The bible says that you can gain the whole world and lose your very own soul. So, do you think that it is a battle going on battling between different entities for our souls some trying to protect us and others trying to destroy us even though we have our free will and that we create our own reality. Other influences are out there trying to influence us to do the wrong things that will get our soul lost? Some are even human. What do you think about this.

asked 07 Feb '10, 08:31

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I think this is just a case of taking some Biblical passages too literally.

In a universe built upon the Law of Attraction, you are responsible for everything that happens to you whether you are consciously aware of that or not.

Often people ignore their emotions and therefore are not consciously aware of the nature of the dominant thoughts they are thinking, that the Universe is responding to.

So it's sometimes convenient to blame external entities and influences for what happens to you and how you feel.

Combine that with a requirement in some philosophies/religions to follow rules and regulations that you don't feel like following (but they insist you should), and then you can pretty much blame those external entities for everything inappropriate in your life, including your lost soul. :)

I think it's time we gave those poor external entities a must be hard, thankless work having to conjure up an on-going supply of enough evil for everyone to do battle with :)


answered 07 Feb '10, 17:31

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