Let us assume that one person is like a sodium atom (Na++). That atom, by itself, would really be "happier" if it found a chemical that needed the sodium atom's two positive charges to make it stable as well- say a chloride atom (Cl--) You see the "++" by the sodium symbol, and the "--" by the chloride symbol? Those are saying that the Sodium (which is chemically represented by the letters Na) "needs" two negative ions to be stable. So when the sodium comes into contact with the chloride, which needs two positive atoms to make it stable, the result is a stable compound called NaCl, or table salt.

I was thinking that perhaps people are like this. Jack needs something from another person to feel complete and stable, and Jill comes up the hill with her two pails of water, and wham! Together, they make a stable, complete relationship that has its own unique qualities and is stable because each is supplying what the other needs.

Now, I know that vibrationally, we could explain that Jack and Jill are resonating on the same frequency, and thus are compatible, but this resonance does not explain why they "complete" each other.

I fell asleep earlier tonight, thinking about this, and it felt "right".

I'd be interested in rebuttals, or anything else you might think about this idea.

I hope and pray that you readers out there have had a bit of chemistry to really understand what I am saying.

Blessings, Jai

asked 06 Jan '10, 08:23

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Although I think your chemistry concepts might be right, a relationship based on one person needing something from another to feel complete is bound to fail at some point.

One reason why this type of relationship will not work is because if one of the people in the relationship happens not provide the thing that fills the void anymore, then this lack will cause a breakup. This is actually the reason why I think most relationships fail as one person is trying to fill a void by something provided by another.

Vibrationally, we should not use anybody else to be in alignment with source energy (which is the bigger non-physical part of us) in other words be happy. Each and every one of us has to achieve our own alignment with source energy and that is the only way we can genuinely be happy.

Feeling incomplete without the other person is an indication that both people are not in alignment and although they might be on the same frequency now as you say, this will not always be the case. There will come a point when one of them will start to feel better about themselves as their vibration increases they will no longer be on the same frequency as the other.

A relationship which starts off with both people already feeling complete and happy without needing anything from the other is the ideal relationship as this is an indication that both people are in alignment (happy) already and as long as they maintain that alignment, the relationship will be a stable one.

The reason why the latter relationship will work is that no one needs the other to behave in a certain way to be happy and hence, the likelihood of any lack or void being experienced is minimal and therefore the relationship will be more stable.


answered 06 Jan '10, 17:50

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Pink Diamond

I have been thinking about this topic for some time, and this anwser was really helpful for me. Thank you.

(06 Jan '10, 20:52) Asklepios

This does make a lot of sense but I haven't enough back ground in understanding chemistry, however you have done a clear job of comparison to understand on a layman's level. I like the range of stability being based on fulfilling a missing need, so many times we may say I don't feel complete or something seems missing, this does make sense to me that these attractions are completing each other like chemicals.


answered 06 Jan '10, 08:41

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Wade Casaldi

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