I subscribe to Enoch Mind Reality, and recently he wrote that we can program our personal auras to do what we want or influence the environment/people around us. It can also be used to attract people/things to us. However, his articles do not go in-depth into the techniques.

How exactly do we do that? Are there specific steps? Has anyone done it before and how effective was it?

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Pat W

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The closest thing I could think of is mental brownies Robert Collier talked about in his book The Secret Of The Ages.

Also the old familiars of the old stories of witches, or the daemon of ancient Greece legend.

Imagine when you want something that you call on these, you could imagine them like elves or if you want your own personal Genie imagine her there for your command. These brownies are there to serve you or this genie and you say your commands that you desire, then imagine them saying yes right away and taking off to do your will as you command. Then forget about it, it is being handled for you.

One thing I just thought of is in Reiki we can create a Reiki Ball or Ki-Ball or Chi-Ball, (all same thing for different names) this ball is created between the fingers and when big enough, then program it with the symbols for healing or attracting. Next set the intention whatever you want, then you throw it like a basket ball and imagine it taking off like a shot to do your will. Then forget about it.


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Wade Casaldi

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Very interesting answers. Thanks to all. Wade, I will certainly check out those mental brownies. :) Merry Xmas everyone!

(27 Dec '09, 07:19) Pat W

Thank you Pat I am glad to help :-)

(27 Dec '09, 07:45) Wade Casaldi

it is not that these exist, so much as these are a way visually set the intent for your subconscious to go to work for you and bring back what you seek.

(27 Dec '09, 07:50) Wade Casaldi
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I agree with Stingray- I think that your "aura" is something different than what "Enoch Mind Reality" is calling "aura".

In my training as a healer, I have learned that your aura is a field of energy that surrounds the body- rather, it is part of the total energy field of the body that extends outward from the body. Barbara Brennan wrote two excellent books on healing and auras - they are "Hands of Light" and "Light Emerging". Ms. Brennan does an excellent job of explaining the aura. She was a physics major in college, and has done extensive work in studying the energy field produced by the body. Her books actually contain pictures of what she sees when she looks at an aura in different situations. This is what I think of when I refer to the "aura".

(As a side note, Stephen King's book, "Insomnia", does a great job of teaching about auras while entertaining us with a plot that is a cross between "It's a Wonderful Life" and a tale of good vs. evil- lighter than many of his books, and with a great romance between two older people...)

I personally can see auras if the lighting is right, and if I am in the right frame of mind. Anger looks like red jagged lines within the aura...envy is indeed green...and so on. I do not think you can "program" your aura. I also feel a spiritual check when I think of "programming one's aura to influence other people".

The aura simply is a reflection of the body's energy at that time. I can change my aura by changing my thinking and/or emotions. Yes, I could change my aura to do that deliberately, but why? There is no "ideal" aura. Spiritually advanced people like Jesus might eminate enough positive energy that they appear to have light coming from their heads- thus the "halo" that is in so many paintings of religious figures.

If you are living right, your aura will naturally reflect your energy positively. If you are ill, sometimes the illness can show up as dark "blobs" hovering over the affected area.

As to your question, I think that what you are talking about, and what I understand about the Human Energy Field, are two different things.

Blessings to all this Boxing Day, 2009...Love, Jaianniah


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I think this is just a difference in terminology.

You can call it programming your personal aura, or aligning belief with desire, or praying to God for help or whatever you feel comfortable with.

It's all the same process. Just take a look at the questions tagged as 'manifesting' for advice and techniques.


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