I know that when I think of someone like Christ, I am persuaded that there must have been something about him that ensured his spiritual success in the world. I think of his humility, his determination, and other fine qualities. But there have been many spiritual leaders in the world who have had spiritual success...people like Gandhi, and Mother Theresa...all the saints...These people have made quite a difference to us through their example and writings. I guess humbleness would be one quality I would point to, but perhaps you think there might be something else that guaranteed their success.

Humility is a fine starting point, but What qualities define someone who has achieved spiritual success? As an example, what allowed Mandela to survive prison all those years without losing his mind? What kept Saint Paul writing to his churches even though he was jailed and hurt for his beliefs? What qualities ensure that we will achieve spiritual success?

Blessings. This question honors my Grandmother Clara, whose birthday I remember this time of year.


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it is probably the fact that all of them were selfless,
they showed a compassion for all of mankind, a willingness to assist and/or instruct to all universal spiritual/ethical precepts,
and the knowledge/power of self-consciousness,
they took no time to think of themselves


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Great answer, Fred! Thanks!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(18 Jul '11, 14:02) Jaianniah

I'm not sure Jai that those great teachers you refer to would even define themselves as a spiritual success.

For me the greatest message that Jesus, Buddha and other great teachers taught was that we all possess what they did. However, when we make spirituality into something that we have to attain or be successful at, then it will always be something that we are chasing as opposed to something that we already are...we just have to be that which we are...in other words, we're already a spiritual success at our essence, we just have to realize it and live our life from that realization.


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Faith- faith that they are a part of something bigger, something greater than themselves and that that greatness is in them and around them. Hope- Hope that this is not how it ends, that there is an end to the tunnel, that there is goodness. Vision- Visions of possibilities of what the future holds, of happiness and joy and peace and health. Love- Love of life and living and the whole of humanity so strong, that it connects them to all that is.


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Fairy Princess

As usual, Junie, your answer is great! Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>>

(18 Jul '11, 14:03) Jaianniah

Love. When I say love I don't mean some egotistical self love but leading with love from the heart. Love is the only thing that can brake racial, religious and cultural boundries and make those that give it a shining example to all of humanity.

None of those that lead with love ever resort to violence. Gandhi is a good example. They always give love selflesley. Mother Theresa is an example here and they will gladly sacrafice themselves for others, like Jesus did for humanity. We all know why the world loves Mr. Mandela. The moment he changed and started to lead with love from his heart the love retearned to him and made him the living legend that he is.

Love all with a heart of pure selfless abandon and you too can become an example to hamnity for your love will be mirrored back to you and make you a shining beacon to all.


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All activity is successful. A person my deem one thing a success whilst getting a pay-off for the exact opposite of the claimed intention.

What is spiritual success? Doesn't that depend upon the point of view of the questioner? An unseen spirit might see success as getting all matter to revert to its original unbound state of energy (go direct to heaven), or discard its material form (go direct to the grave). But to a materialised being that might both equate to death which it is desperate to avoid.

Jesus' preferred state it seems is non-material invisibility, for as soon as he'd done his 33+ years of earthly work he exited from planet Earth's material dimension as fast as a cat can say miaow! So, for him, success appears to have meant showing us how to maintain our physical reality and body using raw energy (miracles), telepathy (prayer), trans-figure it, end or deactivate it, reclaim it and discard it at will (controlling the self at a sub-atomic energetic level). The spirit (or person) controls the body, and Jesus epitomises perfect control. If he wishes, he could re-materialise right now, but he did warn that he would not and not to expect him that way. Christ was the perfect spiritual engineer!

Thus, spiritual success appears to be a personal intention, a private goal achieved. And one man's wickedness may engineer his success and another man's kindness may engineer his success! My question is - success at achieving what? Only you know yours!


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Spiritual success is an oxymoron.

Pure spirit (spirituality soul)is absence of ego.

Only ego cares about success.

So those words are opposite.

Once it is labeled it is of the ego, sans love and compassion.


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Hmm...While I agree that the ego seeks success, I'm not too sure that "Spirituality is absence of ego" maybe 'awareness of ego'. However a good question to ponder may be... who created ego? Isn't it, too, part of 'spirit' or 'All that is' in which case the ego itself could be considered spiritual?? :)

(20 Jul '11, 16:07) Michaela

ego is what you have been lead to believe that you are. example: be good do not be bad. success is the money or things you have. you need this x and that y. ego is your judgement on things that have been program by your enviromment. experience and enjoy.

(19 Dec '11, 00:55) white tiger

Humility and curosity


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well to answer those question is simple. they all have pass duality.so what quality or virtue are over duality? perfect:truth harmony wisdom love knowledge faith. has for being humble it is only a perception of what those people are. but the real fact is that they are over duality. it is like seing a wise adult among a group of children that are fighting or have hindrance. yet the child do not understand the adult. but the adult understand the child and that the child is right or wrong does not change that. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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