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A few people have identified themselves as one thing or another, some I've never even heard of before. So I'm starting this thread with a pair of simple questions:

Who are you? (Only be as specific as you desire.)


What are your beliefs? Explain as if you were to explain what lies in your heart to a stranger who had no existing knowledge or understanding of your thoughts or how they operate.

I'm very interested in hearing what you all have to say. =)

[I will begin writing my response now but I wont be able to post it immediately. It may take me awhile to get my words to appropriately reflect my ideas while meeting my expectations, and there is a lot to write.

Also, I searched for introductions and things of that nature and couldn't find a thread like this already existing. If this is the wrong place please direct me to the proper venue and I will delete this.]

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Nice question. I'll answer soon-ish :)

(21 Nov '11, 06:21) Eddie

Hi Leo. My name is Paulina Gião and that is my real name. I believe that all people no matter their religion or race should be respected in their own right after all we all belong to the human race and are therefore one people.

As for my religion I consider myself a liberal Christian although I believe that all roads lead to God and have learned much from others of different religions. I believe that what is important is what is in a persons heart, and to love all people equaly irrespective of their religious beliefs or cultural differances.

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answered 21 Nov '11, 05:43

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Paulina 1

I am spirit having a physical experiance here on beautiful planet earth.

(21 Nov '11, 05:47) Paulina 1

experience and enjoy.

(21 Nov '11, 08:02) white tiger

Hi Leo. I am LeeAnn, and have enjoyed reading and contributing to Inward Quest for a couple of years now. I don't associate with any religion. I study Kabbalah, which is not a religion, and also attained the highest degree in Astara, which is also not a religion. I love studying the Edgar Cayce readings as well. I believe in being my best self, and that is my goal, and why I am here. Best wishes and welcome to IQ.

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answered 21 Nov '11, 04:34

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LeeAnn 1

what is the highest degree in astara Lee Ann?

(21 Nov '11, 08:03) white tiger

White Tiger, please see to find out more if you like.

(22 Nov '11, 19:38) LeeAnn 1

I believe the reason this was never asked is that if you go to users you can get a full profile of each member. Go check out mine and you will see what I mean. :-)

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answered 21 Nov '11, 05:08

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Wade Casaldi

Thank you, Wade, for a very good and simple, clear answer!>>>>>>>>>

(21 Nov '11, 05:27) Jaianniah

A fair point, but my personal response to this question will be considerably longer than I would ever include in a short 'About Me' section.

For comparison, your about me has 165 words. My post about sin is ~1600 words. This post will likely be larger than that. ^_^

I wanted to give people an opportunity to be as detailed and verbose as they felt necessary, because that is what I plan to do. ;)

(21 Nov '11, 05:41) Leo

I can't really go on and on about myself, I think I covered it for myself. Really I don't care to go on and on about myself. I am happy with my description but I can now understand your motive for this question being a more in depth introduction than can be placed in the about me section.

(21 Nov '11, 06:12) Wade Casaldi

Really? I'm sure with a little inspiration you could find quite a lot to say.

For example, I have no idea what a Mayan Centurion is, nor what the S.O.S. is, nor Astarian, or Reiki. Of course for some of these (especially the society and any others that would be similar) it would be better for me to Google the answers myself, but in my opinion it is better if people explain their religious / spiritual beliefs in their own words, because despite whatever associations they may have they often do not truly align themselves with the doctrines therein. [...]

(21 Nov '11, 06:51) Leo

For example, if someone merely says "I am a traditional Christian who follows the Bible", I take that to have a lot of meanings. First, I conclude they do not tolerate homosexuality, as it is expressly forbidden in the Bible on multiple occassions and the punishment is death. (Lev 20:13) Next, I conclude they believe that anyone who does not accept that Jesus was not a normal human, but a part-god who died for our sins. (I hope I don't need to cite versus for this one) Other conclusions include damnation for those who don't agree with you, and not everyone will be saved(Matt 12:31, 2 Pet 3:9)

(21 Nov '11, 06:51) Leo

Hell, heaven, etc. Satan is evil, God is good, God has (by his own hand AND use of 'holy warriors') repeatedly killed countless people for sinning (egypt, sodom / gomorrah, the flood, etc.)

I believe this is why I often see people introduce themselves as "spiritual Christians" who disregard certain selections of the Bible they see unfit, and they usually include which parts they don't agree with. Common points of disagreement include subservience / inferiority of women, homosexuality, etc

(21 Nov '11, 06:51) Leo

An excellent example is Paulina's answer, where she references being a liberal Christian who believes all paths lead to God, and what matters is their heart, not which God they choose to pray to and 'accept into their heart'.

(21 Nov '11, 06:54) Leo
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Hmm.. I first thought I'd sit down to write this and be able to type endlessly... that first step is always a pain. ;)

I am 22 years old, male, and born in California. I grew up as a cowboy so to speak, living on a ranch, riding horses, herding cattle, etc. I have a passion for computers, programming, video games, martial arts, music, general athleticism, and most importantly learning.

I'm very active and enjoy any challenge I can find in life, but I also find time to sit behind a computer whenever I can. I only speak English, though I have studied others in very small amounts, and intend to fully learn other languages once I reach proficency in Korean.

I enjoy music of all varieties, from heavy screaming music to country to foreign music to instrumental modern interpretations of classical music. I listen to music from Korea, Sweeden, Japan, Russia, and countless other countries. If I were to expound on the topic of music I would never get to anything else.

I'm very social and outgoing, unphased by interacting with complete strangers in just about any circumstance. My confidence can often be stronger than it should be, making arrogance a word used to describe me at times, though I try to keep it under control. I'm proud of my heritage, being more than half Italian. I'm also proud of my country and being a part of it, though I often have severe qualms with the decisions made on its behalf. I was born in the month of August, another thing I enjoy about myself. Despite the last few sentences I much prefer to consider myself nothing more than a man from Earth, not an American, or an Italian, or any other thing one can associate with.

I have a very strong personality which often clashes with people who are insecure.

People tell me I have a 'light' in my eyes that draws others to me, especially children. It is not uncommon for strangers (again, especially children) to speak to me, for reasons I do not fully understand. I am very happy about this however, as I love people.

I try to live my life as a good man, not because I fear divine retribution from an angry god, but because it is what I want and it is what logically makes sense.

I despise intolerance, cruelty, closed mindedness, and inequality.

Ah, and I was raised Christian but I gave it up around the age of reason (I think I was maybe 12-14 or so). The primary reason for my disassociation stems from the hellfire and brimstone teachings of the Bible, but also the logical contradictions of heaven and hell, the nonexistance of free will in heaven, the demanded subservience of women, the condemnation of homosexuals, and the idea that God has in the past or ever would murder countless humans with his own hand (some by acts of nature, some just directly killing), or the idea that God would ever damn one of his own creations to hell, no matter their mistakes or lack of faith. Since these are all very clearly explained points in the Bible, I simply cannot justify associating myself with such contradiction, hatred, cruelty, torture, or unnecessary murder.

For clarity, the reason I included so much detail about my personality is because it helps clear other's perception of my motivations driving what I believe and share. One other point for clarity: I say "I believe" and "In my eyes" too often to emphasise the point that all of my opinions are based on my own conclusions and are subject to change as I recieve new information. I'm going to start removing that from my writing to shorten it, but please assume it is there in front of every sentence from this point on. =)

To the spiritual side of things:

For starters, organized religion is a blight upon humanity. We should seek answers inside ourselves, and we should only take the opinions of others as just that, opinions.

In one of my posts I mention one of my favorite quotes from Bruce Lee, "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own." We are all students and and everyone is different, and as such each person should come to their own conclusion based on their own logic, logic, and critical thinking.

It is because of the above I do not believe political parties should exist, nor religions, nor (in a perfect world) even countries. Assoiating one's self with a group that collectively makes decisions and appoints leaders who direct thoughts or agendas encourages a hive mind mentality which stops people from thinking for themselves or making their own decisions.

Life is a game, with a very simple set of rules forgotten over the ages.

1: reality is defined by those who experience it. The more something is 'believed' by people, the more true it becomes. The less different people are aware of a situation the easier it is for a single person to influence the outcome using their own will. I believe this is the explanation for why 'faith healing' and 'prayer healing' are often "disproven" by studies, because those conducting the studies are imposing disbelief on the healing, and so it doesn't work.

2: Everything is kept balanced by the power of opposites. Though there are two sides, that does not mean something is a 'yes' or 'no'. There is an infinite number of possible states of being, from the extreme light/dark, to a balance between the two, or even the absense of both. A clarification of the above point, I believe love and hate are opposites that balance one another, but that doesn't mean you must 'love' or 'hate' a person. You can love, hate, both, or neither, neither being the case of people you have no emotional investment in positive or negative. (This concept can be represented by a yinyang, however the western perception is often incorrect in assuming yin and yang are separate beings whom are 'locked in battle' with one another for eternity, rather than two sides to the same entity that require one another to survive and grow. This common perception also fails to thoroughly acknowledge that the balance between the two is a state of being in and of itself, as is a strong positive / negative, or neither.)

3: The body and spirit are opposite sides of one being, with the mind being a creation of their combination. Each of these three entities has its own 'body' or 'being', which can be wounded just like flesh and bone, trained to be stronger or more flexible just like muscles, made to heal faster by addressing different types of wounds properly, etc. Similarly to physical bodies I believe our minds and spirits take different forms from person to person, varying in size, shape, identifying characteristics, power, flexibility, and speed.

4: If you try to grow one side of a coin and not the other it causes imbalance. In subtle imbalances there are systems in place to encourage balance to center again, but they can be 'fought against' by the will of the person, causing the imbalance to grow even further. Example: If you lift a ton of weights but do no flexibility training you will be static, immobile, slow, and vulnerable to impact causing muscle tears. If you lift no weights and only train flexibility you become brittle and vulnerable to impact because the muscles are not strong enough to withstand the forced expansion.

5: There are no absolutes, and everything depends on the individuals involved.

6: If an idea has been imagined, a movie, a story, a fairy tale, a legend, it has happened either in the past or in an alternate reality.

7: If we reject a concept or idea, thinking "I don't know how I could survive if that happened", it WILL happen because we are putting energy into it. We must be willing to accept any possible outcome of a situation before we can control its outcome. "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean. My rendition of this quote which I live by, "Believe that you will live forever, but live each moment like it is your last."

There are of course more 'rules' than just that, but that covers the basic rules of engagement.

I think humanity has been around and active for considerably longer than we are aware, and I believe we have reached spiritual, scientific, and physical levels far beyond what we believe to be possible today.

I believe as life becomes more and more advanced it becomes more and more unstable, and when it becomes unstable enough it finds a way to destroy itself and start over, trying to get it right this time.

I also believe every time we encounter something new an invisible bond is created between us. This bond can be fueled to grow through positive or negative emotions, and it serves as a conduit for sharing energy between the two beings. It is up to the people involved to decide what kind of energy is shared, and how much. As a bond grows people gain a deeper understanding of one another, even if they do not realize it happening. This is why you will see close friends who can finish one another's sentences, understand what each other are thinking without the use of words, or when people 'feel' a loved one has perished.

Your spirit has senses just like your body, and your mind can imitate the feelings your body recieves in its 'world', your imagination.

So for every physical sense we have: touch, sight, sound, smell, taste, there is a spiritual equivalent. I believe if you train your spiritual eye(s) enough you can see the energies I reference above, as well as the auras of a person's energy that they radiate.

I also KNOW if you train your mind enough you can create complete visual recreations of real places using your memories, and even 'feel' the senses you would as if your body were truly there.

The amount of detail you can create with your mind as well, as what you can sense with your body or spirit, can be trained just like any muscle.

You can train your eyes so you can see more detail / color range (google this, there are some fun exercises and it is enjoyable) You can train your mind's ability to record, recall, and recreate scenarios, by consciously acknowledging details over and over until it becomes reflex and your subconscious takes over (just like learning to read. Remember as a child when you had to sound out each letter? Now you read entire words without even looking at the letters contained therein, that is how you can read over typos without even noticing them.) You can train your spiritual senses in the same fashion, and so many more.

As you train your body's senses to "super-human" levels you are able to see incredible distances, more vibrant colors, identify subtle smells, hear distant sounds, etc. As you train your spirit's senses to "super-human" levels you are able to not only use your spirit to percieve the world around you, but detach your spirit from your body and explore the world freely, as well as feel senses that are shared with you through the energy sharing bonds I mention above. Your mind can create entire virtual representations of memories, or entirely new imaginations, down to the most miniscule details.

I believe if you try to train your spirit without your body you will find it increasingly difficult to grow spiritually, until finally you reach a plateu you cannot pass. On the other side, if the spirit is neglected eventually the body will enter a 'zombie' state, wherein the person is not actually living life and don't even realize they are not truly 'awake'.

If you neglect your dark sides, the 'negative' ends of emotions, they will grow inside you like a cancer and fight to be given attention. Though to be clear, negative emotions to not need to be exercised in negative ways. Even people's darkest demons can be slated safely, healthy, and positively.

An excellent example of this (very easily related to if it is something you have experienced yourself) is sadism. I see tons of sadists, though most people would never even begin to notice. The 'safe' manner of control I refer to in this case is 'adult content', just to be clear. Have you ever had a lover who liked to be 'rough'? Scratching, biting, etc. There are varying degrees (some girls will leave your back literally bleeding), but it is extremely common. Even for those who are not affected enough to be considered 'sadists' this practice can be very enjoyable, in moderation. Often people will justify this as "it isn't intentional, it's a physical response I can't control", generally out of fear of judgement or persecution for their tastes, but all understanding I have gained on the subject indicates there is a pleasure experienced from inflicting this pain, i.e: sadism. There are also extreme versions where people desire to actually cut (knifes, real wounds, etc), punch, beat, etc. And there are people (masochists) who want this done to them.

All potentially 'safe' practices, if approached with common sense and caution.

I believe God set the rules of the game and created us with any of the abilities he has (including manifestation, which is something most people outside this forum would scoff at) I don't think he ever will interact with the world from a 'Godly' perspective, divine retribution or any of that, though he does walk among us from time to time, sometimes even partaking in our history. I believe all God wants is for people to LIVE life and be happy, because that is the reason it was created.

I don't believe humans need to die, and we are capable of living thousands of years or even longer. A great example of this exists in the ancient Bible times. I believe our bodies will begin to age if we stop challenging them, forcing them to overcome new challenges, grow and improve. The same goes for your spirit and mind. If you do not use them, they will decay, atrophy, and once one point on the triangle fails all 3 collapse to the ground.

I believe heaven and hell exist only inside ourselves, and which we live in is decided by us. If we choose to live a good life of happiness and positivity, we will be gifted with all worthy desires and live eternally in prosperity. If we choose to neglect our one job in life, which is to LIVE it, then we live in hell. Tormented by the agonies of our own lives, unable to change them or escape.

If you fear death or reject the idea, you will die, just so the universe can show you what you'd do in that situation since you couldn't figure it out on your own.

I think if you DO die but you were ready for and accept your fate, you will pass peacefully into your next life retaining much of the power you gained in your last.

As the above implies, I believe in reincarnation, but I don't believe it is a case of "you die and are immediately thrown into a new body." I believe there are many other realities out there, and our soul can travel to all of them freely. Whether we can take our consciousness to and from them however is dependant on our balance between physical and spiritual, and the balances that comprise them.

Spirituality should come from the inside, where it has been all along.

I believe Earth is actually Eden, a gift from God to humanity wherein we can create any reality we desire. I believe we have perverted and corrupted our duties as guardians of the cradle of life, and now that we're finished we ask questions like "What kind of God could allow wars or murder?" I absolutely love humanity and every good person in it, but at the same time I have the deepest loathing and abhorance for what it has allowed itself to become.

I don't believe we ever left Eden, nor God "threw us out" or anything of the sort. I think we have forgotten things we once knew about life, and humanity has been grown, burst into flames, and been reborn countless times. I believe our ancient stories of life we believe to be far technologically and spiritually inferior to our own are actually tales of entire civilizations, some even more advanced than where we are today.

I think our fairy tales and legends of old stem from true stories, and as civilization was destroyed and reborn it lost the language and cognitive abilities necessary to explain the thoughts to describe just how advanced the civilizations were.

And a point about Jesus... I believe we are all 'sons of God', and all capable of miracles. I think Jesus taught concepts of love, tolerance, and equality, and he and his disciples said churches should NEVER accept money for their services. Instead the pastors should work to fund their own efforts, and I believe that is why he was a carpenter, some of his disciples tent makers, fishermen, etc.

History is always written by the victors: Jesus condemned the church for their corruption and greed for power and wealth... He was crucified for it, the rest is history.

That more or less covers the basics of my beliefs. I've missed quite a few points but I think this is more than enough sharing for the time being.

Oh, and since this seems like a good place to respond to some questions posed to me by Jaianniah:

"Leo, you seem to speak with absolute certainty. Where does this certainty originate?"

All of my thoughts and beliefs come from inside. I meditate, I exercise, I do yoga, and I simply think. These are the answers that have come to my heart, the things I feel inside me and I know to be true because they are what make the most sense to me with the knowledge I have gathered thus far. I may change my opinions as I gain more information, as any educated individual should. I think logic and reason can supply an answer to everything, even things of a spiritual nature.

"You said that sin is something that results when we clash with society says is right and proper. But what if society is dead wrong?"

I don't think I said that. I believe sin is something obvious, it is harming someone else or ourselves.

"Martin Luther King said that black people were not being treated fairly. He was the start of a movement that changed the basic truth of a whole society."

That's an excellent example, one of the many reasons I think following the common hivemind thinking of your time is foolish, because the ONE and ONLY ABSOLUTE FACT that history has proven time and time again is humanity repeatedly has NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL IT IS TALKING ABOUT! As White Tiger pointed out, men were murdered by the church in the past for stating such obvious truths as "The Earth revolves around the Sun"

"The seven deadly sins are a safe point to jump off from; but even they have exceptions to the rule."

I cannot stress enough: I don't believe in absolutes, merely points of balance that become increasingly dangerous as they become increasingly imbalanced.

"What if perceived gluttony is actually a genetic malfunction? If we say that a person is a glutton, and a sinner, then we may be making a judgment that is dead wrong." Why would I be judging someone as a sinner at all? Their punishment is automatic and enforced by the universe. It isn't my job to be damning anyone, and why would I want it to be?

"I think I am getting a feeling for your way of perceiving reality; you have been deeply hurt and influenced by your upbringing. Am I wrong? If so, then your judgments may be flawed because they are based on your personal experience instead of what is ACTUALLY and REALLY true. I admire your erudition. I admire your great intelligence. Please think about the logic of your beliefs. Not all religions people are judgmental or bad...I am not judging you; I am only trying to show you the flaws in your thinking."

I am addressing this point a second time because much of what I discuss above being aimed at religion. I do not believe in stereotypes, as that is a type of bigotry. I absolutely do not believe all religious people are as judgemental as the Bible / Quaran / other totemic writings encourage. Similarly I don't believe all 'godless' people are bad. Quite the contrary, I believe in the common good, I think it is humans natural instinct to be good, but they are corrupted by the influences from others.

Well that was quite an excursion. Lots of proofreading... lol.

Any questions, thoughts, opinions, or comments are always welcomed and strongly encouraged. If my perceptions are ever misinformed it is very important to me that I correct them.

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this is why i said it seams writen for the carnal men. the 7 deadly sin. because if you take everything to the foot of the will not be in truth. in the bible you have rules for the carnal men. and spiritual teaching for those in faith that have the spirit.example: it say in the bible love the neigbor has your self. well if the neigbor go to hit or kill someone and i stop him yes someone seing that could say i did not love my neigbor. because i add to opose is energy and from outside it looked like a fight. but the reason are good. so i did not sin or do evil against the neighbor.

(21 Nov '11, 09:38) white tiger

what if something in the bible is not complete what will you do? theory and practice are 2 different thing. it is the same has doing some work you follow the book but it does not say something about this. what will you do? you will have to find something to do to finish the work.

(21 Nov '11, 09:48) white tiger

and from inside you . you know if you are in harmony and if you are sinning. but the one that judge you does he know? did he walk a mile in your skin?

(21 Nov '11, 09:53) white tiger

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'carnal'. I don't think that the appropriate way to behave should differ from one spirituality to another. The golden rule pretty much covers everything. I expect kindness, I show kindness. I expect respect, I show respect. I don't want to be hurt, I do not hurt. Of course all of these have exceptions, as does every rule in my eyes. I do not show kindness to those I see show cruelty. I do not respect those who do not respect others or themselves. And if someone threatens my loved ones, I will absolutely harm them.

(21 Nov '11, 10:23) Leo

Regarding the Bible: My point is simple: The Bible gives absolute rules to situations that should not be decided binarily. And if the Bible was EVER God's work, why would he allow it to be unfinished in the first place to prevent it from being perverted? He is omniscient, he wouldn't have the foresight to see that one coming?

I don't believe the Bible was ever meant to be written. As for the 'one' judging me, I don't believe I'm being judged directly by anyone, even God. I believe God designed reality so cleverly that it manages itself; so it is our hands what we do with it, as he intended.

(21 Nov '11, 10:26) Leo

Ladies and gentelman, welcome...drumroll.....LEO. Not only are you a genuine Leo you truly do portray a Lion of the zodiac. Loves centre stage, with a dash of arogance and a cup overunning with confidance. As if that wasn't enough we now have more than a half of Italian Stalion. Wow what a combination. We need someone like you to stir the royal I.Q. soup. (I hope you have a sense of humor somewhere in your superior assemble) lol.

(21 Nov '11, 15:50) Paulina 1

leo view this like this: a manual can help you to achive something. but it is only theory. when you practice it is something else. if i made a manual to explain stuff from the spiritual and the divine and know that some people in the future will use it to serve their perpace changing words or interpreting it to gain power over people. then how would you write that book? you would need to put some key words at different place so that even if some parts are change one could always find the truth. and even jesus in is time add to speak in parabole to not get killed by the carnal men.

(21 Nov '11, 20:55) white tiger

But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.

(21 Nov '11, 20:57) white tiger

@Paulina: ^_^ That post absolutely made me smile, and I assure you that I love humor. I think laughter is the best thing in life. And yes, I do believe the Leo and Italian in me come together to make a bit stronger concoction of arrogance than would normally be present in either side. That is why I have to try very hard to make sure my presentation is always done with confidence, not arrogance, a goal that I fall short of on a regular basis.

As for superior assembly, I don't believe I am in any way better than anyone else, or capable of anything that everyone else isn't. [cont..]

(22 Nov '11, 00:30) Leo

I just try harder at certain things than others do, and so I get better results.

As for the humor: I always laugh too much, and I think that is great. One of my favorite quotes:


(22 Nov '11, 00:32) Leo

@WT: I think your point is an excellent one, that Jesus had to watch what he said because of the inability of those around him to understand his words in his own time. A genius beyond his own time, in my eyes. And I think that is why he was murdered by the church, he was a threat, like anyone who taught something that went against the church. (anti geo-centric theories, astronomy, the earth is round, etc)

(22 Nov '11, 00:46) Leo

That being said, I believe God is smart enough to foresee that man would destroy any spirituality he tried to put into the physical word in any form, be it writing, word, or otherwise. I believe this omniscience would lead him to the only logical conclusion, which would be to make the answers something that supersede the language available at any given point in time and could be found by anyone simply by looking inside themselves.

(22 Nov '11, 00:47) Leo

One other thing... @Paulina: My given name is actually not Leo, though it is a moniker I choose to identify myself as in multiple aspects of my life, both on the internet and in person. I do like my actual name, but at times I feel a need to disassociate myself FROM myself, for a lot of different reasons. That is why I will use this moniker instead of my real name.

Since the nature of what I am sharing here is something I literally do not even share with my closest, oldest, and most trusted friends, I felt it was more appropriate to not identify myself specifically.

(22 Nov '11, 00:50) Leo

leo if you are omniscient you know what will happen. you know what kind of deformity they will do to your book to serve their perpace. so you will hide it in things they do not understand until they have the spirit of truth?

(22 Nov '11, 03:35) white tiger

leo did you ever watch charmed?

(22 Nov '11, 03:38) white tiger

Well the issue of Omniscience is one of the biggest reasons I cannot be a 'Biblical Christian'. A logical path to follow: A: God is omniscient and omnipotent, stated clearly in the bible. B: God created all things, including humans. C: Humans are a result of the circumstances that shape them. With these 3 points we can conclude that if god knows everything and created the universe and knew everything that would happen from the beginning, then he consciously created some humans to go to hell. If that wasn't his will, he wouldn't have created them that way. The guise of free will is destroyed-..

(22 Nov '11, 03:58) Leo

The guise of free will is destroyed the moment God takes any direct involvement in life, because that would mean that he controls everything that happens. This of course means that anyone who is sent to hell was created with that purpose, otherwise that acknowledges God's inability to create something that will follow the purpose he desires, and voids both his omniscience and omnipotence at the same time.

(22 Nov '11, 04:00) Leo

And yes, I have seen many, many episodes of Charmed. No that is not the reason for my display picture, nor does it have any influence on it whatsoever. I do enjoy the show however.

(22 Nov '11, 04:01) Leo
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After more than 20 years of inquiring into the nature of my own mind, I’ve realized that everything That Is is an expression of my mind. And that everything occurs simultaneously within my consciousness and within your consciousness; reality is holographic in nature.

Here’s the thing to remember: due to the one eternal moment of now, everything that can exist and happen, already exists and is happening; because the only time and place in which anything can exist and happen is right here and right now.

Even the concept of you and me is false, because there’s only one consciousness that’s moving at infinite speed, thereby creating the illusion of separation. Thus, there’s no real separation, although the ideas of time and you and me are useful for understanding abstract concepts from within our current 3rd density - 4th dimensional limited perspective of reality.

So what life and reality must be is you/me/us/I exploring All That Is, which is our REAL SELF, from different perspectives, now and forever more, ad infinitum.

Even the you which you believe to be so real is nothing more (or less) than a bundle of memories :)

That’s what is real; everything else is mere details and can be viewed as states of imagination. Thus, when you meet me, really, you are meeting another expression of yourself. The reflection you see in the Universal Mirror of your life is really your own higher self, projecting another aspect or facet of you back to you; it’s all you.

Like I said, everything is happening right now, so we already, inherently, know and understand all there is to know and understand, but we agreed to forget in order to play this game. We’ve come into this game of life on earth and the only rules are the rules we make up as we play it. The object of the game is to Wake Up and remember who we really are :)

Please don’t be offended that I didn’t read your long answer. Bearing in mind that I am and you are a bundle of eternally expanding memories which create an illusion or an artificial construct of something you believe to be so real. If you are offended in any way ask yourself ‘what exactly is it that’s offended?’

My excitement, the thing I love to do, lies in getting to and seeing the root of life and reality. Since 2009 my MO is helping people to re-mind themselves to re-member and BE who they really are...

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answered 25 Nov '11, 04:11

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I'm never offended by people not reading what I write, and I'd much prefer they do not if they do not have the desire to than they do it for some other motivation, such as a perception of an unnecessary 'respect'. I'm glad you responded, whether you read anything here or not, because I like your answer. I think ultimately what you're saying is the 'real' conclusion, but it is far beyond the level of awareness I'm capable of utilizing right now. So many questions arise, such as how do you get 'there'? How do you jump from one part of consciousness to another? [...]

(25 Nov '11, 05:06) Leo

I absolutely believe that everything you say is true, but I don't think that accepting that is the right path for everyone. Stepping into the God consciousness, which is how I perceive what you describe, is (in my mind) akin to skipping to a certain part of a movie instead of watching the whole thing. Sure you can jump to the end of a movie and see how it ends, but it isn't about the beginning or the end it's about the journey that gets them there. Does this mean the ability to access this higher consciousness should be restricted to those who already understand how to live life?

(25 Nov '11, 05:08) Leo

well leo you can go see god if you want to. and be born again. you do yoga. well do deep meditation. i know you are afraid of the unknow that might be what is stopping you from having this experience or enlightement.

(25 Nov '11, 05:32) white tiger

@Leo - nice, I think you have the right attitude. Not believing or accepting anything that anyone has ever said at face value is the way to realize your own self-empowerment. I think we all came here to experience a certain level of the process of getting from here to there, relatively speaking. And now in this transformational life it's really up to each individual how many or how few of the details we want to create time in which to experience them. There are no restrictions. The gateway to higher consciousness is your higher self. To access that all that's needed is a quiet state of mind.

(25 Nov '11, 08:15) Eddie

Hmm. I think you're both correct, and I don't think I'm quite ready to 'talk to God'. I'm ready to hear anything he wants to tell me, but for the moment that is all.

(26 Nov '11, 00:36) Leo
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well leo i am white tiger. i am the form in the form and i am tiger.i also made a dream about 2 white tiger by my side in the clouds.that seamed more real then this world. i do not believe i have faith.i have seen the absolute truth.i have seen and talked to the source(you can name him with many name from the alpha to the omega).i try to keep the harmony and i share the light. and i am one that experience and enjoy.

you can read my question and answer and you will learn more. experience and enjoy.

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answered 21 Nov '11, 03:32

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white tiger

=] Thanks for sharing.

Do you associate with any religion?

I vaguely recall a discussion pertaining to God and Satan, so I assume some kind of Christianity origins?

(21 Nov '11, 03:34) Leo

there is many truth in the absolute truth leo. i understand what is good in religion and i leave the rest. if god would come down on earth do you think he would associate him self with any religion?

(21 Nov '11, 06:38) white tiger

leo if i talk about christ ,tathagata,jivanmukta, can it be that it refer to the same thing? different word from different religion from different part of the world but yet describing the same thing.

(21 Nov '11, 06:45) white tiger
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