I've met many spiritual and religious people over the years and it has always surprised me how there seems to be an implicit assumption that spirituality and religion are serious activities.

I remember once some years ago, on a spiritual internet forum, mentioning in one of my answers that life is not meant to be taken seriously and getting the biggest online flaming of my life...and this is from people who call themselves spiritual :)

Yet, most, if not all, of the channeled spiritual teachers we have these days (Abraham, Bashar, The Guys and many more) are genuinely funny, and often hilarious, to listen to. They would all be great as stand-up comedians if you could find somewhere for a non-physical being to actually stand, that is.

Myself, I'm often known for just cracking jokes endlessly (perhaps to the point of annoyance), and I love watching and listening to stand-up comedy.

You'll often find me grinning for no reason when I'm by myself when I notice something absurd or humorous about a life situation that has just happened.

And I've even been known to wake up laughing sometimes after some really hilarious dream situation...the problem is that I usually can't remember what it was after waking up, which I guess is kind of humorous also.

I like to think I have some measure of interest in spiritual topics and I find no contradiction between spirituality (or religion) and humor.

So why do people insist on stamping the humor out of spirituality and religion?

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Simple mate. God invented humor as well as everything else, so laugh and joke as you do...

If you can't see the funny side of life, you ain't getting all of it pure and simple ;-)

How can laughter, that feels so good, be so bad? Or maybe some people feel that God made a mistake, as if there is such a thing as God making a mistake, in allowing the possibility of seeing the humorous side of life, including spirituality and religion.

I find both Bill Hicks & George Carlin funny 8-)


answered 28 Dec '09, 03:04

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A link to comedian George Carlin talking about Religion & God. (WARNING: strong language and anti-religious views) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPOfurmrjxo

(28 Dec '09, 07:22) Stingray
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You know what, Stingray? I don't know! I have heard some spiritual jokes in my time (Like: Why doesn't God sit on His throne? Answer: Because people don't have to go to the bathroom in Heaven...) Sick joke, but you see what I mean. It is as if it is sick-religious (pardon the pun!) to joke about God...God is serious and means business and could zap you any minute if you make jokes about Him....

But Jesus said, "Unless you are like one of these little children, ye shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven" And who carries around joke books? Kids. Who likes slapstick comedy the most? Kids. What have they got that we haven't got? Courage...no, I mean simplicity!

Really, God must have a sense of humor! To whit: kittens, the hippopotamus, The God-inspired AMC Gremlin...oh and, the Pacer auto, too....and so on.Jesus must have liked a good time...Why else would His first miracle be to turn water into wine???? I bet He was the life of the Wedding Reception!

I try to add humor to my posts...and once, it got edited out! I saw a great clip about Buddha on the subway. He gets on this subway car full of serious people...and He starts to giggle..before long, he is roaring with laughter...and before you can say "manifestation", the whole car is roaring with laughter...about what, they do not know...I tried to find the link, but could not. (Hint, hint- if you editors can get it, load it here>>>>>>>>>>>>: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jedd2FiZTqM !) Spiritual people can, and should be, funny! That's just my humble (who am I kidding???) opinion.....LOL, Jaianniah


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you, Barry, for finding that link! Jai

(22 Dec '09, 19:01) Jaianniah

That reminds me of this video it is a very good story, funny and enlightening too. the video is called Validation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbk980jV7Ao

(23 Dec '09, 00:01) Wade Casaldi

Just watched Validation - wow, what a lovely video :)

(28 Dec '09, 06:50) Stingray
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People of faith take their faith seriously because it is important to them.

There's nothing wrong with humor, unless that's all there is. Then it just gets irritating. Humor for the sake of humor suggests triviality or meaninglessness, and most people do better when their experiences are meaningful. Otherwise, what's the point?

Think about all of the movies that made an impression on you. Without exception, I would suggest that those movies (even those that include humor) were all thought-provoking in some way. In other words, they were meaningful to you.

Things don't have to be humorless to have meaning. The funniest things I can think of are funny precisely because they are both true and absurd. That's meaningful. The humor demonstrates the absurdity, and changes your perspective (perhaps to one that's a little less serious).

To answer your (presumptive) question directly, I don't think people insist on stamping the humor out of spirituality and religion at all. I do think that they are a bit weary of having to deal with non-believers who don't care to improve their own understanding of the faith, but who merely seek to disprove it or to trivialize it.

If you are using humor on the faith-full, they may be interpreting your humor as having a trivial attitude toward their faith. That doesn't necessarily mean that their viewpoint is justified. If a person is secure and confident in their faith, they ought to be able to appreciate the person for their humor, and not interpret it as an attack on their faith. The benefits of their faith should be so tangible to them that it shouldn't matter when a little humor or skepticism is thrown their way.

The person of faith should be able to put their life on display as a shining example (and proof) of what the benefits of their faith are, and how their faith has transformed their lives, and how it can transform others, not by proselytizing, but by being a living example.

I would imagine that such a person readily appreciates the value and pleasure of humor.


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I think a lot of the time and I am referring mostly to religious people here, we treat God as a 'Prankster God'. In other words, we think that God is always testing us and our faith and if we fail him in any way, he will punish us in some way or the other for it.

So, I think for a lot of people, humour implies making fun of the religious beliefs and teachings which God has created and surely God will not be happy if we make fun of him or his creations and we will be punished in that case.

It is a similar concept to committing sins. So, a lot of religious people out there believe that God has put drugs and other illegal things on earth to test us and if we fail the test, then we will be punished by the 'Prankster God'.


answered 27 Dec '09, 14:21

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Pink Diamond

See the following link for comedian Bill Hicks talking about a 'Prankster God'. (WARNING: strong language and strong opinions!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R370YkYhV0w

(27 Dec '09, 18:47) Stingray
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I don't take spirituality or religion too seriously. I don't even take myself seriously. Look at so many of the 'religious' leaders (The Bakers, Swaggert, etc.) They took themselves too seriously in the public eye as did their followers and . . . look what happened. That's a big ring ring hello! I think that Bill Maher's take on religion is best in his very theoretically critical and gave me a migraine headache funny movie - Religulous. If you haven't seen it, go get it, redbox it, netflix, whatever.


answered 18 Oct '10, 18:25

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Christopher Lines

The Dali Lama is one of the funniest people I have ever seen in person.


Much Love!


answered 18 Oct '10, 18:27

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jim 10

Stamping the humor out of spirituality/religion? I would like to give a clear disclaimer that it was not I who created man with nipples, nor do I take responsibility for it! Thank you, namaste


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I see the statement as false, and people will sometimes say anything to get attention. In general Religion, and spirituality, is such a sacred thing that it is serious business, and it does moves people to show respect, and integrity, and to remain calm and composed

But in general life is full of humor, a joke can be anything you find funny to laugh about in church even it is not funny, and sometimes the Priest or Pastor will tell a joke to make everyone laugh out aloud in church. And I have seen, and heard a lot of funny jokes in church, and outside of church.


answered 20 Oct '10, 04:48

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