I sometimes find myself in a quandary: I have ongoing pain from a flesh-eating bacteria that decided to dine on my right knee and thigh...The longer I have the pain, the more I find that I am adjusting to it, even using it when I need a bit of courage....Am I kidding myself? Or is pain something that can teach us great things if we let it?

Blessings, Jai

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How is your leg doing now? Is the flesh eating bacteria gone? Is there still pain? I didn't want to answer this until I know how it is now. Thanks. I hope you are well. Blessings,

(07 Apr '11, 13:12) Fairy Princess

Hiya, Junie...The bacteria and infection are gone, but I am left with a badly damaged knee joint...it looks like something a kid put together with Play-Doh on X-Ray...I need a new knee desperately. I have considerable pain all the time...but I am determined to walk, and am actually selling my electric wheelchair. I guess I just do not want to surrender! Hope this answers your question! Thanks for caring! Love and Blessings,>>>>>>>

(07 Apr '11, 21:27) Jaianniah
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You are a woman of great courage, and strength, and many can learn from you, and how you cope with your pain? Pain is something that you learn to cope with, and live with. I see it as a challenge to make us more aware of whom we are, and to make us stronger as a person. It gives us the will and strength to fight to conquer the illness that is causing us the pain.

Sometimes, we feel that we have to prove our self, by defying pain, and telling our self, I am not going to let you keep me down. I am going to move this leg pain, or no pain. We learn how to reason, and negotiate with the pain to give our self the courage we need to be strong, and to stay in control. We also learn to accept the things, we cannot change, and learn other ways to enrich our life.

Allow your self to continue to be the best person you can be, and you will do just fine. In your time of pain call upon the name of the Lord, and he will bring you comfort.

Depending on how advanced your illness and pain is, have you ever considered receiving healing the laying of the hand? Pray for self healing, and you will receive healing from God for your pain. But remember patience is virtue, and to wait on God. Healing will come in God’s time. God’s Healing will fall upon his children!


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Pain is the body's warning system. It's purpose is to help us avoid serious injury by removing ourselves from danger or causing us to seek help.

Unfortunately, in your case the pain no longer serves it's original purpose. I suppose you could consider it a test of your mental discipline. It is a fact that, given enough self control, you could actually train yourself to not feel the pain. But that's a "monk" thing, if you know what I mean.

The brain is still mysterious enough that surprising things still happen from time to time. For example, amputees often feel pain in a limb that is no longer there; it is called phantom limb pain. A doctor has discovered that, in some patients with a partial leg amputation, you can use a mirror to make the pain go away. The mirror tricks the brain into "seeing" the amputated leg, overriding mismatched nerve signals.

So there is still hope for people with chronic pain.


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The power of the pain is to let you know there is a problem and you need to get to the cause not the symptoms. It is the body and the brain telling you that it needs help and you must find out what is wrong with it and fix it.

Now you know what is wrong with it and I assume you have tried to heal it to your best abilities.

You must keep trying to heal this if at all possiable. I will look for a cure for you as well if I can find one I will send it back to you if it is alright with you.

Over a period of time your body for your own sake will adjust and get even use to the pain so that it is bearable your body can tolerate the pain an you can live with it even if you are in great pain your mind has adjusted your tolerance level so that you can go on with it.

But you must find something maybe have you tried going into a pure oxygen tank for I had a friend who had someone who went into a pure oxygen tank for a while I don't know how long and it healed him of gangrene which would destroyed his leg he would have had to cut it off he was only five at the time.


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Thanks Inward Quest for getting spell check for when I came back my Microsoft dictionary didn't work and my physical dictionary I could not find so I made typos and I am glad you have gotten the spell check it helps me a lot now I don't need my Microsoft dictionary any more for this site thanks Inward Quest Administrators or whom ever that suggested we get this I appreciated.

(13 Jan '10, 08:48) flowingwater

I can see by this post that you didn't always us 'an' instead of a. I am only mentioning it here because you mentioned typos and edits. I have noticed that you use an instead of a in most situations and I noticed it makes it difficult for me to read. Blessings, love and peace

(07 Apr '11, 13:10) Fairy Princess

Ok, fairy princess I am sorry if it makes it difficult for you to read what I write because of my "a" "an" and some of my typos but this is about questions and answers if your ideas, knowledge, and information we can all contribute for it helps shorten our learning time. Fairy princess some people on this site grammer is not as good as others. Hope this does not inconvenence you and you will continue to enjoy this site and please don't make others feel bad about their grammar if you have enough points you can go in and edit questions and answers. So sit back and enjoy this site.

(15 Apr '11, 22:26) flowingwater
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