Since I have started meditation again I noticed I feel much more mentally stronger.

Scientist have shown that when we meditate our brain wave patterns emit alpha waves. When we are awake we emit beta waves.

My question is (and probably has never been tested) if there is a correlation between being an alpha male and any alpha waves in the brain of that person.

Since alpha waves are slower there is much more clarity and control in the person with them. I wonder if that is what makes an "alpha" male, a strong, controlling and dominant person?

This question applies to the animal kingdom as well. Where being an aplha of a pack is a natural phenomenon.

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In my view, if someone has more clarity and control within themselves (assuming that's what the brainwaves represent), they would probably act less like the traditional view of the Alpha male as being an outwardly tough, macho guy.

Why would they need to act that way? They already have the resources of the universe at their control through their own self-harmony. There's no need for a show of insecurity-driven bravado to prove that they are better than others...and wouldn't that insecurity cause more erratic patterns rather than calmer ones?

I would say that the most Alpha of Alpha males (in terms of powerful leadership) are not even noticeable.

The best leaders the people barely know.
The next best they love and praise.
The next they fear.
And the next they hate.

Chapter 17, Tao Te Ching


answered 27 Aug '10, 06:37

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@Stingray: I hear you but then lets take the animal kingdom. An alpha lion is the one who gets all the food for the group, guards the group, is the strongest, etc. In the animal kingdom this is not an act, it is natural. So my question would be if the alpha lion has more of the alpha type brain waves.

(27 Aug '10, 16:39) Back2Basics

No idea about animals and brainwaves. But isn't it the case in any leadership position that you can only lead those who are willing to be led? Doesn't the leader (or Alpha) of any pack, human or otherwise, simply serve as a focal point for the desires of the others (even if they are not fully aware of it), otherwise they go and be led by someone else instead? So, I would suggest that any leader must at least have stability of intent and stability of focus in order to act as a leader. So, perhaps it could well be that clarity and control in mind does lead to clarity and control in person.

(30 Aug '10, 11:42) Stingray
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