In most spiritual practices we are told that power is realised in the 'Gap' or space between thoughts. Just thought it might be interesting to hear some accounts of personal realisations experienced in this 'Gap' while meditating. If this seems too personal for some of you, I understand.

May 2010 bring you all you are hoping for :-)

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When my mind is busy with its constant self-chatter or internal dialogue, I am operating from mind consciousness. For me, meditation means having a quiet mind, not necessarily sitting with eyes closed and concentrating on my breath. Just listening to nature's sounds all around me can bring me to the no-mind state or the Now moment. In that no-mind state I receive inspiration, insight and answers to questions I've been pondering. If my mind is constantly busy, there is no space into which the answers and solutions can flow.

Early in 2009, I was trying to come up with a name for my website but started to get frustrated, so left my PC on and went for a ride down some country lanes on my motorbike. I must've entered the Now moment because upon returning and looking at the very last thing I'd wrote on my PC was the name of my website. I couldn't see it before because my mind was too busy, but later I just knew it was the right name :-)


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Meditation has been a good source of inspired ideas and solutions to me. When I meditate and quiet my mind, I have on many occasions had some amazing solutions usually with subjects I have been struggling with.

When you have a lot of things going on in your life, you sort of get distracted and although the ideas and solutions (to solve the problems we have or to enable an improvement in our lives) can be obvious, they are not within reach.

But, if you quiet your mind and get into an allowing mode, then you allow the answers, ideas and inspired actions to come to you because when you are in a state of meditation, there is no thoughts and therefore no resistance (negative feelings or emotions) which is the main cause of us not getting what we want in life.


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Thanks for your answers everyone :-)

(02 Jan '10, 17:51) Michaela

This gap is a pure no mind-state. When a Yogi attains samadhi (enlightenment), which is a perfect union with God, he attains unmani avasta - he becomes perpetually no-minded, laying in the peace of God. So these gaps in meditation are sparks of divine nature.


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The gap between thoughts is a perfectly natural awareness state, it's that spontaneous primal state of being, of living in the now in which babies are born and in which young children live and play freely up to the age where mental thought starts to develop, i like to think of it as the animal vibration,

If you examine these moments with attention you'll come to realaize that thinking and awareness are opposites, the more you think the less aware you are, and the more aware you are the less you think

alt text

With training you can learn to move between these states and you'll discover at the thought end you can be lost in thought, in a dream state, unaware of what's happening around you, and at the other end is stillness, the natural state of your true being, a state of complete awareness, of living in the now, of harmony with the whole universe,

When you center your attention completely on what is happening now, your neither thinking of the past nor the future, your subconscious is freed of the inhibiting influences of thought and automatically works on making beneficial changes to your way of living,

So especially during the first years of life the gap has already brought to you many beneficial developments, and later as you mature it continues to do so especially during those gap moments whether you realize it or not,

The culture in which you grew up with your parents, your education, your religion, etc,,, are all imposed thoughts, and thoughts become words, words become behaviours, behaviours become habits, habits become values, values become destiny, In short much of your awareness and spontaneity has been stiffled by taught mechanisms and you become largely programmed like a robot,

The power in the gap is the power of living in the now, it's shifting from an automatic robotic state to a freely creative conscious state, living consciously ,,, and living in the now gives access to universal intelligence,

In my dailly practices using the pendulum, the deeper and longer i stay in the gap, the better are my results, The pendulum and radionics go hand in hand so to speak ,,, here's an article by Deepak Chopra « the silent gap between thoughts » where he gives us an analogy that brings the quantum body(the silent gap) into focus

And whilst on the subject of quantum mechanics, the silent gap is used in quantum healing,

Here's a practical graphical drawing that i use in conjuction with a pendulum, as a radionic equivalent of quantum healing, The physical world is represented by the square ,,, the hidden field of intelligence is represented by the regular ten sided polygon, the decagon ,,, and the 12 x 20 grid represents the living space, the silent gap which acts as an interface

alt text


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@jaz Frank Kinslow's quantum entrainment and the bliss of the eufeeling is the best example of that silent power within the gap of stillness. Just like you mentioned about parents, education and all the other stimuli around us growing up, I would have never thought back then that stillness in the now could produce so much ecstasy compared to thinking I had to actually to "think" my way to the joyful destination.

(01 Jan '14, 15:50) Cory

Having an extremely active mind I can't say I've had any earth-shattering experiences during meditation although there have been a few fleeting moments when I've had that space between thoughts and in those moments I experience complete peace and what I can only describe as bursts of light energy coming toward me - unfortunately the experience only ever lasts a few seconds. For me the real benefits of meditation are more noticeable in my everyday life. Situations that would have caused me to become stressed or anxious in the past no longer have such a strong effect on me. I seem to function with a heightened state of awareness at times , where I am now able to step back from the situation and choose my reaction whereas before I was operating from what seemed like an automatic response program. I can feel myself changing although at times it can seem like a slow process.


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The power between the “Gap” is the realization of the divine nature of all that is within the infinite source, and you receiving the fulfillment of enlightenment of the spirit mind to connect to the soul of man that is in spirit form and that is embodied!


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Thank you Vee :)

(16 Jan '11, 17:37) Michaela

Not to disrespect the seriousness of your question, However, I just have to say: The state of no-mind, or being without thought, INGNORANCE IS BLISS, lol, had to put my two cents in.

On a more serious note, I mean thought, to be within the gap is a way to be more of an observer because we are spiritual beings in a physical and mental body, we are not our thoughts, therefore what is it that knows and is conscious within us? Go between the thoughts.


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The gap is for a moment like residing in gods front yard. Yet the ego still says," this in not my property and i am a trespasser".

The gap can only be there as a lucid quality because we have first on either side assumed for ourselves "borders" of thought (thinking process) as a primary reality bordering either sides. We have much invested in those boarders, they are what we know and are comfortable with. Which is why the gap is so short lived. We take an approach and hidden attitude to this gap like one jumping from one cliff onto another or jumping from one building side by side to another. If you stay in mid flight you will fall completely. Which is a beautiful thing.

Entering the gap and not arriving at the border of our minds on the other side is whats known as "enlightenment" or "Liberation".

Letting go of the known in exchange of the unknown is what keeps us firmly in place of only an illusion of separation.

The gaps are there as only a feeling (in a reminding sense) that the space we know as the gap is but a small drop awaiting an ocean of potential consciousness


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Thanks for your reply :)

(16 Jan '11, 17:36) Michaela

I would say that it is the time for the observer to realize that he is looking at is reflection. from one observer to another that length of time can vary. that gap is your time to grasp the light reflected on the deep of water. that light and water are you. the observer and the observed. when you go to a movie theater there is a light projector and a screen. you see this on the outside. can you see it on the inside. that the observer decide to project anything on is screen is it is the choice that belongs to him, can he blame someone else for this? when there is no light in the theater and he see nothing on is screen and is in darkness and look out on the outside windows to see what other observer are doing and projecting on their own screen does he have to blame the other for what he project on is screen? or can he learn the truth and know what is good and what is not good to make better choice? Great is the puzzle projected on the screen as long as the part remains divided you cannot see the big picture.

replace the physical body by a constant light that cast no shadow. when the cup is clean with no darkness and duality division. You will start to see the light.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

if you need to fill the gap reflect on the deep of this.

yes sometime you might not be able to see it take Constance. it is similar to Michio Kaku having problem with is infinity symbol in physic.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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