(Hyperhidrosis is the condition characterized by abnormally increased perspiration, in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature)

I use to be full of life & dreaded nothing. Untill I had a terrible fire accident, which resulted to some deformity. Though I've had to undergone plastic & reconstructive surgery, but that didn't do much to restore my former. And this has affected my social life so much that I find it almost impossible to mingle, carry out my normal activities & visiting places I used to.

And when i manage to go out, I become so nervous perspire profusely. Unable to communicate normally.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Honestly,time heals. Here I'm today doing those things I couldn't do.

(25 Jan, 19:38) Israel

it often is the getting to know
the you inside that somehow sees how
to direct successful energy

(01 Feb, 18:52) fred
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then your problem is nervenous how do you solve that? by being calm. do you have the courage to find your inner balence and stay in balence?what is causing this being in the presence of other people? why because you think they will not accept you? are you accepting your self? we all have perspiration who can judge someone else perspiration? we all have perspiration it is normal are flesh breath and expulse bad stuff outside.i know people in this world prefer nice smelling. and put on parfum even sometime in excess and some other people are allergic to parfum. and to much of something is going in to extreme.some people judge other because they do not smell parfum. they will judge the fishermen that smell fish. but that is only normal.it is a normal smell that exist in this world.and the fisherman even do he clean himself still smell fish.and with out the fisherman you would not be able to eat fish. then why judge the fisherman?it is the same thing with anny one that works,and if people did not work you would not have annything.to the mesure you judge also will you be judge.you hypocrites why do you wash the outside of the cup. first start by washing the inside of the cup.do you need to let other person judgement affect your life?should you join their delusion?is it helping you?who is with out sin to cast the first stone?on the last day will you ask when did we did this to you?so let there be light, Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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@White tiger: Thank you very much for the piece of insight. I just needed someone to talk light into me. I will also appreciate more materials as in books.

(21 Dec '12, 05:55) Israel

@israel know your self that is better then anny book. and will help you to understand other.it is the first part of anny spiritual path. i could give you material but often it becomes only intellectual knowledge. to know your self meditate be aware. to help you start meditating here is a link: http://www.swamij.com/witnessing.htm

(21 Dec '12, 06:15) white tiger

@israel i could also recommend the bible and the codex the teaching of jesus.it can help someone use is mind and learn to see and hear. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k0RzhVJSxE http://gnosis.org/naghamm/gosthom.html

(21 Dec '12, 06:27) white tiger

@white tiger- nice answer :)

(21 Dec '12, 09:04) blubird two

@white tiger: Am thankful! @blubird: Absolutely!

(21 Dec '12, 11:26) Israel
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You are already brave by coming forward and acknowledging what you want to overcome. Know that their is a gift within you that was born to shine through your experience. What have you learned from your experience? Everything that happens here is like learning something new. If you can step back and be an observer of your experience what would you see? Can you see the potential to be the student of your life? Can you see how living in the past traumatic memory keeps you imprisoned as a victim of it? It is important to push aside the "why" this happened to you, as this will keep you stuck in the past. You have this moment, right here in front of you. You are alive! You are here to inspire others through your own example. That is powerful stuff! Know that you have so much to offer from within your heart, that so many around you could learn to appreciate, give thanks in their own lives and you could potentially help others with awareness, so they too can learn. For example, fire safety, collect stuffed animals for children affected by fire. So much could be created from this. When I coach my clients, one thing I share is that so many people like you go through experiences like this. It is how you decide to go forth with what has happened that can release you or imprison you from this memory. How can you reframe the memory? You are an infinite being. Your soul speaks volumes above your physical form. Your answers to your questions are already within you. Trust yourself. You do not have to be in fear any longer. I have a friend that was catapulted 20 feet up in the air out of cherry picker bucket. He tried to twist and land on his feet. He broke both legs, ankles all the way up to his thighs, along with a hairline fracture on his collarbone. He lives today to talk about it. He holds 2 black belts in martial arts. He often sits home discouraged, unwillingly to take back his life. He has trained people in martial arts successfully to live in chi, pain-free and has helped women with self-defense. He continues to sit home in worry. If you were his friend how would you encourage him to take back his life? I challenge you my friend, how would you want to take back your life? The power is yours for the taking. (By the way, there are alot of people who sweat profusely, just because they do stress, athleticism, public speaking, you name it, many just like you) I also owned my own salon & spa business once upon a time. Some pointers, rubbing alcohol removes and swipes away bacteria, pat dry, certain dri roll on deodorant cuts down on prespiration, follow directions it works!, unscented baby powder will also absorb prespiration. Always keep a travel size deodorant in a bag, coat, car, anything. You will find that when you start answering the questions above of how you want to envision your new life to be, that your body will begin to relax and what you feel now you can begin to use that energy as fuel for your new adventure. We are all walking alongside you, as for those who do not understand what you are dealing with, let them think what they will they are still sleepwalking. They'll wake up up when it is their time to learn from you. Be well :o)


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There are a number of solutions to manage excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). You should look to the medical organization, International Hyperhidrosis Society, for insight and information. You can find them at www.SweatHelp.org. Maybe once you have controled your sweating, you'll have courage for more challenges!


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The opposite of courage can be conformity to standards which are disagreeable.

You judge yourself for your condition, you know vast majority of average people you meet will judge you for it too, you can see their judgement when you look them in the eye, you can smell it all around. And you conform to these judgements. Which results in uncomfortable feeling and avoidance of public places and socializing.

Our society is build on judgement. To stop judging, to stop moving within duality means to step out of society's vicious circle and stand alone. Become detached from it, from its opinions, its perspective. But with it, also all the need, for social life and being part of a group or community disappears.

Many can't detach themselves from the sweet taste of conformity for obvious reason. It feels so good to belong. Belonging provides sense of identity, all the reasons and meanings for your life. It provides ways to stuff and fulfill yourself with useless feel good garbage they can hold on to. It answers your questions and make you ask more of them. Which is a very fine way to keep you locked in and choking on them.

If you choose to abandon conformity, you will eventually end up in emptiness. No meanings, no reasons, no sense of identity. All your questions will become meaningless and will disappear together with answers. The seemingly never ending circle of questions and answers will cease to exist. Detached from everything, there will be no need to fulfill yourself with anything.

You won't be hurt by blame, nor flattered by praise. You will merely observe the whole existence. And although you may cry or laugh on the outside. Inside you will not be moved for detached from existence in non-existence you will be.


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so you base your existance on other people judgement? how is that helping you? they are lost in their own delusion.and are the one that are empty like little robot that need a master not capable to think for them self and reapeating other people error.how can you fulfill your self if you only follow what someone else think and feel? in that case you are following only outside stuff and laugh or cry on the outside but inside you are empty and dead in non- existance.

(21 Dec '12, 07:13) white tiger

if you do not know your self you live in poverty and you are the poverty. what identity can you have if you do not know your self?

(21 Dec '12, 07:14) white tiger

Very well!@white tiger

(21 Dec '12, 11:53) Israel
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