Sometimes, my Higher Power that I choose to call God grants answers to my prayers. That seems amazing to me! God must "hear" us somehow, some way.

I personally have been praying for a specific event to occur in my life, and it has. I am filled with such gratitude! But was it just "coming my way" anyhow? Please share your knowledge or experiences with your prayer life.

Could it possibly be that prayer is a form of real energy?

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I see prayer as a combination of meditation and affirmation.

In reality creation we ask, believe, and receive. That is, we ask for what we want. In believing, we bring ourselves in alignment with the vibrations that we put forth when we ask. Receiving just means getting out of the way of God by letting go of your attachment to the result.

Prayer is the same. When I pray in church, it is generally in a group. As I bow my head and listen to the person reciting the prayer (affirmation), my mind gets very quiet, and a serenity envelops me (meditation). The listening is the asking, the serenity is the receiving, and faith is the believing.

I was never taught to pray in this way; it just seems to be a natural way for me.


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This is such a simple and beautiful answer. Thank you. Blessings to you and all who read this...Jai

(15 Dec '09, 03:44) Jaianniah

Praying is having a personal conversation with God privately, asking him for what you want. The Bible teaches that God knows our every wants, and needs; and he will give us what he think is right for us in the time of need, or what he thinks that we can handle.

Praying is good for the soul, healing to the mind, and body; you may call praying, what ever name you will, but praying is a scared thing in the presence of God, and should be done in private. God do answer all prayer, in his time, and he will give unto you what he thinks you deserve, nothing more, or nothing less. God is great, good, and wonderful. He has been really good to me in the time of need.

But let us look at the bigger picture, and see what God has done for us, even before we knew him. He gave us all the gift of life, and he provided for all of our needs, in the world he created for us. What a great God we have; he loves us so much, that he has given to us everything we need, without us asking him; he really knows our every want, and our every need. I am so grateful, for God's love to us, that I can feel him in my heart, and soul as I write these words. Glory be God, and keep on praying to God daily. Amen!


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the act of praying is itself a process.that is why it is important to teach children to pray- because it starts the neural pathways to develop, which ,in turn, allows for greater prayer/meditation practices in future.when these pathways are open -the individual can pursue a connection to god and or the spiritual realm- whereby he may seek fulfilment- one opens a gate that leads to the source- as when christ said that he was the gate and that through him one can reach the father. every journey must start somewhere -and prayer is that first step in our spiritual path.prayer is not a shopping list for wants, desires or a last ditch effort for assistance-prayer is our human method in acknowleging that god exists-we pray simply because we believe him to be there. we reach out to god through ptayer and he answers us back in prayer, thought and praying we are saying- yes, i believe you to exist and i want you to know me - i want to know you as well and i will pray to you in order to achieve that seeking one finds-and prayer is a form of seeking.


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