I'm curious of the people who have used floatation tanks (a.k.a. sensory deprivation chambers) to achieve deep meditative states, what is the experience like?

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I had great interest in flotation tanks at one time, and have even floated a couple of times. In both cases, my senses were extremely acute afterwards; for several hours I could see and hear everything very clearly and vividly. Nothing earth-shattering happened in the tank itself, although it is a very peaceful experience.

Floating was too expensive for me to continue doing it "by the hour." I considered obtaining my own tank, but to do it properly would have required putting it in its own room with a drain and an adjoining shower, since the epsom salt gets everywhere.

Michael Hutchison wrote a book about floating that is pretty much the definitive work on the subject. What's remarkable about the book is its lucidity; Michael says that he wrote it while floating, and I believe him. The book has the clarity of a clear mind.


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not an answer .. I just quoted Jimi Hendricks in another post and was and then I starred listening to "You've Got Me Floating" when I read this Question..

(22 Feb '10, 22:10) ursixx

Harry Palmer used a flotation tank that is where Avatar came from, (no nothing to do with the movie or cartoon or those things in yahoo messenger a real Avatar enlightened being)

Harry's book Living Deliberately started it all, then he published Resurfacing and years of Avatar Journal, also tapes CDs and DVDs as well as the seminars.

http://www.avatarepc.com/ ,, http://www.avataroverdrive.com/harrypsb2.html ,, http://www.avatarepc.com/html/journal.html


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Yes, plenty. The first significant one was dwelling in The Quiet Center, which is the name of a book by John Lilly. These days I chronicle my spiritual experiences in the tank at http://www.thedeepself.org/

We have a mailing list for sharing floatation tank metaphysics: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thedeepself

which you are welcome to join.

These days, I am focused on establishing a religious organization around the floatation tank for the purpose of protecting float tank operators from pool and spa "safety" regulations and because no one has accurately related sensory deprivation in the tank to sensory deprivation as discussed in traditional religious literature - http://www.thedeepself.org/2010/12/inner-sense-liberation-sensory-deprivation-from-the-metaphysical-viewpoint-religion-1/

Of course, the religious organization is focused on transcendance by oneself as opposed to a group, hence the name Gnostic Isolation Temple.


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JD - you need to find out to do this more regularly - floatation is great - the more you do it the better it gets, it's powerful and profound and yes a spiritual experience is the very least to expect.


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I am planning to do it more regularly. I've bought a used tank and am in the process of putting it together and getting the salt, etc.

(24 Feb '10, 07:58) jdcotter
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