like "not flatter by God's love, not hurt by Devil's furor".

(27 Mar '12, 05:32) Dollar Bill

totally agree Dollar Bill move away from fear. follow other ways if it is good. but never from fear. if you follow other way from ignorance judgement and fear you are not helping your self. you need to always stay in truth. the truth will set you free. experience and enjoy.

(27 Mar '12, 05:41) white tiger

Amen, brother tiger, the Truth will set you free. Always! BTW I like your use of exclamation points! Shows excitement and interest.

(29 Mar '12, 14:38) Dollar Bill
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well from my experience i can tell you that mare succubus(old hag) psy-vampire all those darkness have a point in common. they try to make you fear and they feed on that energy of fear. that it is in nightmare or when you are stuck in your body sleep paralysis.

alt text

in nightmare when i feel the control slipping i find the culprit the mare and kick is butt. but when confrot with a succubus(old hag) the way is through faith: i have said kill me if you want but you will be destroy i am in God and God is in me. then it went running away. so yes those things exist but they fear God and the light. like i said before be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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God can fight them. You can not. The more you fight anything, the more you get stuck to it. Put on your spiritual armor and you will always win.

(29 Mar '12, 14:39) Dollar Bill

the spiritual armor is always there my burden is light. if those little darkness would have know they would not have done what they did.

(29 Mar '12, 15:43) white tiger
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