Self imposed resistance seems to be the one thing that holds us back the most on this spiritual journey. If we know this intellectually, why do we have such a hard time letting go of resistance that doesn't serve our higher selves and quite frankly leaves us feeling like crap a lot of the time ?

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If it makes you feel any better, most of the time you are not to blame...blame the Law of Attraction instead coupled with a large amount of social conditioning.

The Law of Attraction brings stability (and corresponding physical manifestations) to whatever you are dominantly focused on and it doesn't take long for a thought to become dominant, whether it's what you want or what you don't want.

Because so many of us have been brought up to ignore our emotions and instead focus on what is right or true, rather than what feels good, it is hardly surprising that most of us end up with dominant thoughts that do not serve us, but instead serve someone else's idea of truth or rightness which we have grown to accept.

So if your main criterion for choosing a thought to think is anything other than it feels good, you are eventually going to end up in a less-than-good feeling place and less-than-good manifestations to match it.

And it can seem sometimes that you are in a place that you can't easily get out of. The more you think you don't want to be there, the more the Law of Attraction puts you there even more firmly - because that's where your focus keeps going.

The solution is to gradually move your habitual dominant thoughts to a better feeling-place and your reality will magically transform around you.


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I'm still working on it. Thanks Stingray :-)

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Resistance serves our ego.

I grew up in a family that believes in rugged individualism, the idea that if you apply yourself and work hard enough, you will succeed. In other words, you are responsible for your own success. But that's not entirely true, is it?

What you are responsible for is making effective choices. One of the most important of those choices is thinking right, and sometimes not thinking at all. Most of thinking right is recognizing that ego has little to do with our success. In fact, to be most effective, you have to get your ego out of the way, so that the Universe can provide.

For those of us who are accustomed to "figuring things out," "being self-sufficient," and "solving our own problems," this concept of letting go can be the most counterintuitive, aggravating thing there is ;).


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Thanks for your response Vesuvius, I totally agree that the concept of letting go can sure be "counterintuitive". I sometimes feel like my own worst enemy, although instinctively I know that doesn't help.

(20 Dec '09, 22:01) Michaela

I think most of us find it hard to let go of resistance as we find it hard to accept the fact that any bad experiences that we are having or any desires that are not getting manifested is 'self-inflicted'.

For me, personally, the concept of the law of attraction has become much easier to accept over time and I have become less and less resistant with this acceptance. But I used to have such a hard time at the start to get to terms with the fact that all the pain I was experiencing in my life or anything I was not getting was 'self inflicted'.

The other thing to bear in mind is we have been building up this resistance for quite some time following in the foot steps of our parents and people around us since we were born and to let go of a long practiced habit is not an easy task. It requires some time and work to break loose from the 'herd'.


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Pink Diamond

do not resist be like the wind! did you ever see someone grab the wind! and do you see what happen when the wind grab something! the wind can clean alot of stuff! it is positive and negative in what it can do! the wind come and go and leave no trace to fallow it! why it is hard because the mind is full of veils! since you came in this world people make you believe things! you go in scholl they put even more stuff in there! you go to church or other religion they put even more stuff in it! have you ever been able to ask a question and find the answer by yourself? or does the answer come from other people?what Lao Tzu was saying was right. Scholarship is not knowing. You are quoting others, have you anything to say on your own?" And Confucius had nothing to say on his own. He was a great scholar he could have quoted all the old ancient scriptures but on his own? He had never thought about it, that anybody was going to ask, Have you something to say of your own?


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white tiger

Thanks white tiger :)

(17 May '11, 16:15) Michaela
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