For a long time I've been trying to manifest change in my life, but things seem to stand still in an almost absurdly comic way.

I try to break routines, try to be aware of opportunities and potential but ... nothing much happens.

How do I get the laws of attraction to work for me in regards to positive change occuring at something other than glacial pace without reverting to outright disaster-mode ?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Pretty simple really...

  • Stop Trying, Start Enjoying!

...and everything you want in your life will take care of itself :)

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The Universe has no 'time' or 'space' it just 'IS' It doesn't know hurry nor does it appreciate impatience.

Everything happens in 'The Right Time' for example it can't introduce you to your soul mate if YOU are not ready to accept or understand who is in front of you... In the wrong mode you could destroy not only your own future but your chosen partners too.

Everything you do is connected to something else or someone else so be careful how you react to any given situation it may be a test.

Timing is the key to all goodness ... the more you give the more you receive.

Foe example If you want to own a charity and you are not a generous person it will take time... till u become the person trust worthy enough to handle such a huge responsibility.

I hope this helps you ...

  1. Know what you need ... Be careful of what you wish for... Watch the movie 'The Secret'.

  2. Put ACTION into the project or at-least be in the emotional mode of the thing u wish to receive.

  3. Appreciate the minute by minute - hour by hour journey to the success that awaits you don't expect that you will be thankful 'WHEN' you will get what you desire.

  4. Be ready when the time comes to receive... 'Life is full of MISSED opportunities' only because we didn't see it coming nor recognized it when it came.

I hope this helps you and guides you on the right path... Best Wishes for Your Happiness & Prosperity.

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Thank you for the advise Barry Its my first posting hence I was unaware.

Thank you for taking the time to help me understand the system.

Best Regards

(24 Jun '11, 22:45) Arti Joshi 1

No problem, Arti - and welcome to IQ

(25 Jun '11, 09:59) Barry Allen ♦♦

Yep - Stingray nailed it.

The very asking of the question, (when will it show up?), is on a totally different wavelength to expecting it!

Imagine you just won a holiday of a lifetime. You get the winners' letter and of course you'd celebrate. But the holiday doesn't start today. In fact, you might have to wait weeks - even months - before you're finally on your way.

The point is, you'd feel good, (excited, happy, jubilant, ecstatic - you name it), from the moment you got the news.

Right. You've commanded the universe to deliver something. It's on its way. Get excited, happy, jubilant and ecstatic NOW!

Reality is created in your mind. What you see in the "external" world is the result of what you WERE creating with your mind. The problem is when you look at what is and believe that it's kinda fixed, as if the external world is it.

I hope that all makes some sense, but for a concise answer, I can't do better than Stingray! All good things, Trevor.


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Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's research shows that we get enjoyment from working at a task with our full attention. Heidegger talks of having an overarching purpose to give our life meaning.

If you live in the northern hemisphere chances are you already enjoy abundance( you have plenty of food, warmth, roof over your head) so try something hard. There is a good blog that makes this point called 10 hard ways to make your life better.

If the Law of Attraction works you should be able to sit there and it will all come to you with no effort on your part but while you are waiting work at something with all your attention.

The Pomodoro technique and Mark Forster's auto focus system are great for productivity so give them a go.

hope this helps, alan crabb


answered 19 Dec '11, 18:59

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Alan Crabbe

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