ADVICE FOR THIS QUESTION: Please read this question in order of time to see how IQ helped me adjust my attitude within just 4 days. The final celebration came when Wade and I set a firm date for matrimony, and went out and bought a new bed that will support my back. The new bed just manifested itself with absolute ease and speed. My attitude feels so much better, even through this pain. Please have hope, because IQ can teach you how to cope with anything at all! Blessings,


Monday, April 27, 2015

EDIT 4 days later-- It has been an amazing 4 days. This pain is still there, but with the right mindset, it seems much more manageable. I wish to thank all the people who responded with suggestions AND criticism. Saying that I was choosing my mindset had a big effect on me. I really had to challenge myself, and finally had to admit that there was nothing I could change except my attitude. And hope sprang from that attitude adjustment. Why? Because with a fresh attitude, (and I could hardly believe this), my body seemed to change, too. I realized that there was more going on than just pain. I felt sick (and found out I was. Within six hours of the first antibiotic, I was calm within a painful framework.)

EDIT 37 Hours later-It was mentioned that complaining about this is a turn-off to most people. Please understand that I would not complain if it was anything less than really, really bad; I do not know what to do. This pain feels like I have been shot by a gun. It stabs me, and then I fall to my knees because it hurts that bad. I really need support- I cannot believe that I am having to figure "Pain" out again....

Original Question: Since January of this year (2015; It is now almost May 2015), I have have this pain in my left side...OMG, it is so bad! I have gathered my spiritual tools- and have encountered roadblocks and frustration and it just goes on...and on... and on...

Look at how I was blocked from even IQ... I had to write to Simon... Post on a public forum- I tried everything- and it took three weeks to get the problem solved. Unreal.

Please support me here. I wish to hear from you; I wish to know if you ever felt this desperate and alone. I wish to know if you have ever doubted that God was there.

Is there any point to this?...I am not sure. I do know that our American Health Care System is really just an oxymoron. I have thought about nothing really good just lately. I have pushed at Wade, wondering if this is more about him than me; he is the only person that can help me.

To get rid of the MRSA infection that I believed was in my back, I had to leave the state I live in... I indeed had MRSA in my back, and I had two more operations in my back to deal with the infection. And that was just terrible; it was a bad experience, and it took me from Wade.

Please tell me if you have bone-grinding pain, and how you cope with it. Please. I need my IQ people to write to me and talk to me.

I will listen to you.

Your responses will help me so much.



P.S. No, I have been given No pain medicine of any kind. No one really seems to be responding to me in my insurance company.

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"...I want to die" ... "Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush, of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die." - Mary Elizabeth Frye 1932

(24 Apr '15, 01:04) jaz

@jaz- I have always loved that poem. I am so very glad you posted it. It reminded me of so many good things! Thank you. ♥ Jai

(24 Apr '15, 02:14) Jaianniah
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Change your overall quality of thought and the pain will vanish.

Watch when you - in your mind - are complaining, criticising, attacking or justifying.

Stop playing out painful scenarios - real or imaginary - in your mind.

Find something that interests you unconditionally - e.g. gardening, singing, playing violin, tidying up the house, painting,... and do that as much as you can without any expectation of fame or fortune. Keep your mind busy and away from the complaining, criticising, attacking and justifying.

Always take the easy way out. Mind your own business. Leave the rest of the world alone.

Treat the pain and all the hardship as tests from your higher self. Get to the lesson behind the pain, and there will be no more reason for the pain to be there.

I cannot give you more specific advice like 'read this' or 'listen to that' - because you have to work those out yourself.


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@cod2- I wish that I could "think away" the horror of a MRSA infection. I have tried many techniques over the years- no luck. When your white count is 140,000, it is difficult to think about anything at all except hoping that I will survive the MRSA. Please look it up. It is a resistant staph that can only be treated with two or three very expensive antibiotics. MRSA destroyed both of my knees, and also was responsible for my almost losing my right leg (a $1,000,000 bill with that one).

(24 Apr '15, 02:18) Jaianniah

"Please look it up."

No, I don't think I will.

(24 Apr '15, 03:06) cod2

I wish I never heard of it... Very wise, @cod2! ♥

(24 Apr '15, 03:32) Jaianniah
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God isn't somewhere else away from you in some distant Universe :) YOU are God. You're an extension of Source energy (God) Your fingers are not separated from the palms of your hands walking around on their own. They're connected all the time, working together all the time.

God is your palm and you are the fingers, you are ONE, now and eternally.

God is always within you because you are GOD. You can't separate from Source's power but you can disrupt the connection by thinking negative thoughts. That's the only thing that's stopping you feeling fantastic and healthy right now in this moment. All you have to do is focus on your POWER that God/You has in every second of every day, now, now, now.

"Hear it now like you've never heard it before... YOU.. Source Energy, before you came into this physical body, Source Energy, hear it and try to embrace it, we can feel it bouncing off many of you, "Source Energy way too big", "Source Energy way too big" Well deal with it!! YOU.. Source Energy, Source Energy before you came into this physical body, YOU genius YOU, brilliant God-force YOU, YOU... SOURCE ENERGY!!!" ABRAHAM


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@Yes- I get into trouble when I start thinking that "I am God". I will have to think on this. Thanks. ♥

(24 Apr '15, 02:25) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah the question is why do you get in trouble? you are not God but you are made in is image. the only thing that stop people from going back above is the darkness made by their inner division. that is why that they need to be born again of water and spirit. water= soul, soul=( mind and heart) you see often people are divided in this world their heart say something and their mind say something else. once born of water one can reconnect with the spirit and go back above.-

(25 Apr '15, 17:06) white tiger

this is why that this meditation in the wilderness takes over 40 days. Jesus talked to Nicodemus about it. since nicodemus did not know this.

(25 Apr '15, 17:08) white tiger

@white tiger- You goofy person. You know that I am saved. You should see the "trip" that I am on right now... I am so far from the place that I was when I wrote that question!!! I have not had the time to edit the question further, but I am definitely doing better. I try to be genuine here on IQ- I have dark days, and then I have days where I see the mind of God- or even, go to Heaven and see Angels...which I have been meaning to write about....more below.....

(25 Apr '15, 23:20) Jaianniah

@white tiger- ...Because I am born again, my life turned around quickly- especially when I got humble before God. Thanks though.♥♥♥

(25 Apr '15, 23:21) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah you call me a goofy person. because I told you the truth. judge not and you shall not be judge. a little child of seven days told you this so that you may find the place of life. did you really get humble before God? or is God just a goofy person to you? For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted. romans 12.3

(26 Apr '15, 10:23) white tiger

Very truly I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen,I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?

(26 Apr '15, 11:25) white tiger
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Hi, It seems to me you need to reset your thinking. I don't know what thoughts you have that are causing this pain but changing your thoughts will reduce your suffering.

How about trying to listen to Abraham's talks about pain? Here's one but there are lots of them.

I wish you the best.


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@purple_iris- It is interesting that you say I am actually pushing people away with my "complaining". I wonder- what ever happened to compassion and caring? I like to point to Christ, and His story of the Samaritan (among others). I was hoping that my friends here on IQ would respond. I would like to be your friend, too. I will think about what you have said... but it feels hard to me to think that I am "turning people off". ♥ Jai

(24 Apr '15, 02:22) Jaianniah

Jai, if you are willing to look into everything and are OK taking the responsibility for curing yourself, look into MMS:

(24 Apr '15, 06:23) purple_iris

@purple_iris- I looked into MMS. I promised I would look into anything.I am a Brittle(Type 1) Diabetic. To me, this means I cannot put any burden on my kidneys. They are already working hard enough, so I must say that this Mineral Supplement might be too much for me. I wish it were different. Also, This man's concept of MRSA is a little skewed. It is not a disease. It is a nasty bacteria, which most people are now carrying. I have a weak immune system, so it flares upon injury.

(27 Apr '15, 02:14) Jaianniah

@purple_iris and @all- I have learned how much the immune system is dependent on the mind and thought. It is weak when I am weak, and strong when I am strong. When I understood that Indian people could control their metabolism thru meditation, I was really off. Understand that I have come a long way from where I was- but I slip back- fewer and fewer times now. I left my husband. Sadly, that really helped. We were not alike at all. Thanks. Jai ♥♥♥

(27 Apr '15, 05:01) Jaianniah
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Go to the Edgar Cayce link below:

Specially to these sections: Disease Overview, Common Health Issues and Treatment List and the Therapies List.

The castor oil pack is, perhaps, one of the cheapest and versatile therapies.


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@T A- TY for this info. I will check it out and see what there is there. I am sure it cannot hurt. ♥ Jai

(24 Apr '15, 02:31) Jaianniah

well physical pain need physical solution. ask your doctor. pain killer exist there is also some natural medicine that can help with pain and bone related problem. if you really wanted to die and to leave this world and go to heaven it would be done already. and you do not really want to die you just want the sufferance and pain to go away.

each problem have a solution you only need to find it. it took you three week to reach iq. well you learned something from this experience.

try to see the positive in the experience stop focusing on the negative stuff.

I could also complain that when I use the new 64 bits internet browser to reach iq it does not work. but if I would do that it would force Simon to make the site compatible with new technology and he might not like that. if he is not able to do this alone it might cost him something to do it. and will have to pay people that know how to do it. then he will also see it negatively.

I can still reach the iq site using the 32/64 bits browser. so you see I have the choice. to each problem there is a solution you only need to find it.

if I make a fast test with the devs tool

there is also 8 major error: script error in line 1 colonne 1 on this page alone. again I could tell Simon but he might see it negatively and say to me that he cannot spend resource on that. on first page when I reach the site there is 9 major error. script error line 1 colonne 1 and there is 6 html1513 error that are medium error.

here is the description of html1513 error.


"Extra "<html>" tag found. Only one "<html>" tag should exist per document."

if I tell Simon he will say he does not have the resource for this. also it is not my role to tell him what he should do with is site or run is site. yes I can report error it can help him to fix it. but the choice is to Simon. that Simon decide to polish is site and remove error and bug from it all depend on him alone. he as the choice on what belong to him.

so you see nothing is perfect in this world but to each problem there is a solution you just need to find it.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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@white tiger- Hooray! For me, this is your best answer. I am in agreement with you about this website- I can envision so much more for it. But alas! Thank you, dear. ♥

(24 Apr '15, 02:24) Jaianniah

@jaianniah yes this website was a example. since you add issue with it I took it as example. but do not miss the point that each of us as free will; and each of us can find solution for the many problem we see; to help our self and other. the choice belong to each of us. as we each made the choice to come to this world before we where in this world. all do not remember after being born to the world. he who sent me is true. john 7.29

(24 Apr '15, 16:47) white tiger

@white tiger-Wade and I remember where we came from... But this is another story. Yes, He who sent us is very true, indeed! Blessings... ♥

(25 Apr '15, 01:12) Jaianniah
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