So, here we are in our physical bodies, being vibrational beings, but does anyone physically vibrate so that they can feel it, as in physically? Is anyone else doing this? I am trying to describe a small consistent vibration similar to shivering when we are cold, but not as obvious as that… less than that. Although other people cannot see it, as in its not visible to them, I am aware that I am doing this. I am in very good health; I never have much illness in my life so it’s not that and I somehow know it is not that. It is not all the time, just sometimes or maybe it’s all the time and I am not aware of it as I’m not paying attention to it being busy with other things. I am not worried about this, tis more to do with curiosity, and I am not stressed about anything in life [in fact it’s the opposite now], I just wondered if anyone knows about this as it seems a bit of an odd thing to do! Thank you.

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Yes, you can feel vibration from person to person. When performing any kind of healing session with the laying of the hands, the healer, and the client tends to feel the vibration, or power of energy from each other.

You can also feel the vibration of the energy when your spirit guide enters your body, and leaves your body.

You can feel vibration around you, just in time to save yourself from an accident, etc.

Vibration is all around you all the time; you are a part of the vibration system.

The world is vibrating on its axis 24 hours a day.


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Absolutely everything vibrates although at different frequencies. It is possible for people to feel their own or another persons vibration. Sometimes in meditation it is somewhat easier to feel this. Sometimes it is very suttle like something is rubbing against your clothing in your solarplex region, and other times you can vibrate so intensely that it is easy for another person to feel this pulsation several feet away. I cannot tell you why some people experience this but it has happened to me personally. Hope this helps.


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I have similar sensations myself but in certain circumstances. I smoke marijuana on occasion and so because of my compartmentalizing nature and and the drug working to intensify this, I'm able to analyze details in a broader spectrum. Vibrations, when I am like this, are more of a tingling sensation than a shiver but I believe perhaps it is a result of my nerves being more sensitive than average and perhaps it is similar for you. I've been looking on the internet for other people who experience this and there is a man named Matt Monarch who writes articles for Raw Food World who claims that his eating habits yielded similar results to our experiences. While many people interpret this as a spiritual thing I believe it is the use of a rarely used part of the brain coupled with sensitive nerves. Regardless of anyones interpretation you certainly aren't crazy..I think.


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what we send, usually, contributes in a major way to that of what we are capable of receiving.
it may make sense to try to fine tune what we send, even considering diet for
the finer the tune we play helps with our connection over self-consciousness into intellect,
we are half way through our round and learning


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