I can remember feeling very passionate about some of the things when I was young, mostly hobbies. It was the kind of passion that allowed me to learn things deeply and quickly, and feel great pleasure while I was doing so. But I can also remember deep feelings of insecurity. I didn't have a lot when I was young, and I didn't socialize with other people much.

Today I'm not as passionate about things as I once was; perhaps that is the practical side of me maintaining enough emotional stability to keep going to work and doing the things I need to do. I live in a lovely home, and share it with a wonderful mate; I am much better with other people. But I still feel that something is lacking.

I'm not eager to return to the days of insecurity, but it would be nice to feel passion and excitement again about something, perhaps learning how to play a musical instrument. I know I could feel that way again, but I think I have a lot of limiting beliefs that I can't even see.

What would it take to feel that kind of passion again, that childlike curiosity, wonder and excitement?

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If I'm just being self-absorbed, it's OK to say so.

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Firstly, a quote from The Master Key System, Part 18:

The incentive of attention is interest; the greater the interest, the greater the attention; the greater the attention, the greater the interest, action and reaction; begin by paying attention; before long you will have aroused interest; this interest will attract more attention, and this attention will produce more interest, and so on. This practice will enable you to cultivate the power of attention.

Notice that this implies that to generate interest in anything, just start by paying attention and the interest will follow.

So start by choosing something you have a bit, even a tiny bit, of passion or joy about and play with that subject until you have reached a feeling of (as near as you can) excitement and joy.

Once you've managed to reach that state, think about your question again and see what ideas come to mind.

Now write down those ideas!

Those ideas that come to you when you are in a state of passion and excitement are ones that, if you follow them, will lead you even further into that state - and will also bring into your life many other things you are seeking which you may not be able to articulate yet.

In other words, use existing passion to springboard yourself into more passion.

This is a really important principle which I use a lot myself...get into a state of being before doing, and let that state of being inspire your doing.

Actions and ideas that are inspired to you while you are in a good/passionate-feeling place will serve you well.

And, watch out for the opposite...actions and ideas that are inspired to you while you are feeling bad will, in time, turn out to be poor choices.


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I can understand not having a lot when you were young I can relate to that real well and even as a adult. I am so glad I had Jesus with me.

First of all Vesuvius what was it that you use to be passionate about that maybe you can be passionate about again?

Join some art, dance, music class, or do you love to take pictures with the camera of wild animals like, people, places, or whatever?

You are the one that has to get back into it and find your passion for you and only you will know when it feels right and good for you.

All is happen is that you have achieve a lot that you have wanted to achieve. You have your nice home with your mate and you all are both just settle down to a regular routine.

I don't know whether the feelings of insecurity was with being around people are the things you were trying to accomplish. I am going to assume it was around people. If that is true than a lot of children have been insecure around their own classmates and fellow students in school and when they got grown people because sometimes people or children will talk about you, make fun of you, and hurt your feelings intentionly.

So most people tend to stay just with a few friends you know one or two and sometimes we will be like that through out our life. There are nice people out there in the world but sometimes there are some not so nice people.

If it was about what you were trying to do most or insecure about succeeding what ever it is we are trying to do for we want to be good at what we start out trying to do whether as a child or a adult.

Sometimes we trade passion of life for peace and contentment in life. Because with the rush of passion comes the reawakening of the fear will I succeed, or can I do this, hard work, nervous tension of can I , will I or should I, and the zest for life passing you by so fast you almost could feel the wind in your face riding against the current in the ocean of life.

Start out with what makes you laugh, what puts joy in your heart and what just makes you feel happy. Happiness that you had forgot that you use to wake up in the morning so glad to get to what ever it was you were doing painting, remodeling a old car, or learning how to sky dive or whatever.

Hope this answer or any of these answers to come helps.


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This free ebook which includes a checklist and worksheets may help. Download it from http://www.mediafire.com/?m2nmdki2kri It's PDF format and called 10 Ways to Ignite The Passion In Your Life.

You also mention that you may have limiting beliefs that you don't even know see.... I'm sure you do (as does everyone). Problem is trying to figure out what they are and then changing them requires too much introspection and hard work (the you will be self absorbed lol).

The best way to change your limiting beliefs is to decide what you want to believe about yourself and then write those beliefs as affirmations. Then use them!


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