I know that certain people are thinking bad thoughts about me on a regular basis. I only just figured out that, if thoughts actually manifest a reality, that if I am unaware of them, yet feel bad, that those negative energies are playing out in my body as the bad thoughts come. I have never consciously accepted bad energy. I have felt it, though, but had no idea where it was coming from or who was doing it. How do I put up a defense against this stuff?

I already have quickly manifested good energy about myself, and prayed for enlightenment. I think I need more information. I know I am not crazy- and these people do NOT see me, visit me, or call me on the phone. I found out about it second-hand from a family member. I am now consciously rejecting this energy without attaching any emotion or fear to it; rejecting it with positive affirmation and prayer.

I now completely understand why Jesus said to pray for your enemies! When I do this, I am actually sending out positive energy which may counter any bad stuff coming my way. I feel this is very, very important!

What else is there to do? I hope you do not think I am bonkers.

Blessings, Jaianniah

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Barry Allen ♦♦

have no fear stay in the truth. experience and enjoy.

(27 Jan '12, 15:36) white tiger

@Jai - "put the shields up" means; i need love to protect me from harm ... a love shield :)

(27 Jan '12, 23:31) blubird two
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What you are talking of is, "the evil eye", and most don't realize the evil eye is not just black magic stuff. The evil eye is very practical and down to earth as jealousy, envy, hate, even being the but of someone's idea of a joke or their gossip entertainment. All of these are "the evil eye" because it is thinking bad thought of the person. Here is another way, inactive sympathy "Poor this person has cancer", "poor that person was in an accident", if we think on this we are reinforcing doubt for them that they can get better. We are reinforcing the negative experience they are having.

If we have enough people believing something, it has an affect, like prayer does, but this is in the negative, a curse actually (why do you think it is called "The Evil Eye"?). This curse has an affect, here is an example of this: my dad got together with a bunch of friends years ago to try an experiment. They picked someone at work and throughout the day each one would say to this target person something akin to, "Are you alright? You don't look so good today." This guy came in perfect health whistling as he came in, not a thing wrong, by mid day the guy had to go to the office to go home he was sick and had to take the day off.

Now here is the kicker had he tried this experiment with just thought with his friends, it would have given the same results. If each of them thought, "he doesn't look too good he must be sick", it would affect him. Remember when Jesus said, "if a man lust a women in his heart he has already lusted her" in other words thoughts have affect on people.

Now with knowing this we have an advantage! We can when we feel attacked, command that this negative energy be transformed! This is like a magnet and can reverse poles if a stronger magnet is used. God is the strongest so any negativity can be transformed and reversed from negative to positive. I have used this technique with very good result, and I did not have to send anything back to the person, I just reversed the polarity and used the positive that was sent as negative energy to me.


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Wade Casaldi

Well put. I happen to be one of the 10% of the people in the world that is unable to be hypnotized. I believe that our minds are one with the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient essence and that you are only attacked spiritually if you think it is allowed. I can't put it any simpler. We are all of the same essence. A spiritual attack would be like attacking yourself. You have an unconscious guardian or filter that only you can allow the stuff you want through. Just plain old attitude of gratitude, forgiveness, and love for all is our protection even for our enemies for they don't understand.

(19 Jan '10, 14:08) RPuls

Yes, the thoughts they are thinking manifest a reality but unless you are a vibrational match to that reality, it will never impact you in any way.

The Law of Attraction will match you up to whatever reality you are focused on.

So if you spend your time worrying about what they are thinking or doing behind your back, or you spend your time trying to reject what they might be up to, where do you think your focus is? :)

Think about it logically...

If it was really possible to influence others negatively with bad thoughts, don't you think our governments and military would have found a way to exploit that by now? We would have teams of psychic attackers targeting the enemy round the clock, and all the troops could sit at home drinking beer and watching Oprah.

In fact, we wouldn't need armies at all, just people sat in armchairs at home thinking bad thoughts about people in other countries that they don't like. Indeed, with some training, we could all participate in the psychic attacks in the evening after coming home from work, and that would make all our wars truly democratic and social activities. :)

But it doesn't happen because it's not possible.

The greatest defense is to let go of the need to defend yourself.


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@Stingray - "the greatest defense is to let go ", yes i agree and i would add ... let go to love :)

(27 Jan '12, 23:39) blubird two


You forgot again, didn't you?


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Yep....BUT!! I think, in light of what I have just figured out, I will not ever forget again! Thanks! Jai

(17 Dec '09, 05:32) Jaianniah

Take this thought saying.

No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper; and every tongue [that] shall rise against me in judgment I shall condemn. This [is] the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness [is] of the LORD. Isaiah 54:17


answered 18 Jan '10, 11:27

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The best way to protect yourself during spiritual attack is to make Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. You draw pentagrams around you and ask archangels for guidance. This ritual is an ancient formulae. Being used for millenia, it gifts his user the mental power that has been accumulated since old times. LBRP has been popularized by Golden Dawn Order. Besides protection, this ritual has some other spiritual benefits.

LBRP's futher description can be easily found in the internet, for example:


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@Asklepios - yes the LBRP certainly works, i practiced it for 3 years and it worked fine until the law (literally and figuratively) of attraction caught up with me ... conclusion; the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram considered by some to be magic is an integral part of the law of attraction ... so carefully consider why protection is needed in the first place before using it ... in my experience the best protection is ... love :)

(27 Jan '12, 23:26) blubird two

Stingray has a good point about letting go of the need to defend oneself-yet some people cannot accomplish this simply because it is a trait that is innately ingrained.my doctor once told me that the reason i rarely become ill is due to my strong defensive personality. he was serious and quoted me studies from europe.


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eleanor sawitsky

Jesus said love your enemy. In modern thought this will be to empathise with the people wishing you harm. Think about how angry they must be and what pain they must have experienced as children to make them so bitter and upset.

You use the words attack and defend which are violent words and means that you have been caught up in the energy they are putting out. You can't be attacked mentally if you are not defending mentally.

I have done a lot of inner child work and have experienced how much anger and pain my child has. There Child will have the same and is lashing out.

This doesn't mean you have to have anything to do with this people or have to listen to their anger but really feel for them and you will no longer be affected. Also use it to see how your own child is reacting, why are you upset by it, how does it make you feel. Talk to your child and listen to it and reassure it that you are the adult and it will be fine.

John Bradshaw has written a lot on this subject and his book will give more information than I can here. Alan


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Alan Crabbe

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