I have wondered about this subject for as long as I can remember. @ExistentiaLux' question here, along with the answer and comments by @Jaianniah and @Fairy Princess have brought it to mind again, as well as meeting possibly just such another old friend the other night. I would love to hear of any insights you may like to share.

This subject has always facinated me. Reincarnation in general, soul groups in particular. That amazing feeling when you meet up with someone you know that you already know... I love that feeling. I always wish to investigate it further, but I don't really know how. It ends up, for me, a bit frustrating, because I am so curious to know more. More about what we have experienced together, how far back the connection goes. What have we agreed upon or hoped for in this lifetime?

That interest in the depth of the connection is, I think, what hooks me. I have felt it with several people here on IQ, to differing degrees. It makes me wonder, how many of our friendships on this site may be very, very old. For example, one of our IQ members and I have discovered a connection of this nature, and it's interesting; even though we are very different personality types, we just sort of know and trust one another, and I think it's safe to say she and I both are thoroughly enjoying the reunion. :) But there are many different types of these experiences, like the person I met the other night. This is obviously someone I know, but it doesn't feel as close a connection. So is that just about the depth of the old relationships, do you think, or is it something else, like simply my disinclination to react to the sensation, or clarity of recognition due to each person's spiritual progress thus far?

The feeling of knowing someone is not necessarily limited to people you like, of course. I don't feel especially drawn to this man I met, and don't intend to see him again. And then there are also those you feel an instant aversion to. Is that because of an unpleasant past, do you think, or simply that you just don't care for that person's vibes? Or something else entirely? How can you know?

Also, I was just re-reading our @Eldavo's Telepathy Experiment, and I'm wondering, if some of us are older friends than we seem to be, does that make it easier to read each others minds?

I once experienced something akin to love at first sight. After speaking to each other for maybe an hour, we were never far from each other's thoughts again, not for at least five or six years, anyway. I never really felt that "love at first sight" really fit my impression of the experience, however. It felt much more like a deep and peaceful "Ah, so it's you again. I am so glad to see you. Hello." :) That was fun.

One thing that seems to occur with many of these "reunions", is that I will dream about the person. Whatever goes on in the dream, the one invariable feeling is that I know this person far better than I possibly could in my waking life.

I do realize that the story of the past doesn't ultimately matter, but it is so much fun (for me) to think about. :) I also feel the value in friendships that feel brand, spanking new. With those in particular, I feel a sense of my own expansion in progress, a sense of adventure, and I thoroughly enjoy those friendships, too. :D

So, is this all just me? Or do you feel it too? Also, I would love to know, do you feel that you recognize me?

If you feel the curiosity that I do on this subject, do you have any particular way you go about finding out more about the connection? I love the subject, so any experiences or thoughts you feel like sharing would be so much appreciated.


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I feel a connection to you, as well as others here. This is a good question.

(24 Nov '12, 12:29) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess n @grace- same here..budddies.., i too feel deep souly connection with both of you n al others here...n grace, this same question popped in my mind last night,tht means exactly 13 hours ago..,wen u posted this question..amazing..isn't it? n last only i thought tht i will post this question on IQ. but,u did on my part too.."thank you dearo.." n yup..i am also very very interested in this topic..as u are..

(25 Nov '12, 02:03) supergirl

@Grace Another great question - I feel this too.

(25 Nov '12, 13:39) Catherine

@Fairy Princess, @supergirl, @Catherine - Thank you. I just wish I could know what we have all been up to together! :)

(25 Nov '12, 22:14) Grace

You can always do what Edgar Cayce did and that should give you some clue. If you're really serious about finding out and not just fantasizing about it.

(26 Nov '12, 04:23) CalonLan

@CalonLan - Didn't he dream what he saw? Is that what you mean?

(26 Nov '12, 08:58) Grace

@Grace, as far as I know he learnt to impose hypnosis on himself and while hypnotized would connect with another entity. Questions of many people were read to him while in this state and he answered them. Although he never remembered what he was talking about after he woke up. So another person would be required to record your answers and ask your questions to you. There are probably other ways to find out, and this is just one of many.

(26 Nov '12, 09:44) CalonLan

@ grace... i think u already know sweetheart.,.. this is where trusting ur intuition pays off dearly...

(16 Dec '12, 17:08) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb - I'm sorry I missed this comment for so long. Rob, you have reminded me of something that TReb told me... Something along those lines, when I asked about a sense of contact I was feeling from another person. I was hearing someone talking to me, seemed to be getting sensations from them, and didn't understand what it was.

(20 Jun '13, 23:55) Grace

... TReb gently chided me, saying that I should stop doubting my self, that there were folks trying to reach out to me, but were prevented by my mistrusting my senses. So fun that I should see this tonight; I was walking around an hour ago, saying I'm going to have to get some guidance, there's a couple of things bugging me that I just can't see properly. Thanks for bringing me my answer, six months before I asked the question! LOL I love IQ. :)

(20 Jun '13, 23:56) Grace

@grace. I am srry i didnt remember to answer this either LOL. I know that we have, allot of us here. LOVE U

(21 Jun '13, 22:29) TReb Bor yit-NE
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This is one explanation but here is another.

The feeling of knowing someone like you previously knew that person, we need to examine a little more close.

This feeling is a familiarity feeling. Look at this now from a energy perspective.

We know everything is energy, furthermore everything that is energy has frequency.

Any two matches in frequency by conscious beings would be transcribed as a feeling of familiarity. Based on the interpretation of this feeling we could arrive at the conclusion of having known that person previously.

Now if we look at this from purely frequency, we see we can if we choose to have this exact feeling on demand with anyone we want.

To do this requires consciously tuning to the other person. Have you heard that the people with the most power and influence are the people that are best at mirroring people that they talk with?

They make them feel most comfortable talking with them almost like they know them.

We have experienced random matches from time to time or even matches based on a subject of focus but this doesn't need to be accidental.

I have to wonder if it is possible to tune in so much that we could speak to someone of another language as if we were speaking their own language. I believe it is possible but the personal beliefs that we can need to be strong enough to do so.


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade, I love this perspective, love these ideas!

(24 Nov '12, 15:38) Bedazzled

Thank you, @Wade Casaldi. The idea that we could transcend lanuage is especially interesting to me. When I think about it, it seems we must be doing it all of the time. As I struggle to express myself, there are many here who will understand me anyway, though I may butcher the language quite badly. This would be a form of that, wouldn't it?

(25 Nov '12, 22:24) Grace

Yes Grace I believe it would be, the intent is felt and understood. It is a communication beyond words spoken or read. By the way I think you do well with the English language. :-)

(26 Nov '12, 04:09) Wade Casaldi

Hey! Thanks @Wade Casaldi - I somehow missed your kind comment til now. I just love connecting with humans. :)

(15 Dec '12, 12:01) Grace

Wade, it is possible as you guys my have noticed English is not my first language. I work with people from all over the world, Haitian,Chinese,Africa, but what the funny thing is Spanish is my first language but this friends of mine which most of them speak little English would come to me for me to translate to them a letter or make phone calls for the because they don't speak English.

(16 Dec '12, 11:37) Manny

People laugh and ask me how are we able to understand each other to which I would laugh answer I just put myself in their place.

(16 Dec '12, 11:37) Manny
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Often for me it's a pattern I've had in my life since childhood. Relating to parents ,family, friends and circumstances. There is something about someone and I'll be attracted; sometimes I got into codependent relationships so fast it made my head spin. Now I'm learning to give everyone a benefit of my time and attention though brief at times, however I am learning quicker now if I'm about to repeat a lesson I just went through. Are these all from past lives? I don't know. I get enough in this life to keep me busy.

I love it when I meet someone and our common vibration is "let's get along easily whenever we encounter" .

I do enjoy the growth I get through difficult relationships, however my desire is for the easy ones. !!! And I just realized that since I was attracted to IQ then my desire has manifested, I am definately in with the easy to learn with crowd.

thankyou , I enjoy being here.

So now I am saying Let me learn with easier people in easier circumstances.


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@clearheart - Thank you for sharing that. I too appreciate being with easy to get along with folks. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself! :)

(25 Nov '12, 23:14) Grace

hi Grace, thankyou.

(26 Nov '12, 02:21) clearheart

Grace, I feel a connection to you...I don't know if you feel it back, but I have always enjoyed what you write about, and I love how your mind works. :)

It is neat to think that, to a degree, we all here in IQ are part of an old soul group, interacting and connecting despite the sometimes great distances that separate us now. Some of the people here have challenged me and made me examine my beliefs, but that just means that perhaps these people used to teach me in another time and place, and that they will always do so. I have grown to admire greatly some of the people who write here, and enjoy seeing when they pop up.

You have postulated something neat, and I am sure we will all think about the possibilities your question has raised. Thanks!




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@jai- "we all here in IQ are part of an old soul group.."- i loved this statement n thought n i agree with this very much n i personally feel so..

(25 Nov '12, 02:10) supergirl

@Jai - Yes, I have read many times that your soul mates are not only the people with whom you feel that instant, warm connection. They may also turn up as the waves that help wash us clean and smooth out our rough edges. :) Thank you for bringing that up, it's another interesting aspect of this subject.

(25 Nov '12, 22:38) Grace

I love your questions @Grace! I, too am fascinated by the idea, although I honestly cannot say that I have ever felt like strangers were people I have known. I will say that some people are just very accessible, forthcoming, easy to talk to. They have good vibes, and of course that is always wonderful to meet anyone like that. I don't feel as if I know you, but your good vibes and beautiful spirit come through loud and clear, and I have been enjoying and benefiting from them since I joined IQ! I have had, on rare occasion, strangers act as if they knew me, and what I mean by that is just that they have talked to me as if they have known me all of my life, or as if I were family. I cherish those rare moments and long for more of them, which is why I really liked @Wade's answer.


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@Bedazzled - Thank you. I think we are aware of more of these feelings as we meditate, awaken, and expand our awareness in general. It's part of the reason, for me, why these experiences are so much fun. I love feeling connected to people. :)

(25 Nov '12, 22:59) Grace

Ask treb silly !!!! lol, No,but knowing this urself is important. it is not as important to know ur past lives connections as it is to know them now, this is somthing for afterlife to tell you. If the idea excites you this much, then in meditation, please place the intent to go out and connect to them and see if they truly are your soul mates. Hope it helped.

Love n light



answered 16 Dec '12, 17:07

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TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks, Rob! :) I will give it a try.

(16 Dec '12, 20:10) Grace

@grace. hope it does. love n light sister

(16 Dec '12, 21:56) TReb Bor yit-NE

@ Treb Bor yit-NE (Rob): I agree. Focus on NOW. One's NOW vibrational frequency is not one's linear past. Although connected via an ever-shifting vibrational frequency (an energetic trajectory), the linear past and future are not set in stone, nor are they representative of our NOW vibrational frequency: they are merely potential 'realities' we have access to gravitate towards and experience in our ever-changing NOW vibration.

(24 Feb '14, 01:41) TGunn
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