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I had a dream recently that brought clarity to my relationship with my estranged husband.

I was with John, and we saw a large, multi-storied building. John and I entered the building. It was like a massive mall-building, with floors and floors of different things to do. I decided I wanted to go to the tenth floor. John, on the other hand, was content to stay on the first floor. I went up to the tenth, and came upon a series of maze-like corridors, filled with rooms of people with various different spiritual outlooks. I was fascinated by it.

But suddenly, I wanted to get back to John, but I could not find an elevator. I wandered the halls, getting more and more worried about getting back to John.

When I woke up, I thought about the dream for awhile, and realized that the dream was a lot like our relationship. John is not really very spiritual, and calls most of what I practice "hocus-pocus". He does not believe that Christ was Divine, for example. I saw that I have moved past him in my journey- not "better" or "more holy"- just that I need more spirituality in my life than he does.

This dream led me to a great understanding of our differences, and the realization that we are just not "equally-yoked" in many ways. This realization, in turn, helped give me great peace about our separation.

Please tell me if you have ever had a dream like this, and how it helped you.

Blessings, Jaianniah "the Questioner" (LOL)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

jai you could have just went down through the floor or decided to be right now with him! there is no obstacle that you cannot pass through!

(08 Jun '11, 04:37) white tiger

@Barry Allen- Thanks for re-opening this question- I had forgotten about it! Blessings to you, Jai

(11 Aug '12, 09:41) Jaianniah
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I have had a couple of profound, life-changing dreams. ( I wish I had them more often, but alas they only come every several years ) In one, I saw a tombstone dropped quickly down from a crane. It really fell fast. When I looked, it was between that of my son and my great-grandparent's tombstones. I tried to read the name and it was my father's name. At this time, my Dad was in perfect health; had been traveling, skiing, weightlifting and had just been given a clean bill of health from his doctor, just before a trip to Ireland a few weeks before. I tried to put the dream out of my mind for that reason, and also because in real life my son and great-grandparents are not buried near each other. It took me a few days to realize it was symbolic and not literal. It nagged at me and I began to realize Dad wasn't going to be with us forever; after all, he was in his 70's. I began to save his e-mails, greeting cards and began to appreciate, more than ever, every conversation that we had. Only a couple of weeks after the dream he grew very sick and was dead within the month, of a very aggressive sort of cancer. I know now that the fast dropping tombstone meant a quick death, and the dream very much helped me to prepare myself for what was coming. I am so glad now that I saved the things that I did, and treasured the things that I did. Without the dream, it would have been just another month and I would have gone on thinking we all had a lot of time with him yet.


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LeeAnn 1

Wow that was prophetic, I am sorry as well to hear of your father and your pain you had to endure of this.

(17 Dec '09, 20:52) Wade Casaldi

Thank you Wade. Losing a parent is awful !

(17 Dec '09, 21:25) LeeAnn 1

Thank you so much for relating your story. I am so glad that the dream was able to prepare you! You have my great sympathies on your father's death...I have told on this site of the death of my dad; it was awful because I had no warning at all. Nonetheless, I am sure your father's death was still hard. Great Blessings, Jai

(17 Dec '09, 21:39) Jaianniah

I got to prepare for my father's death and all of us were able to say our good-byes. That was a real blessing which I am thankful for. It would be more difficult to have to no warning or emotional preparation. I hope you continue healing and best wishes.

(18 Dec '09, 01:34) LeeAnn 1
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I once heard or read something about dreams, to the effect of "Everything in your dream is you." Makes sense, when you realize it is you that is doing the dreaming. But that simple statement changed the way I think about and interpret dreams.

I too have had dreams where I was in large buildings with vast rooms (or at least rooms that feel spacious). My interpretation is that I feel somewhat constricted by my "normal life," and that these buildings are my soul's way of finding some peace and expansion.

I can't say that I ever had a dream that was life-changing in an earth-shattering way, but I have had dreams that have given me insight into myself. I've never kept a dream journal, so it's hard to remember a particular one.

It's not hard to imagine what your own dream means. John wants to stay on the first floor, and you want to go to the tenth. Your mind is freed by the journey, but you want to come back to John. Almost as if you need his approval for the journey, or you want him to come with you.

But it's your dream. Only you know for sure what it means.


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I have had many dreams that really enlightened me in many ways, for example I have battled evil, devils, the living dead, vampires, and even killers in my dreams and these dreams gave me confidence to be able to do clearings for friends.

For example a friend grew up with his family in a satanic way, he was haunted by this devil and deeply feared it, I battled it and got rid of it for him when I worked on his back. He was stunned that I beat his devil, but I had the confidence, the faith, I knew that I could beat it because God is all power, all present, and the devil is the opposite of that of all power and all present.

I have defeated these devils in my dreams so many times that in life it was very much like, "don't worry I have this." Similar to saying "relax I have this under my control, everything will be cool."

Other times I have had enlightments more pertaining to the nature of experience, and in this I have made great leaps forwards in my awareness of what am I experiencing at this moment, and what will I be experiencing in the next moment.

So many times I have been enlightened from my dreams, I have a book of significant dreams that have shot me forward in my climb up that hill (we all are climbing) to the apex where limitation ceases to exist.

Dreams about mazes

I have had dreams like these where I found out I am in a world that is not real, it is created in a building (long before The Truman Show). I would find walls and break through thinking I was outside only to find I was actually in another room again! But not only that this would happen again and again no matter how many rooms I broke through thinking that I was out, I was still in!

I have had others where I did the same thing going up, I would break through the ceiling and find I am climbing up to another room identical to the room I just broke out of. Then again and again trying higher and higher breaking through ceiling after ceiling and finding nothing but the same a white empty room I am stuck inside of.

I am not even sure I ever wrote these down, I just remembered them now reading your and Vesuvius' post, I never bothered to find meaning in those dreams; I just thought they were strange and forgot about them.

Updated more information here on Has your dreams influenced your decisions.


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Wade Casaldi

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Have you ever thought about the white room as Heaven? I would sit down, and meditate or try to talk to God...Just a thought I had.

(17 Dec '09, 19:16) Jaianniah

Nice edits thanks Vesuvius! :-)

(17 Dec '09, 20:53) Wade Casaldi

It could be. I had always thought of heaven as more open than closed in, I know it was frustrating, both dreams of escape.

(17 Dec '09, 20:58) Wade Casaldi

well vesuvius that white room was your inner peace! but you are trying to escape it! be glad that you are able to go in it not every one can go there! in that white room you can see how your inner peace is and what will affect it!

(08 Jun '11, 04:35) white tiger

I had never thought of it that way before, I guess because it was an inclosed room. Yes I could have just sat down and enjoyed the quiet meditation and relaxation of that room. I could not see a doorway so I felt I needed out. By the way this was my answer not Vesuvius that thankfully edited some error in my answer.

(08 Jun '11, 13:27) Wade Casaldi
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well in a way yes because i am better informed about people or situation or whats to come! so i act accordingly!


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white tiger

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