I just heard last night about a friend who drank a whole bottle of carpet glue in an attempt to kill himself...And we have had some cries for help here, too.

Why do you suppose that this time of year is so very stressful? Is it a combination of things, or lack of sunlight, or what?

I thought it would be good to discuss this. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is nothing to sneeze at!

Merry Christmas 2011,


asked 20 Dec '11, 16:45

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The holidays are difficult for many, because they are a reminder of so many lost promises: family breakups, broken relationships, loved ones that live too far away to visit, loss of childhood innocence, and so forth.

The ones who thrive during this season are the ones who can take the time to reflect on their lives and find ways to become better people.

From a purely physical standpoint, many people do better during the winter soulstice by having a "happy lamp."


answered 20 Dec '11, 21:35

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