I'm lead to believe that there are greater rewards for a Spiritual lady if in marriage. Is it true, if so, how does it work? And why?

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I disagree with you. Marriage is just a formal matter. How could it influence things that are spiritual?


answered 05 Oct '09, 15:26

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being with your soul-mate in a union whether in marriage or formal,can and does enhance ones spirituality when both of you are in alignment with the God force, it makes it so much more special in every way (-:

(15 Oct '09, 15:34) N20

When I think about it know, it makes sense. Man is the "+" or ying and woman is the "-" or yang, and when they're united the harmony occurs. ;)

(15 Oct '09, 16:18) Asklepios

I disagree as well. Everybody reaches enlightenment on their own. If you cannot reap rewards of life on your own, they are fake when you get them in the group of two or more. You only create attachment. Saying male and female create dual energies which become one when they unite is also a perspective that's hindrance to understanding oneness.

You can reach oneness through your heart, everybody has got their male and female energies within them already. You don't need anyone else for it.

(31 Aug '12, 02:14) CalonLan
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From my perspective, there are greater spiritual rewards in marriage or having a long term partner even if not married.

When you have such a close relationship with someone, they start to reflect to you on a day to day basis the issues that you actually have as an individual within yourself.

In other words, they act like a mirror to reflect back to you the dominant vibration that you are giving out from the behavior that you are attracting from them.


answered 03 Sep '12, 06:18

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Pink Diamond

what is marriage ? .. it's simply a spiritual union. when the male and female unite .. life is the result. it's not only about love or sex. it's about what both generate. the most powerful act in existence. creation. and in the process, the male and female get to experience the sacred moment of being one. not only one as a perfect ( male - female ) human being, but also being one when the whole universe. it's a moment of .. no me, no you, no mind, no thinking, no worry, no fear, no time, no impposible .. it's a moment that is above time and space. the problem is that, people pass this moment too fast!! .. it's like seeing God for a second, and just forget about it one second later. if they can keep this state of mind, they would experience miracles in their life.


answered 07 Oct '09, 01:18

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A lot could depend upon who you are married to, and the effect this ha on you.


answered 05 Oct '09, 19:06

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Nuns are considered spiritual, and are 'married' to Christ. Personally I think marriage is a concept, a construct of society/church to control society and create stability for children, and is as good or bad as the people involved want it to be. Love is the important thing in a relationship, and is where the spirit of the relationship resides, and the constructs of society are secondary to that.


answered 06 Oct '09, 01:17

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I believe so, too. As we grow closer to God we as well also grow toward unity, too. So a marriage that puts God first is equally beneficial to both the man and woman. They both trust God to care for them and handle their problems as God has promised many times through the Bible. This keeps them from getting too angry with each other as they are both slow to speak and quick to listen. They are both quick to forgive because love is more important than hurting each other. They know as they treat each other they are treating God. Neither wants to ever do anything that might harm the other because to do so would be morally wrong as to the standard God has set to show us to be like Him.

So yes the more we grow in God the more we grow together.


answered 30 Aug '12, 23:05

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Wade Casaldi

Absolutely! But there is a catch: both partners need to be, as the Bible says, "equally yoked." With this feeling of unity and commitment, a marriage can make both people better together than they would have been apart. This is the reason marriage is so special, and why I look forward to the day when I can be married to Wade.

In my first marriage, we were not equally yoked. My ex did not believe in anything much spiritually. I was a Christian, and found it difficult to keep my faith when he cheated and lied to me. The stress was unbearable. I grew seriously ill, which further separated us.

But with Wade, we both are Christians, and seem to be growing together in our beliefs and love for our God. This makes for a great foundation for our future marriage. I am proud of him. I enjoy being with him. I hate being apart from him. I never felt this way in my former marriage. In fact, I only felt relief at the end when he left on his trips, and I could have peace and quiet from his criticism and judgments.

Marriage is a Holy state, and I can only guess at how marrying Wade will bring us even closer together.I love him very much. Marriage is supposed to be peaceful and joyous. Contention should not arise (much). It does sometimes, but these things are quickly mended in a true and happy marriage.

Finally, marriage should bring a couple closer to God. It sometimes does not, but in a true Godly marriage, this happens. These are the rewards for a happy marriage.


Jaianniah ♥


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Is a suggestion ok? You two should write your own vows.

Now go to bed, would ya? You're making me cry.

(31 Aug '12, 00:37) Grace

Spirituality is an individual thing and it makes everyone great in whatever role they are in like being a great parent, a great boss or colleague a great friend etc. It works by one acknowledging his/ her role and contribution to the universe as a whole. Being in touch with your innerself through prayer and meditation, and giving one self willingly to the human race and being motivated to being positive not entertainin negativity. Spirituality is a life style and it helps in keeping one grounded.


answered 05 Oct '09, 11:56

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sheila 2

Yes there are greater spiritual rewards in marriage for one thing the two of you are deeply in love and hopefully you all can communicate well together. The Lord says when we marry we are considered as one. Now when you consumate the marriage by going in unto the other (making love) than you are truly one in mind, body, and spirit for you are sharing of the mind, your body and two people can be so close until they spirits unite as well. Marriage is more than a piece of paper an justice of the peace, preacher, judge, or pastor gives you; it is the spiriual connection the two of you have together an the love you have for each other that you have made together under God whether anyone one else was around. Marriage is an joining together under God stating the fact to him how much you all love and care for each other and how you will be there for one another whether you are in a church or down off in a ditch. You grow to learn each other well and you don't want know harm to come to the other. You try to cherish and please and make the other happy. For if you both are trying to make each other happy than you both usually will be happy. Then making love with all of your deep love will usually grow deeper and stronger into the cosmos of being elavated up to an higher frenqunecy of emotional pleasure with each other that will be driven to hte highest height of ecstasy. When you past by the other one you know what he or she is thinking and feeling most of the time because you are tuned into their vibration frequency to such an higher degree. But this is two people growing together with time an not apart an this is the other one having the other ones back. When someone come up to you and tries to come between the two of you; you go hey that's my wife or my husband and I love them very much no we can not be together that way. Now that is having the other one back. Yes, marriage is an deeply spiritual thing your spirits connect together in such an great way. Now is marriage perfect no it is only as good as the two people allow and work toward it to be. Now circumstances, children, work, or non work, negtive situations and etc. can come into you all down time together where you all can reconnect an get back together with no one around like you were in the begining but if there is no time to reconnect on an frequent basis to talk and re-get to know one another and have sex or some physical and emotional connects together than you will probably drift apart and other people when come into play where your life partner suppose to be. Yes, it is an work in process. But leave one another love notes around, make dates with one another and don't bring other people into your persoanl relationships with each other. When you do get upset with the other try to take time to cool down and see the other person view point as well and you might not agree all the time you might have to sometime to agree to disagree about certain things for we are all different and we all get mad if at our own selves let alone someone else. So. forgive, love, communicate, have understanding, playfulness, and work to spend time alone with each other (plan trips just for each other even if it is only for two days). Listen at what the other person is saying, feeling and watch their body language. When it is good it is well worth the effort.


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I don't know what to say whether or not it is spiritual reward of marriage. but the only thing I am worthy to thank is that I found priceless value in it. I learn to know we dont need to compel two heads and minds into the same forcible commitment in marriage. But rather to respect each other's differences to find out compromised way to survive the commitment.


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leo 1

First, let's get terminology understood. I call Source, Universal Mind, Allah, Christ, The Universal Unconsciousness, Buddha -- any and all supernal beings, forces, God. I am not limiting to a particular faith or Being, or Messiah.

For me, Yes. there are greater spiritual rewards in being married. Marriage is far more than a piece of paper. It is a commitment that two people make to each other and to God, a Covenant commitment.

The metaphor of Adam and Eve, Man, Adam, was one single being, a monad. Man was split, by God, into a female part (womb-Man), becoming a duad.

Perhaps the Soul of Adam was split and shared by Eve.

As part of this duality man/woman come to the material plane to experience, contrast, choice. The dual nature of man in a committed relationship, formed under a common bond, God can provide unity.

So do I connect with my wife person to person? Bill to Anne? This is good, but may not be sufficient for unity. I think that when I connect with God, first, and thenI connect with Anne more in a way that God sees her. The beauty is there, Beauty that goes beyond face, hair and figure. Beyond the physical. Same for her "seeing" me.

Then with God-Love as the Connection between us, she is always fresh, new, interesting, exciting. Like a great work of Art, the Beauty intrinsic in and with the person who is Anne.

If you have God-Love, a 65 year old woman is a Goddess, more exciting and desirable than any supermodel or even Bollywood star imaginable. All in your perspective. All in whether you can see that special person through the eyes of Source.

And then it is easier to see others through those same 'Eyes of Source.'

Some people go to India and see a skinny, illiterate, dirty old man on a worn blanket, but maybe if they were able to see through the Eyes of Source, they would see an enlightened Saint.

Now this Connection of "Bill to God to Anne" does not come immediately. It cannot come, to me if there are violations to our commitment.

I have been married in the past, more than once, but I never consciously made God an integral part of marriage. Now we have done so. I see Anne's Beauty through our, though her Connection with God, and that is spine-tingling!

We have single friends who are always asking one of us, "Where did you find her/(him)" as they could go to the same place and find someone in that same place who would be a mate for them like we are for each other. That we, Bill and Anne have found our soul mates in each other.

Who knows? There may some truth to that, but why did I feel it so very powerfully, in serial succession in my past four "failed" marriages? They also seemed, at the time, to be "soulmates." Same for Anne in her past three "failed" marriages. She and I have been married for longer than the TOTAL of all the others.

I look at what's different in my life? We brought in God from the first and this has made all the difference for us.

Here is a picture I took of Anne and one of our spaniels, Gunther

alt text


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Dollar Bill

Marriage is a legal entity in most places. However, depending on your spiritual beliefs, it could also be looked upon as a sacrament - something sacred. If you take it that way, honoring the commitment to the boundaries and agreements of marriage, then you can use it as a spiritual path.

Intimacy within a committed relationship will bring you to your growing edges. It doesn't have to be marriage, but it helps if there is a clear commitment by both partners to walk the spiritual path in and through their relationship.


answered 19 Jul '14, 19:50

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There can be greater spiritual rewards in marriage, so long as it is spiritual, to serve your spouse as a human being to express your love for them, to enlighten them, to be there for them physically and emotionally, to support each other, marriage is a blessing from God, as He brings into your life a partner to by your side in the journey of life, to support and love you, they accept you even if you were rejected by others, because you chose this person on the basis of being spiritualy compatible with you, thus both of you supply eachother with support and comfort inorder to grow together, because a spiritual marriage is about giving, not taking, it about we, not me, its about gratitude, sharing, caring, this way you will grow spiritually, when your marriage is about giving, yoy will exchange the love , when the marriage is about taking, you will withold that blessing


answered 22 Oct '15, 17:31

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