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I used to not believe that we can take on emotions of others. I still find it a little incredible. Hence my question posed here. Sometimes, a wave of sadness comes over me and I feel it right in my heart space. I try to figure out what has caused this but I am not able to find the source. I can differentiate (I hope) between those thoughts that give rise to sad feelings and those instances where I'm not thinking about anything sad. In the latter case I am usually doing something and this wave of sadness comes over me. Two or three times it occurred to me, out of nowhere, that I might be receiving sad feelings from a person I knew. This occurrence in my head has happened spontaneously and usually I get the image of the person. Then I start fighting this between me and me (haha). I tell myself that I am making this up, imagining it. Recently this happened again in the same day twice. Is it possible that sad emotions from others who are far away may be received. By nature I am quite analytical and these la-la-land theories do not usually appeal to me. So I do feel quite silly in writing about it, and yet, I might receive some insight into this. Thanks to many teachings, primarily in this case, those of Eckhart Tolle, I immediately (or almost immediately) dissolve this wave of sadness by simply feeling it and accepting it, and it always works. I do not want to take on other people's sad feelings. Anyone has experienced this? The thing about this is that one can never know for sure .... or can they? Insights greatly appreciated.

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In my experience, when someone says they have feelings that come "out of nowhere", that isn't actually what's really happening.

What's actually happening is that someone has become so used to thinking a certain disempowering thought that they no longer realize they are thinking it.

In other words, they've gone numb to the thought.

It's the leather shoes analogy...

However, with chronic resistance, it is sometimes possible to become so used to the resistance that you no longer recognize it is actually there. It is a bit like wearing a pair of new leather shoes before you have broken them in properly.

Even though they are just as painful at the end of the day than when you put them on at the start, you have grown so used to the pain that you no longer notice it until you take them off again.

How do you get around this "numbness" effect and uncover the thoughts behind the "out of nowhere" emotions? ...I find that daily meditation is an excellent starting point.


I've been wondering about whether to add this next bit since it opens up a can of worms...but, hey, it's about time oppressed worms were freed from cans #FreeTheWorm :)

Anyway, here goes...

Because we are streams of consciousness (and not clumps of consciousness), I have noticed many times that if my particular stream is in close resonance with another (either deliberately or by "accident") then the thoughts that are being thought in the resonant stream can affect the energy flow of my own stream and I can sense that alteration in flow as an "emotion", given enough vibrational sensitivity.

The reality creation hierarchy (for want of a better phrase) goes...

Vibration >> Thought >> Emotion's as though I've allowed the thoughts in the resonant stream to act as a proxy for my own thoughts but I still get a personal emotional response to them.

So it can appear that the emotions are coming from nowhere but they are still not...they are coming in response to, I guess you call them, "proxy thoughts" that I've taken on. I believe it's related to this phenomenon:

I'm still thinking over exactly how effect this happens so there's no point interrogating me at this stage. Best to keep a few spare worms in that can for now :)


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You're not taking on their emotion, you're matching it.

Increase your energy, and they will take on your positive emotions instead.

A great way to do that is pikopiko: Inhale with your attention on the stars, exhale with your attention on the center of the earth until you feel very tingly.

You can also imagine light emanating from your navel and surrounding you. You can also direct that light to harmonize any energy coming your way, including the person. This will further serve as a suggestion to improve whatever untapped propensity for melancholy you may have on your own.

Glistening light!


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'untapped propensity for melancholy' - you nailed it spot on!

(16 May '18, 11:01) nbd028

melancholy, high or low
tide, morning and night, our context separated
from that real, sadness


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