Just now, I am feeling a bit sad.

I guess I am missing things from the past, and the people who have passed on to heaven. I do not like feeling this way, but I would bet I am not alone. Is it normal to feel this way from time to time during the Holidays?

Thank you...Jai

asked 23 Dec '09, 02:50

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I think it is because every Christmas movie always turns out the same in the end, everyone is happy, everything managed to work out prefect somehow after all, everyone is in love and together etc...

All of this is as good as entertainment is as well like saying "Why isn't your life like this?" I imagine if people are together in love or married those happy ending movies seem to leave a warm wonderful feeling and not a lonely empty feeling like those alone get.

The other thing is everyone always looks perfect in those movies, the prefect matches etc..

So things like that can get to many people I believe the same holds true for Valentines day as well.


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Wade Casaldi

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You know, what you and Vesuvius said is true. I hadn't thought of that angle in this issue before for some reason. I had just thought it was the sense of loss, but what you said is a part of why we feel that loss. Not only loss of the person's physical presence but loss of what we expected and hoped for. Thanks for the insight.

(23 Dec '09, 23:53) LeeAnn 1

This IS what I am feeling. I really did not have many expectations for this Christmas, but what did have got blown away...It does not help that I know that I am going to be alone through most of Christmas...I am trying to make plans to change that. Thanks, Wade. Jai

(24 Dec '09, 01:34) Jaianniah

Yes I don't only get depressed watching stuff like that at times but I observe why as well and learn from it. As a result I can get over that much quicker now, saying life isn't a movie and happy endings never show the next day, week or month later. Like those action movies real life the next day the guy is in prison for all the people he killed and lost the girl he who's heart he won.

(24 Dec '09, 10:26) Wade Casaldi
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You are not the only one feeling like this during this festive season. Christmas is an occasion for the family to get together and share happy moments. This is the time when we are going to miss close ones who are not there the most.

I stay quite far away from my parents and sister and haven't spent Christmas or New Year with them for years now. So, during this festive season, I usually miss being with them as I know they are probably the ones who love me the most and would love for me to be there.

The fact that everybody around us is spending time with their families makes it very hard not to miss our close ones. However, spending too long in that vibration is not a good idea. We should try and find things to appreciate with what is in our reality now in the present moment. We cannot live in the past or use the absence of close ones as an excuse to deliberately not feel good. It is not something I want to do as these are things that I cannot change at this moment. So, I choose to find things to feel good about in these situations.

Well, Christmas is going to be a bit different for me this year as my mum and sister are going to be celebrating it with me. I cannot wait!


answered 23 Dec '09, 11:25

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Pink Diamond

I hope it's a wonderful holiday for you with you family!

(23 Dec '09, 20:07) LeeAnn 1

Thanks Lee Ann. Hope you have a nice time as well.

(24 Dec '09, 09:42) Pink Diamond

I do find myself spending a lot of time "on memory lane" at Christmastime, remembering happy times in my past, not-so happy times, thinking of people who have passed on and so forth. Hearing Christmas songs, especially bring these memories forward with me. I know I will see my loved ones again on the other side, and I especially look forward to seeing my parents again; so that is my main comfort. I try not to dwell overly on these memories and feelings when they come up, because I have current blessings to be thinking of. But you are right, it's normal to miss loved ones during the holiday time.

Best wishes!


answered 23 Dec '09, 13:40

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LeeAnn 1

Unfulfilled (and often unrealistic) expectations.


answered 23 Dec '09, 19:20

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Well, sometimes I think it is where we choose to focus and I am learning to focus only what will make me happy. So take a peek at the past but don't visit too long there especially if it holds, hurt, lonelyness, or sadness. Vist for just a moment to allow time to reflect and than come back to reality of the present and focus on being happy and postive and than find something to make you happy if it is only dancing to the tune of a nice song, or watching a great happy movie or funny movie or bake you a batch of cookies and put them in a christmas tin or plastic box and give to your neighbors or friends and you will be surprise how you will cheer someone up and it will cheer you up as well and who knows you might find your self enjoying your self. Now, of course use precaution here don't go near someone who feels dangerous or you don't feel safe around. That goes without saying.

Now, I just choose to find something to really think postive about and than go looking for me some happiness by going to a friend house and trying to cheer them on and in doing that it makes me happy as well because I am with a true friend indeed. Now just refuse to be sad; when people ask how is your Christmas going to be I just say great even though I might be wondering how am I going to be able to do this or that. By me staying close to Jesus and speaking postive it turned out to be better than I thought for I didn't know how I was going to be able to do this or that but staying focus in the postive the reality is better I will now be able to have a great Christmas. I will be able to have dressing and a pie or two and I manifest this great feelings I am now feeling for my Christmas holidays.

I hope you stay focus on something that brings joy to you and makes you happy. If not than find something that you like to do, see, or hear that will bring a smile to your face and than you will soon forget about the sadness that may surrounds your Christmas from other Christmases for they will over shadow this Christmas and you want enjoy this one if you focus too much on the past.

So close the door to those sad, hurtful or lonely Christmases and deal with the one at hand and work to enjoy this one and make it a happy one as you can make it within your mind and what your physical body can do maybe even by cheering up others.

Much love, joy, happiness, wealth, good health, prosperity, successful businesses and truly oneness with our heaven father God and his son Jesus Christ to you and each.


answered 24 Dec '09, 05:24

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