I have pondered this question all my life. I think that this is a question I need help with.

Blessings Jai

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I got a real, live answer to this question in a completely terrifying vision or dream. See this post from November of 2011 about my experience of Hell for more on this. Updated 2/9/13 Jai

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Heaven and Hell are allegorical ideas that have been built upon and twisted, partly through misunderstanding and partly through the need for those in power to make others conform.

When you think a thought or perform an act and it makes you feel good in the moment, that's your Heaven.

When you think a thought or perform an act and it makes you feel bad in the moment, that's your Hell.


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yes, they seemed to have morphed from allegorical ideas to absolutes. our spirit/ soul goes through stages after exiting the physical body it inhabited and depending on what karma was built up determines how long it is before gets to rest up and how long it gets to rest before it's next incarnation.

(12 Dec '10, 21:58) fred

Very nice response, Stingray.

(14 Dec '10, 00:50) Hu Ra

this is for the inquiring we live we die, christ is the anser!

(09 Feb '13, 11:52) Popi Bearcat Gibson
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Yes, hell is near Yuma Arizona. It is reserved for government officials. You believe in contrast, then there has to be a heaven so don't worry, because that is where you will go. There is always someone trying to control everyone else. There is the Attila type who controls through brute force. Then there is the Witch Doctor that control through fear, guilt and superstition. Then there is our greedy leaders whom are stupid and clueless. I say why not ponder something more healthy and worthy of your Divine Nature?


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Ummm no.

I find it hard to believe that creation would self create an expression of love through itself (us) then say "If you don't do as I say, you will be punished." Any hell that might exist only will in someones mind on this planet.

And Tom I thought that was near Bakersfield.

Hunka Hunka Burning Love



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Maybe it is Bakersfield. My navigation device has been acting up. Since I didn't want to go there I never finished programming it.

(11 Dec '10, 16:40) Tom

Only in thought-form, that pliable stuff that is created on some plane when people believe in something. And those thought-forms are fleeting, but do gain in strength when people dwell on thoughts about it and imagine it. The best thing to do is not think about it or imagine it. It isn't real.


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Haha, I like this!

(13 Dec '10, 03:34) Pat W

According to google maps there are 4 Hells:

Hell, MI 48169

Hell, Riverside, CA

Hell, Cayman Islands

Hell, Gransevoord, NY

I haven't heard of any other real Hells, Jai, only stories and threats.


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Hu Re

I once lived in Moreno Valley, Riverside County CA also close to hell..and felt like it

(11 Dec '10, 18:58) jim 10

Undoubtedly, hell is self created in the mind. What we choose to believe and then perceive in the physical world determines whether we experience heaven or hell - the choice is always ours.

Toward the end of Neale Donald Walsch's book Home with God, God's answer to one of his questions says it all -

"Nothing will happen that you do not choose. Remember,"heaven" is getting what you want. "Hell" is getting what you don't want. There has been a lot of theology created around both of those words,but in the end,that's it. And 'hell' does not even exist unless you create it yourself-which means that you are still getting what you want! And if you do create your own hell, it disappears the moment you don't want it anymore."

Throughout the book he explains that the death process happens in three stages and in the first stage, on immediately passing over, you will experience exactly what you expect - in other words if you expect to experience judgement or hell that is exactly what will happen. However, it is not real. I guess although we have separated from the human body, on immediately transitioning, we don't separate from the mind immediately. That happens in the second stage where we have a life review.Although we watch everything that has happened there is no suffering attached because we have disassociated from the egoic mind. In the third and final stage we merge fully with the Oneness or Source and after experiencing this fully we undergo a Holy Inquiry where we have a choice to stay or come back for another physical experience in order for the Oneness to experience an aspect of itself again in physicality.There is full reassurance that there is nothing to fear and every soul reaches that third stage but the individual soul determines how long that will take.

If we choose to believe this, it seems in death as well as in life, the choice is always ours.


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One system divides experience into 6 categories, one level being the hell realm. It is seeded by anger and manifests in tension, aversion, resentment, criticism, argument and violence. Hatred/Hell can be countered by unconditional love. It is said to be centered in the soles of the feet (so walk barefoot EVERY DAY ; simultaneously exercise your demons & cultivate your sole!).


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Hu Re

Does it really matter whether hell exists a not? :)


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To logically figure out if Hell exist we need first to examine what existence is. More precisely, just what experience of existence is?

We can say, "Well existence is what is real, it is what we experience all around us." That is a nice, "fits in the box" answer but that is not enough. To experience anything we need to use our five senses. Those five senses are turned into data that the brain turns into experience of reality.

So we see that experience of reality is a creation within the mind. From this experience we determine what is real.

Now here is an interesting idea, what if the data used to create experience was from within the brain instead of outside the brain? The mind would still be experiencing an existence that it would have to believe is just as real because it is experiencing it as a reality at the time. We call that a dream, however when we wake up we say oh it was just a dream. When we are dreaming it though we are experiencing it. What we experience is real to us, it matters not if we create it ourselves, if we are within it lost to what is happening to us, it is very real. You can only see the labyrinth when you are above the labyrinth, not when you are deep within the labyrinth. Above is observing, within is experiencing.

Now that we have arrived at this conclusion about experience is what we believe is reality while we are in the experience. We still can say, "Oh that is within the brain, when we die our brains stop functioning." But what if the brain is only a physical representation of the mind that does not die?

Here is a very interesting thought that if this be the case, then death has no stop of experience of what we believe to be reality.

Furthermore when one is really happy they can only see what is in front of them. The happiness that they are experiencing seems like that is all there is to experience at that time. Also when they are terrified, they can only see what is in front of them as reality. So it seems we can get locked into an experience by not wanting to turn away, or feeling we can't turn away.

The description of Heaven is so wonderful it seems it would be a very captivating experience. The description of Hell is so terrifying it seems it would be a very captivating experience. Could these experiences captivate our attention so much that we never leave because all else we don't experience? Thus we get in a never ending loop of, "This is real because I'm experiencing it, I'm experiencing this because this is real." The only hint we have of that possibility is when someone is in so deep a depression that nothing else exist and none can get to them to pull them out. They are stuck in that loop of, "I am depressed because life sucks, life sucks because I'm depressed." If we say, "We are not these brains but these minds." then life or death would not matter, and this experience could be here or on the other side easily.

Lastly here are two popular expressions to ponder on. "I was so overjoyed I couldn't turn away!" "I was so terrified I couldn't turn away!"

I believe we could become a slave to what we believe is how things are. One last thing, watch or read "What Dreams May Come." This expresses these thoughts very well.


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Thank you for such a logical and well-put answer! I really appreciate it...J.

(09 Feb '13, 14:25) Jaianniah

This is what I decided to do for myself. I aim to feel good, be happy and kind for myself-not for them. If my tyrant bosses choose that way to live then I will find peace, not because I agree with them. I do it for me. I am more and more able to let remarks go that once had up in arms. I am more able to be careful who I try to life up lest I fall in the pit with them. That is the road to hell for me, when I join another in hatred and anger-or toward another. If there is a hell, I imagine we won't know unless we go there, cause wouldn't that be hell to know anyone had to go? I like the idea of everyone goes to heaven, Jesus was right to say "Father forgive them, they know not what they do". Being human is hard, how could we be punished for a stupid mistake or not being able to turn ourself around from something painful? Life is a gift to enjoy and and pass on good feelings-the hell is not being able to figure that out. Jesus is my path, He is my truth and the rest is up to God.


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Perhaps there is some essence to it but not like we portray it on tv. There is darkness in the world so why can't there be a dark realm after life? In addition, a light and pure realm could exist too


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you create your own hell through karma! you cause your own downfall! that is the worst hell that one can get!

Will also say we know that good and evil exist and this place is duality in between so when the body die,if you are not going up and not staying here,you need to go somewhere.

have also added this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEcz2hprZqs


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