Random sounds, and sounds while I meditate. I have tried to do some research on it and I haven't found much... so I would really enjoy to hear your opinions.

Recently I've been hearing sounds while I meditate... to start, I've only recently practised meditation and am still not totally good at it. The longest I can do it is a few minutes. But when I do, I hear unusual sounds, and they feel like the run throughout my entire body. Sometimes loud, sometimes very faint. Once the inside of my chest felt it was vibrating very hard while hearing a gong and drum type sound (I assume something to do with the chakra?). This happened when I was starting to dose off... so I was awake but more of a dream type thing.

They feel great. I mean... I can't put into words how great those sounds make me feel. They're the reason I continue it.. is this normal? No ones ever told me I may experience this, so I'm unsure whether or not its common. I'm not worried about it, but curious as to what it is?

They have started happening in my dreams, while I've dreamt of the inside my chest vibrating scenario once too... but maybe because its been on my mind. I've also noticed a very faint ringing in ears when I'm not busy doing other things. (Or maybe I have Tinnitus... lol).

Does this happen to anyone else? What do you think?

asked 13 Feb '12, 15:51

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the sound of this majestic drum of golden light. http://www.fpmt.org/teachers/teachings/sutras/golden-light-sutra.html

(13 Feb '12, 16:30) white tiger

thanks @whitetiger ! That was really interesting to read, I've never heard of it before.

(13 Feb '12, 16:39) LapisLazuli

here his some strange sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXcS7TP9uag

(13 Feb '12, 22:35) white tiger

@LapisLazuli Oh - vibrations & sounds.... all good ... normal. Will answer later. For someone who only just started - it's very very good!

(15 Feb '12, 02:51) ele

@ele yay! Can't wait to read it :) @whitetiger thanks for the video! I listened to it I just forgot to get back to you. It was odd, i ve never heard anything like that though.

(15 Feb '12, 02:54) LapisLazuli
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It's a bit uncommon to be hearing sounds like that if you're just starting and not meditating for very long - especially if you weren't looking for them. But yes, those sounds happen to others, including me. Yoga teachers state it is a sign of the nadis (energy channels in the body) being purified.

There's a practice called "nada yoga". It actually uses these sounds as a way to go deeper into meditation, because as you've found they feel quite good and absorb your mind into them. Some scriptures consider it the fastest method of reaching "samadhi".

Some texts give descriptions of the actual sounds that will be heard, for example the Hamsa Upanishad lists ten sounds:

  1. Chini nada - sounds like the word "chini"
  2. Chini-chini nada - sounds like "chini-chini"
  3. Ghanta nada - sound of bells ringing
  4. Shankha nada - sound of a conch being blown
  5. Tantri nada - sound of a lute
  6. Tala nada - sound of cymbals
  7. Bensuri nada - sound of a flute
  8. Bheri nada - echoing sound of a drum
  9. Mridanga nada - sound of a double drum
  10. Megna nada - the roar of thunder

Though it is really just an indication, since these are subtle psychic sounds, and we can perceive them slightly differently as individuals. Just for an example, one of the earlier sounds I heard was what I would describe as a sound similar to the sound of a dial-up connection. I have never heard that described anywhere else (and of course such a sound didn't exist when these teachings were first written)...but that is what I personally experienced.

Just for more informational purposes, if you decide you want to go this route (which I would suggest might be worth your time, since you came upon these sounds so readily).

The practice of nada yoga is prepared for by performing bhramari pranayama to draw the mind inwards (this is optional, though). That link doesn't mention specifically, but the important point practically is to keep your teeth apart as you make the sound, this allows it to reverberate in the head. The main point is to have the sound reverberate in the head and to focus on it. It doesn't matter how loud it is. You can also make a particular sound while you inhale.

After a few minutes of that, you stop. But leaving your hands positioned as they are, you just begin to sit silently and listen for the inner sounds. Typically (in scripture and in my experience) they will be primarily heard in the right ear. When you hear a sound, particularly one that pleases you, you focus your mind on it and become absorbed into it. After practice and with time (can take weeks or more of daily practice) you will begin to hear another sound, more subtle and quiet compared to the louder sound you had been focusing on. When that happens you shift your focus onto that new quieter sound, and gradually it will become louder...and later another quieter sound will be heard. And so on. In that way you keep hearing subtler sounds and absorbing your mind inwards more and more.

A slightly more "advanced" way is to in addition to the above, you inhale and hold your breath while doing it. That's taking advantage of something we naturally do, if you ever thought you'd heard something you might notice yourself holding your breath as you listen for it. Holding the breath also purifies the nadis, which as I said earlier is what the yogis consider the sounds initially heard (the gross, "louder" sounds) to represent. I wouldn't recommend doing that at first if you haven't done breathing exercises of some kind before, since it could just end up a distraction and you don't want to strain yourself.

Most people when starting out don't tend to hear the sounds on the first try (I say that for others later who might read this). You do not need to maintain the hand positioning or even use it either after bhramari, as it can be difficult for people to hold their arms up for too long like that. But it is advised to do as long as possible, because it further aids the mind in going inwards into the sounds.


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Wow, thank you so much that was very helpful :) I definitely will look into this... I really enjoy the sounds and want to hear more of them. Thank you!

(13 Feb '12, 18:00) LapisLazuli

It took me a few tries to get the bharami pranayama right.. but I really enjoyed it once I figured it out! All that happened was the faint, dull ring came up again.. sounds peaceful though. I feel amazing right now :) I also found it much easier to concentrate, too.

(14 Feb '12, 00:35) LapisLazuli

Glad to hear you gained some benefit from it. :)

(16 Feb '12, 17:50) Liam
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Perhaps you are striking just the right nerve to induce auditory and sensory hallucinations, but of a special kind...and yes, it feels good! It means you are getting into "The Zone". You are literally blasting through layers of the Astral Plane. I know only a little, but have experienced it quite often...never had the curiosity to investigate it, as no one else was telling anything about it; I thought I was crazy or something, and kept quiet (it was back in the Dark Ages.) I have experienced sounds, but not vibrations...but I know of what you are describing.




answered 13 Feb '12, 16:34

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That could be it :) thank you!

(13 Feb '12, 16:38) LapisLazuli
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