i dont' get it. if i sit down quietly somewhere and meditate for a while, what have i achieved? what was the point of doing it?

asked 03 Oct '09, 18:06

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Amongst so many others things this is precisely what meditation takes care of ... 'quieting' the analytical, logical and more often than not, the critical aspect of our minds, the brain. How can U hope to know what lies at the bed of the pool if it is full of dirt, weeds and algae ... for starters meditation will help U free Urself of the tyranny of the relentless thoughts ... thoughts are veils which keep U from the brilliance that U are ...and the ensuing silence will make the meditation worthwhile as it cradles U .. and U may well feel waves of Consciousness lap deep within the recesses of Ur being as they brush as caresses against Ur soul... and U will know who and what U are .. most pertinently, why.


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Anubis 1

When the mind is silent, true being is experienced. The "I" is experienced beyond beliefs and ideas about "me". Space is realized as wisdom, peace, tranquility and Source. Beyond words, I AM. Once one has come to the end of oneself, one discovers Source. Meditation is more than a posture, a technique or practice. Meditation is living NOW with a quiet mind, connected to Source where all forms are seen as reflections of this Space of Being. This is Peace that passeth understanding. This is Silent knowing. This is the space where nothing ever happened.


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I find that meditation relaxes a chaotic mind. Meditation is not a compeditive sport. You do it when you can, on your alone time is best. Meditation helps you to reach out to thoughts that you cannot reach outside the box. It blanks out the bad. There is something inside each and everyone of us that cannot be reached by an outsider. We can be in total control of our thoughts and behavior simply by relaxing our thoughts and feeding it what we uniquely want out of life.
Meditation seperates us from the outside world and gives us a glimps of our inside world. Slow down, relax and go to the most beautiful place you can imagine. Now just stay there for a while. Make it yours. Nobody can take that from you.


answered 04 Oct '09, 21:03

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Phil O'Brien

i believe meditating puts me in touch with god; i then take that peace and calmness with me when i return to my hectic life...meditating has changed my world!


answered 04 Oct '09, 23:24

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Biblically it's stated "Be still and know that I AM GOD". You may have a surprise here.


answered 05 Oct '09, 04:01

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My dear brother,

Meditation is a process of self discovery. It should be practiced everyday in order to understand true yourself. It takes years of practice of few minutes to gain enlightment. Please find out a master for your spiritual growth otherwise you can see any point in meditation. Only a master can understand the signs in meditation and can gauge your progress. I strongly recommend you to find a master as soon as possible.

Thanks, Avi


answered 05 Oct '09, 04:19

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You may get a taste of who you are beyond form.

It is not something you don't already know but most probably it is something you have totally forgotten.


answered 04 Oct '09, 18:09

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The point of meditation is to quiet the mind so that you can "hear" or "receive" guidance from the creator/ universe/higher self whatever or whoever you believe in.

If you think it's a waste of time - then don't do it. Simple.


answered 04 Oct '09, 18:13

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Inner calm, peace of mind.


answered 04 Oct '09, 19:58

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Take time out for and with yourself, allowing one a quiet time for reflection, self analysis, to express thanks and reaching out to the higher being for guidance.


answered 04 Oct '09, 20:39

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user-32 (yahoo)

Meditation is a somewhat evasive term. There are many types of meditation - some are simply meant to relax the body, others can help you "attract" or "manifest" your desires. Still others can be used as a means for understanding mind itself. When we hear the word meditation we usually imagine someone sitting still but even that is not true all of the time. There are so called "active" meditations which involve the body in some way or another.

I think the goal of the "relaxation" and "manifestation" meditations is self-explanatory: to relief the body or to create a desired outcome respectively.

When one attempts to understand the nature of mind there are several aspects to meditation. Mind is sometimes compared to an eye because it can perceive other things but it cannot see itself. Certain meditations then act as a mirror in which mind can see it's true nature.However, as Anubis said above, the mind of most beings is covered in "veils" (thoughts, feelings, selfish desires and so on) and it's probably not a pretty sight :) Therefore some meditations seek to purify mind and remove the veils.

Metaphors are often used to explain meditation. Some of those are absolutely brilliant. Here is my favorite:

Imagine your mind as a glass of water with some dirt inside. Your daily activities are the equivalent of constantly stirring the content of the glass and the result of course is muddy water. In other words - confusion. Meditation allows the water to become still and the dirt to settle down. Thus you get clear water or clarity.

I agree that if one is serious about spiritual growth one should find a trustworthy and experienced meditation-teacher.


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Meditation does not have to be sitting still and waiting for an answer, While jogging or walking and you get into the trance of the rythm and you start a dialoque with yourself, that is also a form of meditation. YOu can meditate while Washing dishes or just any repeatitive chore.



answered 05 Oct '09, 06:34

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I believe meditating helps me to achieve peace of mind and calmness. I know it's good for health and not only for it.


answered 05 Oct '09, 06:45

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Getting calm, being in the moment, getting in touch with your higher source whatever or whoever that is to you.

The best meditate I ever learned was to breathe in white light and breathe out dark smoke.

Within minutes or seconds, you are ridding yourself of any anger, frustration, fear or any other negative thoughts/vibrations and feeling lighter, happier, calmer and possessing much more inner peace.

Therefore, you will go out into the world feeling happier, lighter, more in touch with yourself and the universe and will radiate that whether you realize it or not and people will pick up on that wonderful energy and respond to you in kind!

Meditation is definitely worth it! Who doesn't want inner peace? Most people would give ANYTHING to find inner peace.


answered 08 Oct '09, 22:51

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Meditation is the highest form of prayer.....communicating with God


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meditation is enclosing yourself to god. preparing the heart and the mind ready to comminucate with god.


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It depends on what you want to achieve with the meditation, some of the things such as clarity and understanding can be achieved quickly without meditation in only about 5 seconds. but to do so you must realize you are the master of your brain, your brain is not the master of you.

With this understanding if say you want new knowledge or understanding on something, you switch from left brain thinking to right brain thinking by your command. This happens through meditation, dreams or hypnosis but those are all indirect ways to achieve the same results.

We can all evolve past the Bicameral Mind on autopilot, to focused control of the mind leading to whole brain thinking.

Now if you want to achieve relaxation or healing you can do so with meditation, even these can be achieved on command, it is just that we are not used to doing so.


answered 07 Jan '10, 06:15

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Wade Casaldi

Well, most of the times, i love meditation!! I am always looking forward for some quite space and time to do meditation. I have different experience all the time whenever I meditate. Not sure of any obvious advantages.. but i love it!


answered 23 Dec '09, 18:05

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