Or rather, how do I develop the vibration of being "connected", "included", "loved"? I strongly ponder that I don't have a partner because I have this vibration of being lonely. Might as well ask this, are vibrations habitual?

An audio CD mentioned that being single, without a partner, is nothing more than a specific vibration. The solution is logically to mold its opposite vibration.

Speicifc vibrations, from my view, explain how some people are constantly rich, or constantly in a relationship, or constantly lucky, or constantly getting things they want easily. It doesn't mean a rich person is one who uses LOA well, or is on an overall high vibration with his life. He could have a really, really bad life with bad people, sicknesses, family rebellion, etc....Yet no matter how hellish his life bcomes, he will always remain rich- it just means his specific vibrations surrounding money are high (correct?)

If you don't understand this question (or me trying to explain it) let me know. I'm thinking of simply feeling good/ getting into the vortex to get what I want, yet the question I've just asked can drastically help me pin point how the world works and magnify how real LOA is- via specific vibrations.

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You ask pretty good questions, Nikulas. I have avoided IQ the past weeks as I am not so fond of the new questions but yours seem to interest me.

(24 Sep '11, 08:00) Aphrodite

:) that is so cool to hear! You made my day!

(25 Sep '11, 11:11) Nikulas
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You cannot "eliminate" this vibration... Since in order to eliminate it you must give it your attention, and thus sustaining it. The solution is to offer a different vibration every time you feel this way, and in time it will become your dominant vibration. Do it with patience (you will not succeed in this without patience) and not to get a result, but just for the sake of feeling great.

So how would you feel if you were surrounded and bathed with love? That is the vibration you want to offer to the universe.


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Very, very knowledgable point- "do it....just for the sake of feeling good." If everyone knew that on Inward Quest I think we'd all have new cars hahhaah :)

(25 Sep '11, 11:14) Nikulas

Might as well ask this, are vibrations habitual?

I think it depends how you look at it if vibrations are habitual. On one hand you could say they are very habitual because it's something we do and feel over and over again. Especially when we are unconsciously living our habits day in and day out kinda like a machine on autopilot. On the other hand, if you pay attention and know what kind of feeling you are vibrating, it is no longer a habit, it then becomes a choice. Sometimes I think we like to sweep that concept in the corner and always just label everything as a habit instead of putting our feet down and taking charge.

So in a way it is your choice to be lonely, not included, unconnected, and unloved. I went through the severe loneliness stage for quite sometime until one day I Chose to change things up head into the direction I wanted.

I really believe in many ways that we have to get down to the very core of our being and truly and honestly love ourselves first before we can get love in return. The reflection will then start to show you everything and anything you desire once you get things right with YOU first and foremost.

Your natural vibration is exploding with endless love. You just have to loosen the grip a little of feeling the lack and start picturing, feeling, and being the love that your inner being knows how to do all day long. What you want is out there waiting for you right this very minute. You just have to change your resistant belief to what you prefer, truly believe it has happened already, and your vibration to all the love you desire will change quicker that you may think.


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thanks cory. Just asking the universe for a girlfriend, not too much to ask is it? Any techniques in particular you did to change your vibration?

(24 Sep '11, 03:43) Nikulas

Not too much to ask at all Nikulas. That's what the universe if for. My techniques were pretty simple actually. I quit putting myself down with negative self talk. Going around thinking and feeling unworthy, unappealing, unloving pretty much got me just that. Start simple with saying things like the perfect person for me is out there right now, I'm a being flowing with love at all times, etc. Negative self talk was the killer for me so just start simple and change your story little by little every day. Good luck!

(24 Sep '11, 03:52) Cory

Thanks Cory, hi-five ! :)

(25 Sep '11, 11:10) Nikulas
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Yes, everything is energy and has specific vibrations.

You can have negative vibrations and still get the things you want. But you are going to attract negative circumstances along with them. (fighting with a new lover, someone damaging your new car)

Feeling good sends happy/positive vibrations.. which attracts more positive things in your life to make you happier.


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You are loved you just don't know it. You have love deep within you and can learn to bring it to the surface and shine it to the world. The more love we give the more love we attract. So how does one start loving oneself and give love. Like Cory said stop thinking of yourself as unworthy, or unapealing and stop all negative thoughts and talk about yourself. That alone will make a world of differance.

Give love by loving puppies or kitties or babies or nature or people or anything there is and by doing good in your community. Volunteer your time to help in your community with simple things that you will enjoy doing and yet won't overwhelm you and at the same time you will meet people. Join a church quior or youth group where you can meet young ladies. Join a sports club or gym or any group or organization that will bring you closer to people of your own age.

You must excell at something so nurture your gifts and interests for this will bring you out of yourself. You can do it Nikulas I know you can and pretty soon you will attract a partner and when you do you mustnt be shy but aproach her and start talking. Wishin you love.


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Paulina 1

thankyou so much. The last paragraph felt like I was getting a huge warm hug :)

(25 Sep '11, 11:12) Nikulas

I am nearly 30 and have never had a close friendship or relationships and I was started to get stressed thinking that there was something wrong!- That I had to admit that I was addicted to loneliness. The first step is wanting something else. So good for you! There is an awesome book I've been reading that's been helping me immensely called "The One" by Katherine Woodward.
Her premise is that there must be some benefit to you being stuck in loneliness even if it serves as a kind of protection subconsciously, but you must give up things that don't serve you in order to call in what you do want.
Often times our loneliness is just our own inability to step up and ask for what we need from others and expecting to be supported as well. Switch your focus from paying attention to your loneliness to paying attention to making your needs clear by asking or reaching out even if just wanting to connect to a friend or a family member people want to help and be connected!
That reaching out and honesty will usually endear others to you and help you get the support you need you just need to believe in it and ask. If it feels uncomfortable you might need to reach out to different people and challenge that feeling of not deserving to reach out and ask! If there is no one around ask the universe with faith "Hey I have these needs, please show me someone who would benefit from giving to me and allowing me in return to give to them for the best of both of us a loving or friendly partnership or connection". If you are feeling these urges they were given to you by source and so source is in a way obliged to show you a way to them for the greatest good when you are ready and allowing. Ask and it will be so!


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Thank you for this, @Kanda. I can feel the truth of it. I don't think I'd ever considered the subject in quite this way before.

I have always heard you have to ask for what you want, but I don't seem to be very good at it for some reason - I mean I ask, I think, but it comes out wrong, or something. And I mostly only ask the Universe, not people. Your answer suggests to me that I try this with baby steps, and that makes good sense.

(11 Oct '12, 12:17) Grace

I personally don't believe there is a vibration of loneliness. I think loneliness is really just a longing or yearning for more than what you have. Which is why some people are never lonely even when alone and others can be surrounded by people and feel lonely.

If you have a longing for a partner, then you should imagine what they would look like, what kind of character they have, quirks, etc. Write them down and really get into how it would feel to have that special person in your life. Then put the paper away and start living like you have that person in your life. Be the person you imagine yourself to be when you have that other in your life and you will attract someone.

Light and love :)


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Nikulas what makes you believe that you are not connected included loved? and if you really are not then it is from you or from people around you. then just make the choice to change this or to meet people that are not making choice to connect include people and love them based on what they want from other people with out wanting to give in return.

experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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