I'd say the question itself in the title is sufficient because I literally mean everything, but I will elaborate and give examples, of course.

We need to keep one fact in mind: Beliefs create reality

One: Let's say that I have a rich neighbour. One day he comes home with a cool-looking red Ferrari 458 Italia. Brand new. Ok, so knowing about Law of Attraction I would say that he manifested that himself, with beliefs he has. But if I would examine the situation more closely I could say that actually my beliefs about his beliefs got him the car. In other words, I have beliefs that he is rich and he can afford something like that car so I am manifesting that reality. Is that correct?

Two: Let's say that my friend (who knows about Law of Attraction) has an ill relative. He thinks that his beliefs are creating that, but actually mine beliefs are doing that. So, I would need to have some negative beliefs about my friend to create a reality in which he would have a belief that his beliefs are making his relative ill somehow. Is that also correct?

Three: If I didn't pass an exam it wouldn't be because I didn't study, but because I held a belief I will not pass(or whichever negative belief). If I had a more appropriate belief maybe the answers from the exam would fall in front of me from the sky (anything is possible(also a belief)). Ultimately, thinking I can pass the exam if I study is only a belief, thinking I need to pass exams at all is only a belief,.....ad infinitum.

Four: My beliefs about this forum will generate answers(if there will be any) to this question.

Five: It seems like I have a belief that there are this things called beliefs, also.

And many, many, many more examples(also a belief hahah). Yes, I know that we came here, on Earth, with premade agreements, so some things can't be explained with beliefs(probably a belief too, who knows :)).
And, of course, there's this thing called "cocreation".

I would like to hear what you think about this. Something tells me that it's the matter of "this and that" rather than "this or that", like Abraham says(because of the cocreation, I think). Maybe I went to deep with this. And maybe I got this all wrong, if it is so I'm sorry. :)


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And also, if someone has a belief about me. That is actually me having a belief that that someone has a belief, correct?

(02 Jul '15, 15:39) Marin

Haven't read your entire question yet, but...

"Is literally everything in life based on beliefs one has?"

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Yes.

(02 Jul '15, 15:47) WeRadiateBeauty

mabye that's only a belief you have, my friend :)

(02 Jul '15, 15:49) Marin

I'm sorry for joking but this is rather humorous to me, when thinking about it

(02 Jul '15, 15:52) Marin

Right, but let's say you held the belief that life isn't based on the beliefs you hold... and then you experienced reflections in your life that weren't based on the beliefs you hold... wouldn't such deceit just be a tribute to fulfilling your belief that life isn't based on the beliefs you hold... which paradoxically brings you back to realizing that life IS based on the beliefs you hold?

Forgive me if I'm confusing you :)

(02 Jul '15, 15:58) WeRadiateBeauty

hahaha this is pure gold!

(02 Jul '15, 16:04) Marin
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I think the word belief itself can sometimes become an obstacle to understanding.

The word belief can often represent to someone something that feels more solid and permanent than it really is. So you hear people making statements like "That's just what I believe about it", "I have never believed that was possible"...and so on.

What I like to do when I feel the word belief is getting in the way of understanding is replace it with Abraham's definition...

A belief is just a habit of thought, a thought you keep thinking

With that definition, you now have something more concrete to work with since there are many ways to change habits and there are many ways to start thinking something else instead.

So, with that definition in mind, when you ask the question...

Is literally everything in life based on beliefs one has?

...the answer becomes clearer.

  • The Law of Attraction ensures that whatever you keep focusing on will eventually become part of your physical reality experience ("like attracts like" in the world of thought)

  • And our minds are wired in such a way that whatever you keep focusing on will eventually become habitual i.e. you don't need to give conscious attention to keeping that focus going

  • So those thoughts you keep thinking habitually (i.e. your beliefs) will eventually become part of your life....no way around that.

  • That must mean that (in answer to your question)...Yes, literally everything in life is based on the beliefs that one has.


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@Stingray "yes literally everything in life is based on the beliefs that one has" ... I entirely agree :) and I'd like to add that the purpose of our beliefs is often hidden from our consciousness

(03 Jul '15, 05:40) jaz

@Stingray, does that mean that I create the behavior of everyone around me? I mean, isn't there something as a "solid personality" of the people around me? I know that their vibration always matches mine, but do I create all the people that I know?

(08 Jul '15, 14:11) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy I know you're asking @Stingray but I do feel the urge to say how I see it ... objects, people, things are there they exist already, what we do create is the specific individual energy interaction that we have with them, that's the way I feel

(09 Jul '15, 00:29) jaz

@spacemetalfantasy - "I mean, isn't there something as a "solid personality" of the people around me?" - You are correct. There is no such thing :) It's kind of annoying when you first hear that because it means that everything you get from other people is really a reflection of you so there's never anyone else to blame but yourself if you don't like what you get :) But on further reflection, it's also a very empowering idea...

(10 Jul '15, 05:00) Stingray

@spacemetalfantasy - ...because it means you never need another person to change for any reason. So you never need to give your power away to their fleeting whims and fancies. You can just change yourself and if they are not a vibrational match to your improved feeling about them, they cannot exist in your reality. See Clattering.

In essence, you are alone in your version of physical reality playing with reflections of yourself.

(10 Jul '15, 05:04) Stingray

Thank you @Stingray for your answer. Although I know that this concept is true, I still haven't grasped the "entireness" of it yet. Might take me a few weeks to really wrap my head around it. The last sentence has really blowed my mind. In essence, it means that everything I get from the people around me is a reflexion of my beliefs about me, them and life in general?

(14 Jul '15, 05:57) spacemetalfantasy

@Stingray, for example if my child is very demanding (and intelligent) it means that I have certain beliefs about him and children and he just reflects those back? Isn't the intelligence part of his personality? If I'd think different about him, he would change his behavior?

(14 Jul '15, 06:00) spacemetalfantasy

How can I know if my belief has finally changed? Do I need to wait for the manifestation as proof or can I know it sooner?

(14 Jul '15, 06:01) Marin

@Marin I think when you know a belief has really changed is when you don't need the manifestation as proof. The belief is so automatic and resonant within you that you KNOW it as truth. What's in front of you (that looks different to your belief) just seems like an anomaly. Once you get to that level of knowing your reality shifts quickly and the manifestation unfolds in the physical. What you're holding in your mind now is what is about to manifest so once you're holding it consistently it is.

(14 Jul '15, 07:31) Yes
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I believe it is hard to explain the stuff you just wrote since human mind as such is not created by its higher self to percieve such stuff. In other words- we can only percieve as much as we can percieve. The foundamental basics of The Truth are revealed to us, since we are much more selfaware of the existance and we should hold onto them as much as we can. Obviously, stuff I said are only my beliefs and if someone would be able to percieve this things as such I would gladly hear their comment and argue about that constructively! :)


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not sure, much has to do
with how much of truth and
Nature you learn to know
and how clear you see


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