Hey guys,

A hobby/goal I have been working on is learning to channel my higher self. I pretty much want to unlock my inner Bashar and have been inspired to do this after watching the spiritual film Tuning In (this link goes to the full movie free via youtube).

There are some answers I'd love to have in my life which I am still not getting through others advise...There have been some rare, but accurate times in my life where I have recieved information from my Higher Self, and I just without a doubt knew the information I was receiving was correct and relevant to my life. I figure if I can do this on a basis whenever I desire, then I could further enhance my life for the better and simply ask my guide for some advise whenever I need help.

I have been intent on meditation. For about 4 weeks now I have managed to use the Abraham Getting Into the Vortex meditations daily, minus skipping the odd day or so, as a starters point.

Any guidance points as to how I could become a better channel? (or at least successfully begin?)

It would be nice if I could get some advise from those users who have actually unlocked dialogue with their Higher Self already (btw, does anyone know your guides name?)

asked 21 Oct '12, 06:17

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@Nikulas - Interesting question. Thanks for the link. Btw I think we channel all the time. I suppose it's just a matter of becoming more aware of it:)

(21 Oct '12, 11:45) Satori

@Nikulas - Also check out any Abraham recordings where they talk about becoming a "Blended Being". Basic strategy they tend to talk about is meditating with the intent of connecting, rather than (as for most people) meditating with the intent of simply clearing your mind

(22 Oct '12, 07:16) Stingray

@Stingray- Feels like ages since I've talked to you- any Abraham video links by chance?

(22 Oct '12, 08:20) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Been a bit busy these days so IQ time is cut down a bit :) Can't immediately see any links but A-H have been enforcing copyright fairly strongly since Jerry died so there's less online these days. I remember one of the first "Special Subjects" tapes (from the 1990s) dealt with just this topic. It was called "Great Awakening & Blending" if you can track it down

(22 Oct '12, 10:17) Stingray

@Nikulas A quote I love from April Crawford channelling Veronica "There is no better company than the higher aspects of yourself." Go for it!

(23 Oct '12, 13:22) Catherine


(21 Jun '13, 22:39) TReb Bor yit-NE
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There are some very good books available on the subject - two that spring to mind would be Channelling for everyone by Tony Neate and Opening to channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Both are beginners guides.

The second thing to do would be to find a suitable course. I've just been on part one of the course run by the British School of Channelling. The basic level wouldn't be anything that you aren't already doing/already knowing - meditation, information of chakras, auric fields etc but it gives you a good grounding and you may get to meet some great people.

How do you find out about suitable courses? I googled and found out about the School of Channelling. There is also the College of Psychic Studies in London and I'm guessing Australia would have something similar. If all else fails, you could email the college in London and ask them to recommend some reputable organisation in Australia.

Other good places/people to ask - look at the address list in the back of Mind Body Spirit books that resonate with you - ask around for a suitable course. Check out the noticeboard in your local health food store - ask the person who runs the store for advice. Often I find practitioners in "alternative" therapies are a good source of information. You have already put out the intention to do this ... maybe refine that intention a little bit and ask to be guided to a suitable course or shown the way.

I haven't as yet had any moments when I felt higher wisdom flowing through me - Bashar hasn't shown up .... yet! BUT, I do feel it has centred me, given me a bit more confidence and direction and I think if that is what you are looking for then go for it Nikulas! It felt like the next logical step for me and I met with a wonderful, eclectic group of people. Best wishes in your journey.

Just to mention that if you are looking for something immediate then I have found the 750 words website to be excellent at getting answers. The idea is that you type or write out 750 words - a stream of consciousness - and you get to the subconscious mind and some great advice I have found. I think the website is called 750 words.

The other really good tool came from Barbara Marciniak in The Path of Empowerment - the idea is that in meditation you imagine yourself walking through say a forest to a house, cottage, building marked QUESTION ROOM. It is important that you create your own question room (for me an English country cottage of course but for you it could be something with more of a feel of Australia). You go into the room, you relax, you ask your question and the intention to receive an answer within three days .... you relax, you let go and you leave the room. The idea is to make it as real as possible. The answer should come to you within that time frame. If not, just go through the process again, trusting that the answer will come. Sometimes the answers have been just as I expected. At other times I have been surprised by the what I felt was the answer but it has always made sense.

EDIT 7th November 2012

@Nikulas I happened to be on an Australian website the other day (Happi I think it was called) and I emailed the lady who blogs and asked her for some recommendations of channelling courses/places to start your quest. She came back with the following suggestions. I have briefly checked them just to reassure myself that I'm not linking you to any corrupting sites and pass them on to you in the spirit of handing over the information and you can feel for yourself whether they are of any use. Most are based in Sydney and I can't remember where you are from but I am sure they would have contacts in your area. The only other thing to say is that the channelling course I did wasn't entitled "CHANNELLING" it was called something like "Discover your hidden potential" so it may be that you have to ask around rather than just google. Channelling is still considered quite far out there I guess!


Good Luck!


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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Catherine- Thankyou kindly for providing such an in depth recommendation as to where I can start. Indeed, Daryl Anka himself began channelling through the links of channelling classes. Formal meditation classes are popular here, but I am pretty keen on at least seeing some other people channel real life!

Indeed, Higher Mind answers always contain so much 'sense.'

(22 Oct '12, 07:05) Nikulas

Another vote from me for "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. It's the book that got me started too.

(22 Oct '12, 07:13) Stingray

@Stingray- I have this book also, about 5 years now, never got around to reading it yet though.:)

(22 Oct '12, 10:59) Satori

@Nikulas You're welcome. It is quite important when you open yourself up to channel that the appropriate psychic protection and grounding is in place. The books cover that quite well but reputable classes would definitely suggest ways of doing that. I think if you dug around you would definitely find a few channellers/spiritual group in your area - Australians are quite advanced about alternative health so I'm guessing that there would be a few channellers around.

(22 Oct '12, 13:01) Catherine

@Stingray Thank you.

(22 Oct '12, 14:34) Catherine
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@Nikulas - good for you! I think you will really enjoy channeling. You have so much experience witnessing successful channeling, you are far, far ahead of where I was when I set out to try this a long time ago. You will know to relax and enjoy the experience, taking with you only what resonates, leaving anything else easily behind.

I agree with our @Catherine's answer. I read Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, and learned enough to have a rich experience channeling. I do know my guide's name - or one of them, anyway. His name is Archer. When life gets very intense, it seems, I start seeing his name everywhere. It reminds me that I am sort of disconnected now, and I think he is calling me back.

He is not the only entity that came through for me, but he is the most constant presence. He's a bit stern and serious, and doesn't really engage much with me - he's just always there. There was another who came through strongly (my channeled messages were written), who was such a sweet and wise, lighthearted personality, so kind and loving. I loved it. He was very funny too, and used to gently tease me. I wrote about that somewhere on this site before, but I can't think where.

It was during a time in my life when I was scared of anything that wasn't biblical; I was worried about bringing in something nasty, so I deliberately channeled Jesus. I'm not sure, now that I think and feel so differently, what he would say his name is. I guess the point is, you will get what you need. Just forget about any agenda or expectation, and call love and wisdom to you.

I remember asking later on in our conversations who he really was, and not getting a biblical answer. If I remember correctly, he told me that he was me, and that he was God, and then blew my mind by telling me that God was me LOL! I had no way to really process that information at the time, but it has never left me, and I believe it to be true. By that time, even though I couldn't really understand, I just loved and trusted him so much, I didn't care anymore. I think if you take simple precautions, and put out your own beautiful energy, you will attract someone lovely to come chat with you.

I have no doubt that whoever my loving friend is/was, Archer sent him to me. Not sure how I know that, I just do. I was badly heartbroken at the time, and Archer just isn't the sort of guy whose shoulder you'd cry on... so he sent me someone upon whose shoulder I most certainly could cry on, to my little heart's content. ;) I am still so grateful for that.

It's funny, how you give yourself answers, by writing on IQ. I was going to tell you I don't channel now because I feel that I am still far too often, as now, falling back into sadness and depression, and would be nowhere near clear enough, energy wise, to channel. Now looking back, my best, most amazing channeling experience came when I was broken so low, I was suicidal. Obviously, sadness is no barrier. I think all you really need is sincerity.

Thank you so much, Nikulas. Your honest question has just led me to see that it is high time for me to call on a very old friend, with very broad shoulders. I believe I will.

Enjoy it, our Nikulas. And let us know who you meet.

Love, Grace



answered 21 Oct '12, 23:30

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@Grace- Thankyou for sharing your story. The things you say really are very touching, I am growing quite fond of you <3

(22 Oct '12, 07:02) Nikulas

@Grace - " I wrote about that somewhere on this site before, but I can't think where" - You previously mentioned it - and your fascination for BBQ Corn Nuts and Diet Coke :) - here: Are there certain things we should not feed our body with? But if "God" says we have the freedom to do what we want, then why is this the case?

(22 Oct '12, 07:11) Stingray

@Nikulas, thank you for saying that. I am very fond of you, too. :)

(22 Oct '12, 09:27) Grace

@Stingray, you found it! Thank you. I see you are not having as much trouble with your automatic smiley generator, that's good. I think it was a bug that the latest update must have fixed. :)

(22 Oct '12, 09:33) Grace

@Grace - Yes :) You :) Are :) Right. :) Smiley :) Problem :) Seems :) Fixed :)

(22 Oct '12, 10:18) Stingray
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I love Bashar!

Everyone can and does channel. It does not have to be with a specific spiritual guide, it can simply be your higher mind, and it does not have to be in the spoken format as those on Tuning In. Quiet your mind and ask your guides for help (in a way that you are actually thanking them for the help you are already receiving). Think of a moment when you were so focused on something that you lost track of time and things just sort of poured out. Remember how that felt and really feel it. It is a vibration that allows you to download the information that you need. Do so without expectation or judgment. You don't have to start speaking as an alien, or be disappointed when you don't. Just be open and play with it.

Start small, and continue to do it. You will strengthen your ability to channel by doing it more.


answered 22 Oct '12, 18:36

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(22 Oct '12, 18:52) Barry Allen ♦♦

Yeah I'm new, thanks.

(23 Oct '12, 11:23) Symbiotx

@Symbiotx Do you think that people like Darryl Anka are psychically gifted more than the average person or are we all capable of channelling to that degree, given time and dedication to the training process?

(27 Nov '12, 15:27) Catherine

@Symbiotx another excellent answer!

(29 Nov '12, 04:45) ele
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I am not sure how others do it but as for myself, when I used to channel I would stare at a shinny object until I was in a trance. Then would be asked if someone was here and if so who it was and what he had to say. I could as well make an intention on contacting someone if I wanted to then stare at something shinny to get into a trance.

When I channeled playing my guitar that was different, I would think of a player and imagine that player and I were one and the same.


answered 09 Nov '12, 11:47

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Wade Casaldi

So to learn guitar I could meditate on the idea Jimi Hendrix and I are one, and then play in a trance state? If this is so would imagining you were a player that is still alive in physical work too?

(20 Jun '13, 04:49) lastplacefavourite

Hi Nikulas, just let go through a meditative state and access your own vibrational energy, it really is that simple ... there are two important aspects ... "trust" in yourself and the energies that you receive and "symbols". A symbol is a gateway into the collective consciousness, it's a "rainbow bridge". The collective consciousness or star family is perceived as a separate living entity, that is why there can be so many different names for it because we each approach it from a different angle ... your symbols are your guides and you can have as many as you wish, some channelers perceive them as extraterrestrials, others as simple drawn or imagined symbols, for others they are real or imagined heros, just let your energy and imagination fly wherever ...

here Brad Johnson reveals how to connect to your star family


there is a sun disk symbol that i use

ffalt textff

a modern version of the american indian dream catcher

alt text

it automatically collects cosmic energies, energies from the dream world if you prefer, and these energies can be stored in an electret

alt text

both the sun disk (cosmos 2000) and the electret can be here



enjoy :)


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ru bis

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Good Grief - Not Again. lol! You could give your points away when you leave.

(22 Jun '13, 00:57) ele

I Always tell people. If u want to channel so u can have all the information u want satisfied, u wont connect,. IT is ONLY about searching inside first,. I could NEVER have learned to channel, unless meditation, and inward looking wasn't my obsession and my addiction. When it is based off of a selfish need to know everything, it wont come to u. So many want to be famous, or to be known, BUT it is those who want to help others, and look inside themselves, THESE are the ones who will channel. It takes a long time to do it, u have to be OF the vibration of channeling, More neutrality, being willing to put urself aside for anothers message,. With our ego, sometimes it can be rough LOL.

Go here and listen to min 64 and 40 seconds,. talks about this too.


love n light



answered 21 Jun '13, 22:36

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Although I have not yet knowingly or consciously channeled, it does fall under my umbrella interest in all things psychic and metaphysical.

The following seminar given by Bashar on how to channel is the most interesting (and I imagine useful) thing that I have yet come across...more than four hours of material:


Brad Johnson also has some tantalizing course packages available on his website...they cost a little bit, but the comprehensiveness of the material covers looks quite impressive; if the material delivers on the promise of the description, I'd think it well worth the cost. I'll probably pick this stuff up myself in the coming months (when I have the time), so if you don't mind waiting that long I'll let you know what I think of it:




answered 06 May '13, 18:16

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