I felt the desire to write a new question about eliminating fear. Inward Quest already has sufficient information about fear, but I feel desperate for a cure to my fear which I have labelled as 'abnormal' and I will describe now.

This is the first time in my life I have ever told anyone/anything about this fear. And it may sound very, VERY silly, and I am embarrased to even post this, but here it goes.

When I was 6 years old, my dad got a video game for my birthday. In the game, there is a level that holds zombie-like creatures, and for a reason I don't know of, I was horrified out of my wits. I mean, REALLY horrified. The moment I heard the blood-curdling screams from these monsters in the game, I switched off my Nintendo and RAN to my parents (though as I said, I haven't told anyone).

The next week, I experienced very realistic nightmares. As a result of this, I had a phobie of the dark, and thus, I never learned to sleep by myself in my own bed and room until I was 13. I slept in the same bed as my mum, and some nights, even then, I experienced these nightmares.

I continued to play the game- I loved it so much that I simply ordered my friends to pass the zombie levels. However, whenever by chance these monsters pop up, I generate the fight or flight response, and it is almost certain I have issues getting to bed.

This is not just a petty 'thing' to me. Why? I am 18 now, and even though it's been a few years since touching that game, should I have the slightest thoughts of these monsters whilst I'm in bed, I actually have to turn on the lamp and 'check' to see if they're there. What's worse is that every few months or so I get a nightmare or odd dream about them too.

Please, please inward quest users- give me an answer. What can I do? Btw, the game was Zelda:Ocarina of Time/Majoras Mask on N64.

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It's nothing to be concerned about actually and, you'll be glad to hear, you can remove this fear permanently in a few minutes if you wish.

What you've set up for yourself is known in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as an Anchor.

You can think of an anchor as being an association (deliberate or otherwise) between an emotional state and a subject.

For example, ever wonder why famous celebrities are used for advertising seemingly non-related products such as beauty products - even if they never use them? Companies will spend millions and millions trying to get those people seen with their products. It's because of the anchors that are created in people's minds.

alt text

Everytime you see the product, you automatically associate the product with the feelings that you generate when you think of the celebrity. If these are good feelings, you'll feel good about the product without even realizing it and you'll probably buy it next time you see it - and you probably won't even know why :)

That's why as soon as a celebrity becomes unpopular for some reason (e.g. involved in some kind of public scandal), the advertisers will usually drop them immediately from their campaigns...they don't want the feeling of scandal associated with their products.

Now what is important to realize about anchors is that they can be (and usually are) completely illogical and you won't even realize it. You'll just find a way to justify it to yourself and it will seem logical to you, even if everyone else thinks you are nuts :)

Ask someone who drinks Coke why they drink Coke, and not Pepsi instead, and they will come up with a seemingly rational explanation which they have justified to themselves. Similarly ask someone why they drink Pepsi instead of Coke and you'll get the same result.

alt text

But if you truly examine the fundamental reasons - probing back to their first association with the product - you'll often find it can be something as nonsensical as because their dad or best friend drank it, or they first drank it when they were at a happy birthday party, or they noticed a famous person drink it on the TV, or whatever.

From a rational perspective, the reason will be totally illogical - they are just two ordinary Cola drinks, after all :)

Again, it's about the anchors that have been set up.

For an anchor to be created successfully, there must be a strong initial emotional reaction to something - and this often happens in childhood - followed by occasional re-triggering.

If you look at your case, that strong emotional reaction was there when your dad bought the game and you heard those screaming noises. You anchored fears you had within yourself when you were 6-years-old to the monsters in the game.

And often one of the greatest fears within young children is the fear of the dark - darkness causes you to lose a vital physical sense (sight) that you depend on constantly so there is inherent uncertainty about it. Darkness has become part of that anchor for you.

So now it's natural that these anchors are being retriggered when it is dark, or perhaps when you re-experience uncertainty, and you need to keep turning on the light to deactivate them again.

As I said at the start, breaking anchors is actually pretty easy once you have identified them.

One highly effective method is Tony Robbin's Swish Pattern.

Another highly effective method is EFT, especially the Faster EFT variation, where you just bring up the emotion that the anchor triggers and deliberately neutralize it.

Once you've neutralized the anchor, you'll wonder what all the fuss was about :)

Hope that helps :)


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simply said face is fear. learn and grow from it.

(01 Sep '11, 14:46) white tiger

Great...as always :)

(01 Sep '11, 20:54) Michaela

Thank you, Michaela :)

(01 Sep '11, 23:34) Stingray
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Nikulas I do not know if you are saved or not so I will tell you this like you are. Jesus gave us the power to cast out devil and demons, there is nothing to fear. You have power and authority over all evil to command it gone in Jesus name! Remember in the 23rd Psalm that it tells you even if you choose to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, in other words the most scary deepest darkness God is with you his rod and staff comfort you. In other words the rod and staff guide you but as well protect you, as a Shepard protects his sheep.

You are protected know this and believe it, you have full power and authority over all evil, know it and believe it!

Repeat this and thoughts similar to this until you fully know it and like the hero in the game you are ready willing and able to take on the worst, like bring in on! "You zombies are nothing to me, I'll fight all of you! Let's rock!"


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Wade Casaldi


yes wade i agree go kick the zombies butts. in dream it is very effective. their is no fear but fear it self.

(01 Sep '11, 03:28) white tiger

Thank you Nikulas and White Tiger, yes have no fear James 4:7 When you say flee the devil must comply.

(01 Sep '11, 03:53) Wade Casaldi

well nikulas that was a very fun game in deed. but you do not need to fear. you are afraid of the dark well face that fear if you need support find a friend and go play in the dark. as for nightmare try to get lucid meaning knowing you are dreaming and taking control face your fear find the source and go kick is butts. eventually you will have no nightmare anny more. it will be a thing of the past. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge8zd1ZR-hc

experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

This question implies that fear exists...implying that fear exists gives it energy..."chasing" fear with the opposite of fear will give little or no results...it is the exact opposite of polarizing and a common mistake often made by beginners using the law of attraction, myself included.

Let's remind ourselves the concept of polarizing...as conscious beings we have the ability to direct the flow of energy either into our consciousness or out of our consciousness...we can only perform one at a time...these two energies are incompatible with one another and when the two are present at the same time, they cancel each other out...and there is an absence of energy flow.

Think of a dark room...darkness is an absence of light...light has power, flows into the room and chases away darkness...the opposite is untrue...a room full of light cannot be affected by darkness, because darkness is simply absence of light.

How then is the best way to treat this "abnormality"...by becoming aware that "fear" is absence of courage, courage is a natural force.


answered 01 Sep '11, 06:56

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blubird two

so be the light. and destroy the darkness.

(01 Sep '11, 07:29) white tiger
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