I have been inspired by Stingray's question of why people don't do vibrational work, to write this question; Thanks, Stingray.

These sayings are as old as who knows...? These sayings have a big influence on experience, because they flavor expectation. If we think of good versus bad experience, we see that the good usually is said to take effort, and the higher the good the more effort it takes.

While contrasting to that, the bad seems (as to our English language sayings) to indicate that the bad stuff comes very easy. As a matter of fact, it is as easy as falling.

To quote a few:

Falling off the horse, Fallen into the pit of despair, Fallen into hopelessness Fallen.

It is all as easy as gravity! Now contrast that to the good!

To quote a few:

Pick yourself up by your own bootstraps, Climb to the top, Get back up, Get back on the horse.

Every one of these works against gravity and involves effort. It's no wonder people give up after awhile. They are tired of getting back up, climbing that corporate ladder, picking themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Let us examine a baby it is so easy to fall, but it takes such effort to learn to stand and walk. We reward that standing and walking as achievement, but we take that same thing, and use it as a metaphor for all achievements.

But what if happiness didn't take work and effort? What if it worked with gravity instead of against gravity? For example: I've fallen into the pit of happiness, hope and inspiration! How about that for a change? What if we take every bad thing, and made it hard to experience bad, and easy to experience good? I've had to work hard and climb my way to the top to be this miserable! Whoa! What a concept! Every time I climb eight steps up toward misery, it seems I keep sliding ten steps back into happiness!

What if picking yourself up by your own bootstraps was a bad thing and falling into success was a good thing?

I am not saying don't work to be a success and just expect it to come to you. But more so, I am saying flip it and make the good thing the easy thing, and the bad thing the hard thing.

I'll leave you with one last one, It takes too much effort and work to be miserable, I'll just stick around in this happiness.

So how do you feel this would impact experience and can you think up some examples of flipping the language so the good is easy and the bad is hard?

Forget climbing the ladder to up to success, let's all ride the sliding board down to success!

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Wade Casaldi

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what a great question, ah! :)

(29 Jul '14, 05:49) Olga Farber

@Olga Farber- Oh, Yeah! Wade has hit onto something great here!

(29 Jul '14, 07:50) Jaianniah

wade, perhaps we learn to understand what is believed to be known, and realize our perspective comes from a mortal body and reflections
seeking balance

(29 Jul '14, 21:08) fred
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This is a very good topic you're bringing up. All sayings reflect our preferences. As far as the easy success is concerned: once we realize that pleasure (including ease) is a self-justifying virtue and pain / struggle are the characteristics of vice or its consequences we'll get there. The masochistic belief that pleasure or success is ennobled when riding on the back of pain, struggle and toil is fading away from society and things are getting easier and better. Serenity, ease, happiness, joyful excitement, peace, abundance etc. will all become the backbone of society in time and we'll be doing way more wonderful things than we're doing now as the resistance to "unearned" pleasure diminishes.


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"once we realize that pleasure (including ease) is a self-justifying virtue and pain / struggle are the characteristics of vice or its consequences we'll get there." I love this thinking!

(28 Jul '14, 17:47) Wade Casaldi

What we say to ourselves is very important, isn't it?

Wade, you have discovered a very real problem with a lot of the sayings we use in English. Some of these sayings are called idioms, and you are so right! Many of these idioms are in fact, quite negative. For example, Climbing the corporate ladder to success... Here is an example of what you have said. Why must we climb? Climbing a ladder can be hard work. But what if we said instead:, Navigating with ease the corporate maze?

When I said that one to myself, I thought of the many hours I have played Sudoku...And I found out that if I start a Sudoku puzzle with a positive, almost playful and happy mindset, I usually can solve the puzzle easily. I do know why this is, except perhaps it is because I expect to succeed. After many, many hours of solving, I have found that if I have the right mindset (happy), I can do an Easy Sudoku in under three minutes. I just completed a Medium in under ten, and I expect to improve that time...(See the word "expect"?)

Language and words are what we feed our minds and souls. Everything we experience has a name. I am sure if we used our words in a more positive way, we would quite naturally find ourselves having more success, and also, feeling happier. I guess we need to watch what we say, and how we frame our thoughts. All of our thoughts matter, even random ones, have meaning, and affect us.

You have pointed out that our goals, as framed by these sayings, are often said with words that indicate struggle and hard work. As you said, Wade, against Gravity. But almost all these phrases indicate moving the wrong way. Off the beaten path...Going down the chute, slipping off the path- it is not just gravity, but changing direction

I am sure that everyone knows that it is in changing our direction, when we are not succeeding, usually results in success.

It is a shame that we so often couch changing our direction in such negative ways.

This is a very good questions, and you have made some really astute observations. It surely does affect manifesting when we are positive instead of negative.

Thanks, Wade!!


Jai ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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This is a fantastic question Wade! It's the breaking of old habits that originated from our grandparent's grandparents and their generation. "Falling off the horse", "boot straps"...things we don't even use anymore. This is a perfect way to see the negative programming that was unintentionally installed into our minds by our families when growing up. It's like we have to take a second while our brains process the positive saying edited from the negative saying. In that one second we keep getting "error" "error" and say to ourselves "Wait? That's not right!? That's not the way it goes!?".....that's the installed negative program exposing itself!!

I just had an "AH-HA" moment, thanks Wade!


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Wow wow wow :) talk about Law of Attraction :) just yesterday I copied to someone a tip from my book "10 mind tricks", from the chapter "Going Down the Ladder of Effort" and was enjoying rereading it, and now you're speaking exactly it :) I will share with you the whole chapter:

A Nice Mind Trick #4 - Going Down The Ladder Of Effort

"Think of this random Universe where everything is possible. The organizational skills belong to Law of Attraction. If you will relax and allow Law of Attraction to do the organization, the managing, then you can spend your time doing the things that please you." - Abraham-Hicks

"Allow yourself to feel Love" - Klaus Joehle

In their book "Ask and It Is Given" Abraham-Hicks compare the Law of Attraction to a manager to whom we could and should delegate tasks.

They say, we're usually treating it as having a manager to whom we pay a substantial amount of money, but let him bask on the beach, while doing all the work by ourselves. :)

You've probably heard, more than once, that we get what we believe in. And so if we believe we can get what we want only through hard work, then we live this truth.

But we all have usually been taught from our childhood, that to achieve anything we should work really hard. This belief usually guides our decisions. What can we do?

Gracefully release it, piece by piece. Acknowledging, noticing it will already help tremendously in releasing it.

When we decide to change our lives at once, soon we see it was too much of a task. It just is easier to take it in pieces and see what we can do in each situation. Bits of wisdom from people who have "been there, done that" not only inspire us, but also help.

This is what you can say setting up a new goal:

"I want it as easy as natural as breathing, that's the way it should be and I think it was meant to be." - Klaus Joehle

This one helps me release the pressure:

"This is me. Tomorrow I will be different, because I am always evolving and I am always changing to what I consider to be better, to be an improvement, towards experiencing more joy, more happiness. Whatever I am today if I can truly like that, love that hey, we could call that "spiritual"! It's self-enlightenment, but it's more, it's special, it's even better to being self-aware, it's self-love! I think when I can love myself, then I can love someone else because I don't have to criticize their negative parts, because I'm not criticizing my negative parts. Or what we would call "negative". Why negative"? Sometimes I'm a grumpy person, sometimes I say rude things and sometimes, I think, I love to say rude things for some reason or other. Does that make me a bad person? No. It just makes me a person that does that at that moment. That's that!
OK, so let's call loving yourself, caring for self, just liking who you are "spiritual". I think,  every year I like myself more, I become in tune with myself more. More accepting. I think that's what it is more accepting of myself! Not just saying, "Oh, I'm getting better, I'm improving" just accepting myself for who I am." - Klaus Joehle

It seems like the more we appreciate ourselves, the more we accept ourselves, the more natural it is for us to allow things to come easier.

Take it with you today:
"Whatever you want,
 Whatever you need,
 Whatever your mission,
 It's easier than it seems."
- Francine Jarry

"Firstly, I'm after creating it, finding an easier way of creating it that doesn't draw huge amounts of energy out of me, instead is very pleasing and is creating an energy and enthusiasm in me in the process of creating." - Klaus Joehle

Believe it or not, this was just a preface. I meant Going Down The Ladder Of Effort in another sense:

When we force ourselves into positive thoughts, we feel as though we should make an effort to think the positive thoughts, and then getting back to the negative is like relaxing, stopping making an effort.

Let's look at it from another perspective. Try to see the following:

There's the Universe, loving us, caring for us, streaming all good things to us, when we in many areas resist it, [we're] thinking there's a threat to us, being afraid to trust. Picturing it as a river, we resist the flow, we're making an effort to stay in some place where we believe we're safer than giving up to the flow.

We don't let the Energy come through us, we suppress the energy, twisting it, not letting it fully help us.

But what if we stop making the effort? Just relaxing, giving up to the flow.

Try to realize, that thinking positive thoughts, believing that there is The Manager who can take care of everything we're afraid of, is actually RELEASING ourselves, relaxing, handing the problems into the hands of someone who loves us and can take care of everything.

We just got used to constantly making an effort.

When you feel negative, try to see it from the side. Feel that there's an effort going on, that you're resisting, fighting, opposing the good flow that tries to come to you. And then when you see it, watch yourself releasing the effort.

And then, when you're thinking of going the positive way, don't think of it as of making an effort. Think of it as of transition from an ongoing effort you've been accustomed to, to finally being able to take a rest.

"...understand that you get to allow or not allow.
These are your choices.

We're wanting you to understand that it's not hard to allow.
In fact, the hardest thing of all is to learn patterns of not allowing who you are.

It's a lot harder to be confused than to be clear-minded,
it's a lot harder to be sick than it is well,
it's a lot harder to not have enough money than to have enough money,
it's a lot harder to be negative than to be positive,
it's a lot harder to be pessimistic than to be optimistic.

The hard, hard, hard thing is not allowing.

It's easy to allow.
You just have to give yourself permission to do it and practice a little bit.

You're on your own in this, and you like it that way.
You came into this environment knowing that you would be
an individual consciousness that would have your individual preferences
and that anything that you and your powerful individualousness
identify as your desire, Source energy will answer.

It is our expectation that you will prove to yourself that
you have the ability to let it in.

It is so much easier than you think.

There's just one thing that you have to remember:
it is GOOD to feel good.

It is GOOD to feel good!

Clarity is your natural state of being.
Healthy is your natural state of being,
Eager is your natural state of being,
Loving is your natural state of being.

It is natural for you to have desire, and
It is natural for you to anticipate happy outcomes, and
It is natural for you to love, and
It is natural for you to sing, and
It is natural for you to play,
It is natural for you to skip,
It is natural for you to be joyful,
It is natural for you to know well-being.

It is natural for you to expand,
It is natural for you to question,
It is natural for you to find interest,
It is natural for you to want more, and
It is natural for you to feel good.

And anything else is resisting of natural state of who you are." - Abraham-Hicks

Stop making the effort...

I remember from long time ago, I read John Kehoe's suggestion to pay attention how we say "that's my life", when something negative happens, and start saying it when something positive happens. I'm already really used to it, it goes by itself - in the moments of synchronicity, alignment, when something really positive happens, I'm finding myself exclaiming "THAT'S my life!" :)

And one more thing, a little workshop (playshop :)) I added on this subject some time ago:

45. And it's wonderful!

Falling into a wonderful day! :)


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Olga Farber

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@Olga Farber- Terrific, fantastic post! Juicy good stuff here! Thank you so much for the help in changing the mindset...Thanks, Olga! ♥

(29 Jul '14, 07:49) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah, thank you so much! :) so so so very much :) ♥

(29 Jul '14, 12:44) Olga Farber

@Wade Casildi the fact is that in this world you make choice to go up or down to do good or evil and other do the same. so if you do good to other they should do good to you also. if you do bad they will do bad also. Since no one is in other people shoe and no one is perfect in this world why judge? it is preferable to walk a mile in someone else shoe to have some experience and discerning before taking a decision saying something or judging someone else. why not learn the truth and go with the truth and learn more truth that is a walk of a life time where you will experience and enjoy many things. as for going down or up it is relative what goes up most come down and what go down most go up. you have seen roller coaster before well this world is like a roller coaster going in extremes. it is not bad to do the extremes to know where is the middle. but often people focus only on the target work hard to go high to have high position fueled by their desire and some other selling them dreams. and eventually you fall in the opposite direction and you go down hill. it is preferable to stay in the middle and move up or down as needed and experience and enjoy the ride. then focusing only in one extremes and feel bad after because you failed your target and falled in the opposite direction.

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

so much time wasted running after your desire often created by some people that sell you dream to achieve their own desire.

Why play that desire game when you know that the target you might not reach it and you will have wasted your time not enjoying your self and doing stuff that normally you would not do just to go up and down up and down happy and sad happy and sad. try to enjoy the ride if you do not enjoy it and cannot change the ride because it is not your choice to make then take another ride. stop focusing only on the target saying I might reach that one day. Do things that you like to do that way you all ready have a reward daily. if you do only stuff that you hate to do to get to a target that you might never reach in a extreme destination and do not reach it how sad are you going to be?

Be Passers-By. you see if you are not able to live with your self and try to distract your self with outside things how will you ever find a place where you will be happy? those things that are flashing by your eyes to make you dream are vein in deed if you are not able to be happy by your self. it does not mean that you will not have to endure and overcome things in this world but fist you should be able to endure and overcome your self or your own duality and division.

you see in this world it is like the wave of the sea they go up and down up and down. where can you find a clear and calm water where you can see your self calm and see that the light is good?

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will.

The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."


Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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