If you saw the movie, the surface themes were probably pretty obvious to you. The evil military. The temperamental, but brilliant scientist. The amoral, capitalistic businessman who was only interested in his stock price.

But what about the more subtle themes? The mother earth. The enlightened aborigines. The uneducated, "empty vessel" marine. And the small minority of people who were willing to sacrifice themselves for something sacred.

What else did you see in the movie that was spiritual, or really spoke to you about the human condition, and where we are evolving?

asked 12 Jan '10, 06:41

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You know I hadn't really thought about it that way. But now that you mention it. I do remember thinking and saying to my self how those people were so in-tuned with their planet and its needs and how it helps them to heal and it was acting kind of like a God to them and a records keeper for it showed them that this Jake was a important person and yet she did not understand why but the tree knew which was a big part of them and their lives. How they would need them. Oh, yes to the humans who gave their lives for a better cause of saving a culture that was unique. They did not care about anything but the ore of something the military wanted to carry back to earth and make someone rich and was going to destroy the healing power of the tree and all else it done.

Also how you physically united with the animal you were going to ride and you both must pick each other for it will be united for life that is oh so different and understanding of each other. Also the mated for life and that was nice and how she fought to save him even though he was not her same species she still fought to save him and needed and wanted him for she loved him and I always like a good love story.

I think a lot of people here on Earth are beginning too get closer to mother earth and are taking the time to read the energies, animals and auras and are becoming enlighten in so many ways and not are learning but know there is a God who created us and are so close to him and have gifts of the spirit that he has given some special and some we are all born with.

A man told me how frogs can bring rain. I said what well he said a old timer told him so we have forgot about so many things and people who were enlighten and maybe have labeled them as being crazy, wacko, or working for the devil.

They say trees have spirits and are alive. I know the Lord have angels guarding the 4 winds and the sea and oceans.

I will go back and watch it and maybe add to this answer.


answered 13 Jan '10, 07:57

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