I have felt this way from time to time, and have found it hard to re-balance. I AM meditating, but sometimes, I just cannot relax my mind. Today has turned out to be one of those days. I was dealing with many problems today, and I am also in great pain. I want to sleep, but that won't come, either. What is the trick to settling down both mind and body?

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when we were young we may haved cried ourselves to sleep but most always awoke with a resolve to try again. if we can't cry, then most likely will need to think a solution. asses where the energy loss is from and cut the drain, then sleep.

(03 Apr '11, 01:39) fred

It can be people that are needing energy that are sapping it from you, I just woke up and realized this is happening to me. I just woke up after hours of sleep and am totally tired like I never slept. So what I did was thought of the person it could be and visualized the center pillar of light for her fully activated, that she is getting massive amounts of healing energy directly from God and Heaven, this did have a relieving affect on me. I know she is being healed and helped by God now, even though she could go at any moment according to the doctors I let God take this, besides God has this thing, it is like trading a hand drill for a power drill!

I guess subconsciously as a Reiki Master Teacher I took this on myself, but rebuilding and opening the light pillar for her so she can be recharged directly has been a big relief so far it seems I am getting my energy back myself.

So here is what you could do imagine the person you are worried over if any or the person it could be draining you as I had said in another post draining through, (hurt you once or more, angered you once or more, worried you once or more) and imagine the middle pillar huge bright blindingly white light connected directly from the person to heaven, (remember Star Trek, beam us up? The beam looks something like that) this beam comes down through the head to the feet but as well it is so big it surrounds the person's body this passes through the feet and beyond the floor or ground to "ground" and charge.

Make the intent that this is permanent it can not be damaged or closed until and unless the person needs so for his/her highest good. Imagine that huge beam from Heaven and God source directly like shot from beyond the earth down through the sky and connected right through the person. Remember the film "Independence Day" with the space ship blasting the building apart? That huge beam bright extremely bright, it looks like that and has that power sound to it and motion like the power is a stream flowing through, so standing in it would make your hair fly all over and your cloths flutter THAT IS POWER.

Well the person I know needs that kind maybe intend that the person gets what is needed so that it is there if needed that kind of power or something more like a gentle recharging breeze flowing through. This is good for the self as well, but we know that already from Reiki, we need to keep our connection.


A thought came to me, please do not use this to BLAST SOMEONE APART! Example: someone you are angry at like the energy ZAP to stop a bully, talked about in a book I own. This would be far more devastating than the "zap" and that can be devastating! So do not turn this beautiful thing into a weapon, karma repays our good as well as our bad. This gift is to be used in a loving way even for enemies as Jesus said, "love your enemies" it gives them what they are missing and trying to get from you through your hate or anger. God's energy is so much more satisfying and they will no longer need bother you or feel the need to. So if anyone is thinking of using this in a negative way, please consider that water of love puts out a fire of hate, more hate is just more fire.


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Wade Casaldi

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You could try one of the Paraliminals that are available...Deep Relaxation is pretty good and so is the 10-Minute Supercharger (though I tend to use 20 minute Power Naps these days instead of the Supercharger).

Paraliminals are self-hypnosis recordings that you have to buy but I have found them to be quite effective especially in situations where you are not feeling focused enough within yourself to initiate a process yourself.

You do nothing apart from switch on the recording and lie down with your headphones on. Everything else happens automatically.


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Go to sleep. While in bed, imagine that you are having the greatest & deepest sleep ever. Move your attention to the morning. Now it is morning. You are waking up from having the greatest and deepest sleep you have ever had.

Now wile laying in bed drop every thought that comes, & replace what ever that occupies you mind with this idea. Anything else, just drop it. Don't pay attention to it. Just drop it & replace it with the above vision. Then follow it by just silence or attention to your gentle breathing.

In the silence, or when paying attention to your gentle breathing, all your worries will try to creep back for your attention. The moment it happens just drop it again and replace with above vision.

Before you know it you will be asleep.


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The Traveller

It's based on a Silva exercise, but I imagine that an important physician (and I picture him or her very clearly) is in front of me. I have my eyes closed of course, and am lying in bed. I tell the doctor that I have pain, or can't sleep, or both. He or she gets pills for me, which I take. They are for pain or sleeplessness, or both. Soon, I drift off to sleep. Sometimes this only gives me 3 or 4 hours, but that's OK. I have had trouble sleeping as far back as I can remember, so I either try this exercise, try one of my paraliminals, or else just stop worrying about it and do something else; like reading or watching a movie. Lack of sleep is worrisome, but I try to remember it isn't going to kill me and stressing out over it will only make me feel worse. Let it be OK.


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LeeAnn 1

Mind and body are the same thing. There are brain cells all over the body and the brain stores memories in muscle groups. Watch your twitches for 10 minutes and you will see what I mean.

On to a few answers :

Lie on your back and prop your knees up. Do your best to relax. Breathe into your belly so that it inflates with the least amount of effort. Let it go and say AHHHHH... Do this for about 10 minutes or until you feel the energy pulsing all over your body.

Stop there if you want to energize. You'll feel it when you're ready.

Continue if you want to tranquilize.

Mahasattipathana is a practice of self talk. With no judgement (good, bad, feelings, ideas) simply state the truth of what the body senses. "I feel a twitch in my left pinky finger. I feel heat on my scalp. I feel my breath. I sense the atmosphere of the room. I hear the fridge..." Etc. This will quiet your mind by allowing it to rest on the body.

Hopefully this helps you. Feel free to contact me if you'd like some more exercises like these.

Happy UnBirthday!



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Hu Ra

Take a long warm bath with lavender. Light up a candle or two.Light up your favorite incense. Sit back relax, enjoy.

Thank you, namaste


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+1 for incense. Add some quiet old music.

(02 Dec '10, 13:18) zvolkov

light a real beeswax candle, the smell of it burning is amazingly soothing and luxurious :) I like to set a flame up in front of my gaze and relax into it when I can

(14 Dec '10, 10:28) Hu Re

oh, I play/recite music while I do this too sometimes. this always feels very wholesome

(14 Dec '10, 10:32) Hu Re
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EFT Emotional Freedom Technique is a very helpful tool to relieve the mind of obsessive thoughts, fears and phobias, emotional traumas and blocks, anger, resentment, anxiety, you name it. When these are relieved, the body can relax.


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Fairy Princess

Take a glass of warm milk with a shot of Brandy, just before you are ready to sleep. Think happy thoughts and it will help you to relax, and you will fall into a calm peaceful sleep!


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Namaste, I'm not going to give you a prescription. I'm going to tell you something very simple. Listen to your body. If it wants to rest, rest. If it wants to eat, put quality food in it. If your mind is tired or overtired, take a moment to find some peace. You've got 2 minutes to spare for your overall well being, don't you? Also, if you feel particularly drained after being around specific people, they are probably energy vampires, (they probably don't know, and usually it's not something malicious), don't associate with them if avoidable. Remember, at the end of the day, you are the one responsible for your choices. If your life choices are causing an energy debt for you, take responsibility for you, and change your life choices. Or in the vernacular..."Man up!"


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