Is there a Spiritual or Metaphysical way of healing humans?

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Thank you for best answer. :-)

(23 Nov '09, 07:51) Wade Casaldi

Yes there are many ways of healing on a metaphysical level, I am a Reiki Master Teacher, I also know many other energy healing systems as well. There is hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, Prayer, many times we may be lead by God as to how to heal someone, I remember working on a friend's heart that was in another state and she felt me working on it, I was stunned I was just doing what needed to be done and what God lead me to do, I never thought she'd feel it, she had no idea what I was visualizing and doing with my hands holding her heart in love forgiveness and peace. She just asked for my help and felt her heart hurting like a heart attack pain, I was lead to help her, and I just followed what needed to be done. When I use prayer I say "already healed" as a mantra over and over again then I say thank you God, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit for this wonderful divine healing to glorify and express your power and love Amen. I may instead of saying already healed I may say "You know how you belong! return, return, return." That one is good for broken bones or something similar to heal quickly and in good condition. These are things I have found that worked well for people, I never heal anyone, God heals, I am just an instrument like a garden hose, God is the water, so the thanks goes to God not me.


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Wade Casaldi

This will help others to be healed. Thanks for your answer Wade Casaldi. The power of God and prayer is so great nice of yoy to give the praise to God. I am glad God use you to do distant healing for the lady with the hurt heart.

(21 Nov '09, 11:06) flowingwater

I read a book once that talked about a group of individuals who had a special technique for healing.

What the healer did was they put themselves into a meditative state, and then they visualized the person who needed to be healed. They scanned their body with their mind (by imagining a frame with a black border around it), until they found the place of dis-ease. Invariably it was seen as a dark shape. Then they imagined a white frame around the person, and poured luminous white/golden light of well-being into them. The healer imagined that the dark area of the body was in a perfect state of working order, and surrounded the area with white light and warmth. When they felt they had made a spiritual connection with the person so that healing could take place, they released it.

Apparently they produced results. Some of the participants who were being healed were able to sense something happening at the exact moment they were being healed. Many were, in fact, healed. Those that weren't (or their illness returned) were said to have belief problems, or didn't feel they deserved to be healed.

There was nothing especially remarkable about the individuals performing the healing. They didn't have any medical training, nor were they members of a cult, although they did have a spiritual teacher.


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I have read of an case of an individual who would go into an meditative state all the way down to delta an imagine he was pure energy and leave his body as pure energy and go into another an travel until he found the disease of wound and send healing energy to it and when he came out he was totally drained. But I did not believe that to be possiable but I also remember that Jesus said all things were possiable through Jesus Christ. That why he always say pray and watch for we might learn something along the way; we might even see wonders to behold for all things are possiable thorugh Jesus.

(21 Nov '09, 02:48) flowingwater

Congradulation on reaching your 2000 reputations. I see you went at it editing mine. Well, I don't care as long as you don't change the meaning of what I am saying. May I ask what does it mean the sign by your name if you don't mine me asking Vesuvius?

(21 Nov '09, 04:35) flowingwater

It is the Chinese symbol for beauty.

(21 Nov '09, 06:38) Vesuvius

Oh, ok thanks for answering me. BEAUTY THAT'S NICE.

(21 Nov '09, 10:59) flowingwater

This is another very good answer Vesuvius thanks.

(23 Nov '09, 07:39) flowingwater
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